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If you ever said (or thought), “I’m doing the best I can” you must watch my new video.

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Because using this phrase, and other phrases like it, could be the difference between success and failure in business and life.

If I were you, I’d be thinking, “Whoa! Slow down… Mr. Bombastic.”

But for today, I’d like you to keep an open mind.

Go watch the video.

The One Thing You Should Never Say Again

Why You Should Eliminate These Phrases From Your Vocabulary

There’s one type of phrase you MUST eliminate from your vocabulary.

It’s one of the most limiting phrases I’ve ever seen. And if you’re not careful, I believe it could be the reason why you fail to achieve important goals in your life.

What is it?

Keep watching this video…

A while back, my friend Noah Kagan asked me what I was up to.

We’re friends, and I don’t have the cleanest mouth amongst friends, so I said, “I’ve been working on Social Triggers shit lately.”

I didn’t mean anything by it, but he fired back:

“Do you think your work is shit?”

I said, “no.”

And he said, “well, don’t call it that then!”

What’s strange is that he made sense.

I believe I put out some of the best training videos on the web, and here I am, equating my work with what gets flushed down the toilet.

That hardly seems right… even if it was innocent.

And while I don’t know if it impacted how I personally perceived my work, I’ll say this: It feels good to not call my work that. (Thank you, Noah!)

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But after that encounter with Noah, I realized that people use what’s known as self-limiting phrases.

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Phrases that degrade their work, their potential. Or worse, phrases that put a glass ceiling over their head ensuring they’ll never improve.

Me calling my work shit was one of those phrases.

Here’s another one:

“I’m doing the best I can.”

I just hate when people say it.


It’s simple:

People only say it when they fail to hit a standard… whether it’s their own standard or someone else’s standard.

And the truth is:

To me, all it really is an excuse.

I don’t believe “doing the best you can” exists. I believe you can always do better.

But when you say it, all you’re doing is putting a glass ceiling over your head, limiting future your growth and ensuring you never do better.

And you know what?

You deserve better.

And that’s it for today.

You’ll face enough obstacles in your life… here’s to you not being one of them.

Do you use any self limiting phrases? Or do you know any friends that do?

Leave a comment. I’d love to hear about them.

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