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Joey is an American social media star who first went viral on TikTok for posting funny videos and challenge videos all while studying pre-medicine at university. Joey is perhaps best known as the little brother of Jon Klaasen, a member of the band Forever in Your Mind, that first gained national attention when they competed on “The X Factor.”

Joey Klaasen was born on April 10, 1999 in Greenwood, Indiana to parents Karen and Bob. He has one brother, Jon, a pop singer who gained national attention when he competed on “The X Factor” in the U.S. as a part of the band Forever in Your Mind.  

Joey grew up playing varsity high school basketball and a number of sports. He played the forward position and had great success as a basketball player. He has been written about a number of times. 

As of September 2021, Joey has more than 19 million followers on TikTok, 680,000 followers on his primary Instagram, 29,600 followers on his back-up Instagram account and 194,000 subscribers on YouTube. 

Joey first started posting to TikTok while he studied at the University of Cincinnati as a freshman student studying pre-medicine. He started posting funny videos, prank videos and more to his account and quickly grew to millions of followers when his videos went viral. He didn’t realize the impact of that number of followers until he went to VidCon and kept getting asked to take photos and meet fans. 

Since then, he has also created a YouTube account to share longer versions of his funny and prank videos as well as videos that showcase his athletic abilities. 

Joey’s Instagram is private, but he has long been posting “Swaggalicious Sundays” videos showcasing his athletic skills and various tricks. The videos first started in 2014. 

His videos and social media posts also feature his family, especially his brother Jon and his cat Charlie.

After his first year of college studying pre-medicine, Joey moved out to Los Angeles to live with his brother and pursue social media. He has signed with Talent X, an agency that specifically focuses on representing TikTok stars. 

In 2019, he started dating fellow TikTok star Victoria Bachlet. Victoria makes numerous appearances on Joey’s TikTok accounts and social media profiles doing challenges with him and participating in funny videos.

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