inner form of library catalogue and its

Inner form of Library Catalogue and its type.

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February 18, 2014
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Inner form or types of library catalogue are concerned with the order in which entries are arranged in the catalogue. Difference between the physical forms and the inner forms of catalogue is that while physical forms are determined or recognized by the external shape or appearance of entries, inner forms are determined by the mode of arrangement of entries. It is for this reason that the former is known as outer or physical form and the latter as inner form.

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Types of Inner forms of library catalogue:
While enumerating the types or inner forms of library catalogue James  Ormerod observes, “Catalogues like sentences or grammar, are of three kinds : simple, compound and complex. A simple catalogue may be either an author, title or subject catalogue, a compound catalogue is a combination of two simple entries (author and title, for instance, or author and subject) ; and a complex catalogue is one containing subjects, titles and series in subordination to the principle (author) entry. To the last group belong the dictionary and classified types” (style in card catalogue). Ormerod has mentioned the types or division of inner forms on the basis of nature. This is also correct. But it will be more useful to divided the inner forms on the basis of mode or order of arrangement of entries because the inner forms are determined and recognized by the order in which these are arranged.

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On the basis of arrangement we can have following types of inner forms:

  1. Alphabetical catalogue,
  2. Classified catalogue, and
  3. Alphabetico-classed  catalogue.

Alphabetical catalogue can further be divided as under:This division may be presented in tabuler form as under:

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