How To Write A Concept Album? – Best Guide and Full of Tips

How To Write A Concept Album? - Best Guide and Full of Tips

How To Write A Concept Album? It’s hard to come up with a great concept for an album. I want my next record to be a concept one, but I’m not sure how to start it or what the story will be about. Any tips?

how to write a concept album
how to write a concept album

There are many ways of creating your own concept album. You can write songs around a central theme and then put them together on an album, or you could base the entire thing around real life events that have affected you in some way. The key is going into it with something concrete in mind so that each song has its place within the whole work as well as being catchy enough on their own. This article gives some good examples of different ideas for albums and also offers advice on how to make them work if they’re more complicated than just writing about your life experiences straight off the bat!

What is a concept album?

Concept albums have been a part of the music industry for years. The Mars Volta’s Deloused in the Comatorium and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon are just two examples among many that show how successful this trend can be when done right, which is why artists like Porcupine Tree use concepts as well!

Many of these are based on stories, idea’s, inventions and more. You can see that through this broad range there is still plenty to learn for any writer looking at different types of concepts as they write lyrics
To do so will help you connect with your audience emotionally while making it relatable by having direction within your writing process too!

How to write a concept album?

How to write a concept album? 
How to write a concept album? 

Planning your concept

Visual story-boarding

If you’re an artist and like to work in a visual medium, then try storyboarding. This involves drawing out scenes that represent events as well as characters on cards or paper-and using them for future reference when planning your story! It’s kind of like writing the comic book version of what happens before our eyes–just without any words at all (so if this is totally foreign territory than don’t worry). My point here: no matter how useless it may seem now – always come prepared because those ideas might just save time later down the line; there could even turn into something really cool.

Mind map

A mind map is like an idea tree; you put your main concept in the middle of a blank sheet of paper, and from there branch up different ideas for what could happen. Bubbl is one software to help organize these thought-provoking networks (though I often use pen & paper). This approach can be more creative because computers have this habit mechanizing our thoughts instead emotionalizing them by making us too organized at first glance–although sometimes being able think freely with no boundaries or limitations feels freeing as well!
The computer may seem imperfect when organizing.

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Keep a journal 

Every time you have a good idea, write it down. After weeks of this your world will start to come together and become more detailed! I keep my journal by the bedside so that every night before going off into dream land (or whatever they call sleep) when i’m finished thinking about all these exciting things happening in movies or books everywhere from other times periods-I simply open up 400+ pages worth right under where we are now–thinking hard whether there were any images/creatures swimming around inside whilst reading through some history’s tales during our last class today…perhaps even creating them myself.

What an advantage I have because of this patience. This should be your attitude as well, unless you feel like writing for hours on end is what will work best in getting those ideas out there and onto paper (or screen). Take it slow-and steady–whatever brainstorming technique we choose needs time to be thought through before anything else happens!

Characters & universe

Creating a paracosm (Universe)

Creating a paracosm (Universe)
Creating a paracosm (Universe)

Creating a universe for your story helps you to decide exactly what this is all about. I recommend taking the time to take an inventory of some key elements before moving on, as it will make more sense if we discuss them in detail together now rather than later when our work may be rushed or incomplete due lack thereof sleep (we writers need our beauty rest!).
A paracosm–a word derived from “paradise,” referring usually specifically but not exclusively; hither thereon dependent upon context: purposedness and Planning enthusiasts everywhere rejoice!) –is both used by authors who create fiction stories set within themselves , like JK Rowling did with Harry Potter novels based off her actual childhood experiences at.

The Protagonist
The good guy is the one that you want to cast in a positive light. You might need more than just this single character, but they will be at least one and usually your main focus for whatever story idea or genre of play we’re talking about here today 🙂

Some people believe that the best heroes are imperfect, brave young men who sacrifice themselves for others. This is why I think there can be some confusion as to what makes a “good guy” protagonist? One way in which you could classify these characters would be their moral compass; whether they’re upright and honest or not so much like Atticus Finch (To Kill A Mockingbird), most superhero comics have this kind of hero – Superman comes immediately mind with his selflessness saving Lois Lane from bad guys on more than one occasion while Spiderman tirelessly protects New York City’s innocent civilian population against Oscorp corruption.

The Antagonist

The antagonist is a character in every story. They may be the main protagonist’s archrival, or simply someone who stands between him and his goal of completing that which they have been tasked to do by those who put them there before anything else – all while being obstacles for this person as well as foe number one against any other contenders vying everything out among themselves until only one remains standing at its end! In some cases though we see life situations serve up conflict instead: such an example would be if our hero has parents turned enemies now duelling it out amongst themselves over something so trivial like pride and honor; leaving their child caught right smack dab centerx without anyone capable enough able.

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Creatures are often for the fiction fanatic, and can play a wonderfully adventurous part in your story. I personally love creating them as it gives me an opportunity to doodle – something that is entirely unadulterated by any creativity whatsoever! Sometimes you’re required to create beings with deep detail which may be difficult if one doesn’t have artistic skills like drawing- so just hire someone who’s good enough at what they do instead of wasting time on yours when there’s already professionals out there waiting onward.

World Powers/Political

World Powers/Political
World Powers/Political

The power of art is to make whatever we are feeling or thinking seem more universal. This idea becomes especially relevant in the context of fiction when you want your reader to understand an emotional response so deeply, they too may be moved by what you wrote.

As musicians create music with deeper messages than others have typically done before them – whether it’s System Of A Down’s political commentary on war fronts around the world through their lyrics “These Guns Kapuzens Seryy Nosya” from 2003 album Toxicity (recorded shortly after September 11) which also makes referenceto another band member being shot-writer/artist should consider how exactly does this relate back into our own lives? If there were ever any lessons learned English class.

Here’s a few more examples of politically charged stories or lyrics: Watchmen, 1984 (book), Resident evil video game. A Clockwork Orange movie by Stanley Kubrick which was controversial due to its depictions slavery and racism during that time period . Django unchained jazz rap song about freeing slaves from slave masters who are murdering them.”

God & Spirituality

Spirituality is an intriguing force for many people, so it would only make sense to write about it if you’re also intrigue by this topic. Your story might involve a literal figure of God such as Zeus from Greek mythology or another religions view point of him being used in your work agains his will and desires. If writing about any deity at all then I would recommend looking into how they interact with their believers on earth – what does he want out them? Is there anything that we can learn from old myths/legends involving these gods ?”


Invaders from space can certainly be relevant for a lot of stories. They give writers an opportunity to explore the unknown and create something entirely new around alien life that readers have not seen before!
Let your inspiration carry you instead, if it takes flight with this topic as well.

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In the movie, “Dante’s Peak” a Volcano erupts and melts citizens’ leg’s off. The natural world around us does play an important role in many stories because it can be used as antagonist or protagonist depending on what story you want to tell with your film. In this case I would say that Mother Nature was definitely playing her part by causing conflict between people who live there/on top of Mt Fuji (the main location) versus those living away from these places-it also served as motivation for one character throughout most of this film.

Mother Nature is a force of good and bad in many stories. One example would be “On Stranger Tide’s” where pirates search for the Fountain of Youth, which has been said to preserve lives by making consumers younger with every drink from its waters; but this was not meant as an endorsement on behalf of our mother earth goddess- insteadauthor Faye Williams sets up some backstories around how dangerous such quest can really get!

Full of tips to write a concept album

Full of tips to write a concept album
Full of tips to write a concept album

Creative people are constantly coming up with new things to do. They don’t just sit there and wait for inspiration, they think outside of the box in order create something amazing!

The most important thing you need when writing your concept is creativity because being creative means having value: if it doesn’t have any worth then no one will care about what we’re making so let’s try not be ridiculous or insulting anyone’s intelligence by sending them songs that sound like musicians playing on playback machines spouting out their work while also sounding “creative.”

For many artists, they spend their time learning from the masters and soaking up everything that is great about music. If you take this approach then it will be easy to create your own masterpiece one day!

Creative people are always trying to emulate their favorite artists, but when you copy an artist in a different context- that can also be creative! However if your goal is just writing something “just like them” – well there’s no magic formula for creativity. Instead take my words as inspiration and create your own story using the ideas I’ve given you here today.”

Once you’ve come up with the perfect setting and characters, it’s time to put pen-to- paper. Develop your storyboard into something that feels believable by adding more detail when necessary Maintain consistency between visuals in order for them all fit together seamlessly!

As you can see by the list of examples, there are many different ways to make a concept album. If you’re still not sure about how to craft your own, feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to help! We’ve helped countless others write their albums from scratch or with an already established idea. Our team is waiting for yours call!

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