How to Sell Magazine Advertising? Advantages of promoting your business with magazines

How to sell magazine advertising?

You know that selling ads can be a great way to generate revenue for your company. But you probably don’t have the time or energy to learn how to sell magazine advertising.

This blog will help you find new advertisers, set up meetings, and negotiate deals with them. This step-by-step system shows you how to get started today!

How to make money selling vintage ads from your old magazines
How to make money selling vintage ads from your old magazines

How to Sell Magazine Advertising?

The goal of advertising is to create a demand for a product, service or idea by persuading people that they want it. An advertisement simply tells the reader what good things will happen if they buy this brand as opposed to another one.

If readers are persuaded, they read on and find where to get the product – through the company’s business office, catalog or website.

Making Your Pitch

How to sell magazine advertising during a crisis | Targeted Media Services Network
How to sell magazine advertising during a crisis | Targeted Media Services Network

Step 1

Create a media kit in digital and print formats that can be distributed to potential advertisers, including ad agencies. Detail the magazine’s editorial focus as well as demographics of its readership with circulation figures verified by Audit Bureau or Circulation (if available).

Include an upcoming calendar for topics covered during future editions when commissioning graphic design specialists working on your behalf; this ensures polished look thanks to professional designers who understand what they need from you!

Step 2

Advertising rates are set on a per-issue basis.

The rate card should be included with your media kit and it’s important that you offer discounts to advertisers who want their ads published in more than one issue of the publication or online platform, so they can get an idea about how well each advertisement performs before committing time and money into developing new creative pieces specifically for this campaign!

The cost will vary depending upon circulation levels (more popular), production & distribution costs involved such as ink/paper etc., but also what competitors charge.

Step 3

Magazines have a lot of different opportunities for advertisers.

They can offer free-standing inserts, cover ad space in premium positions like inside covers and the “belly band” around publications that are wrapped with an exterior polybag promotion to include samples from your products or catalogs as well as direct links back onto your website advertisement at no additional cost if you’re using one too!

Step 4

To increase their market share, it is important that advertisers are mindful of the competition in a specific category. This means making sure they’re targeting companies who advertise regularly within rival publications or against other established brands with large advertising budgets.

It’s also worth looking out for new competitors because this type can often spark brand recognition and build customer loyalty – something which will ultimately result into higher profits down-the line!

Step 5

If cost is a barrier, suggest small ad that features discount coupon or other consumer incentives. This will enable advertiser to track business generated by their promotion; also check if there’s no suitable print advertisement available in case art department created one just for you – these professionals at publications love taking on new projects so don’t be afraid start working together now.

Successful marketers always think outside-thebox when creating ads because creativity should go hand-in-hand withe success of any marketing campaign which makes this task much easier than expected.

Advantages of promoting your business with magazines

Magazine Publishers Sell Magazines – Not Content - Freeport Press
Magazine Publishers Sell Magazines – Not Content – Freeport Press

Advertising with magazines has its advantages, but it also comes with disadvantages. That being said, if you are aware of the benefits and pitfalls to advertising your business through magazines you will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not this type of marketing campaign is right for you.

Advantages of promoting your business with magazines So why would a business owner want to use a magazine in his or her advertising campaign? There are several benefits, including:

Magazine ads have high recall. People may not remember what you said or did after a seminar or a radio ad that passed in a flash, but they will remember your glossy ad with its polished layout and inviting design.

Magazines are respected. People trust magazines, so they feel more comfortable taking advice from a magazine ad than from a quick commercial or a sales letter.

Magazine ads have great longevity. Your ad can last well after the next issue goes to print if you select the right type of advertising space and publication.

Disadvantages of promoting your business with magazines

Your ad must compete with other ads in the same publication. This can be extremely competitive, especially in a magazine that is very popular. Ad space in this situation is limited and if you are not willing to pay more for it you may have to settle for less-than-prominent placement.

Magazines are expensive. It is not unheard of for a small one-quarter page ad to cost several thousand dollars. Not only do you have to pay those thousands up front, but you also have to pay the entire bill before your issue goes to print even if it takes several months for your ad to appear in there.

Magazines are selective. Businesses cannot simply place an order for magazines and hope that they make money; most publications are very picky about the businesses whose ads they run in their publication.


How do I sell advertising space in a magazine?

You have a magazine with a small amount of advertising space available. You need to sell this space so you can make back some money from the production and distribution of the magazine.

Luckily, your advertising space is easy to sell because all anyone needs to do is contact you if they want to set up an ad.

The first step in selling ads is to identify the companies that would be interested in advertising. You can do this by looking at your own preferences as a consumer, figuring out what you like and dislike, and using those to make some educated guesses about who else is likely to have similar tastes.

You can also look up information from other advertisers to see if they continue to advertise over a long period of time in a variety of locations. If so, they may be a good potential client for your magazine.

Once you have a list of interested parties, it’s time to reach out and see if they’re interested in advertising with you. Reach out through traditional means such as phone calls or email, but don’t forget that there are other options for reaching more people.

Direct marketing through programs like Google Adwords can bring your message to more internet users than you could have reached before, even if they’re not hard core magazine readers.

How do I advertise a magazine?

Most newspapers or magazines that offer advertising space will include the price of those advertisements on their website, as well as further information about each ad.

Many companies simply browse ads in a publication to find one they like and then call the publication directly to place an order for the advertisement.

Most publications take orders via e-mail and fax and will be able to quote prices for advertisements by fax or e-mail.

The Advertising Age website has an ad rate calculator that allows users to input basic data about the products or services being advertised, then calculates how much it would cost to place an advertisement in their publication.

How much is an advertisement in a magazine?

The dollar value of a single advertisement in a magazine varies depending on the size, depth and reach of that publication, but can range anywhere from $200-$15,000 per page.

A full-page ad in a local city paper might run for around $500 while an ad could cost twice as much in the New York Times.

The most expensive ad space is typically sold in the business and national publications, which have a bigger audience.


As you can see, there are a few important steps to consider when selling advertising within an editorial publication. In any event, it is essential that the advertiser and editor agree on what type of ad will work best for the publication’s readership.

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