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Josh Richards is a Canadian musician, actor and TikTok influencer named the Chief Strategy Officer for the video platform Triller, a competitor to TikTok. The social media star first became popular as a high school freshman and had amassed millions of followers on social media by the end of high school. 

Josh joined the Sway House collective in Los Angeles in 2020, where he collaborated with fellow TikTok stars. He left the same year to focus on his music career. The actor and musician is best known for his lip sync videos and his diss track “Still Softish,” which has tens of millions of views on YouTube.

Josh Richards was born on January 31, 2002 in Ontario, Canada. Josh has two siblings: a brother and a sister.

As of September 2021, Josh has more than 25.5 million followers on TikTok, 7.2 million followers on Instagram, 2.37 million subscribers on YouTube and 2 million followers on Twitter. 

Josh first became popular on social media at a young age. He started posting lip-sync videos as a high school freshman on and then TikTok. He quickly grew to become one of the app’s most followed users. 

When the star first became popular on social media at age 14, he had a team of managers help control his image and reply to comments on social media on his behalf for several years. 

Josh is a member of the social media collective the Sway House, also known as Sway LA. The house boasts some of TikTok’s biggest stars, including Bryce Hall, Anthony Reeves and more. Josh lived in the physical Sway House in Los Angeles for several months before moving out to his own apartment. 

Josh took a hiatus from the group after he got caught up in the party lifestyle and said he lost sight of why he moved to Los Angeles in the first place. He officially left the Sway House later that year to focus on his music career. 

In 2020, Josh announced he would begin transitioning away from TikTok due to data privacy concerns by their parent company ByteDance, as reported in the LA Times. The creator moved to the rival platform Triller, where he was named Chief Strategy Officer in 2020. 

Josh launched his acting career in 2019 when he played the role of Dillon in “Summertime Dropouts.” The following year, he participated in a mini-series called “TikTok” and played the role of Logan in “Brother’s Keeper.” 

In 2020, he kicked off his music career by signing with Warner Records in hopes to explore “uncharted waters” in the music industry. 

In addition to his work on social media and music, Josh started his own clothing line called Buddy’s Hard. Since launching, he has also added a Black Lives Matter hoodie that donates all proceeds to charity. 

For a period of time, Josh dated fellow star Nessa Barrett. The two broke up in 2020 when they decided to take time to grow up after they had started to grow apart. 

Josh has gotten into some public controversy as well. The Canadian star had a public feud with fellow TikTok star Chase Hudson, known as Lil Huddy on social media. The feud started when rumors circulated in 2020 that Chase had direct messaged Josh’s girlfriend, asking for explicit photos even though he was dating TikTok star Charli D’Amelio at the time. Later, Josh released a diss track called 

“Still Softish” with fellow Sway House member Bryce Hall about Chase Hudson, adding that the track wasn’t just about this once incident. They did not elaborate on any further incidents, though.  

Chase and Josh made up later and now remain friends, though Josh says he will never forget what Chase did. He has since said that Chase would be welcome on Triller, as would his ex-girlfriend Nessa.

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