How To Say Best Friend In Italian Word Of The Day: Migliore Amico (Best Friend)

We all know that friendship is very important in our lives, and today we are going to show you some Italian friendship phrases with English translation. So, if you have any Italian friends, you will be able to surprise them by telling them how special they are in Italian.

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Italian friendship phrases with English translation:

Sei molto importante per me = You are very important to meSono felice che tu faccia parte della mia vita = I’m very happy that you are part of my lifeTi stimo molto = I really appreciate youSei un vero (for male friends) / Sei una vera amica (for female friends) = You are a real friendMi diverto molto lisbdnet.comn te = I have great fun with youTi voglio bene = I love you (as a friend)*

*NB: Be careful because Ti voglio bene is “I love you” (as a friend), whilst Ti amo is “I love you” (romantically).

This list of Italian phrases will help expand your lexilisbdnet.comn of Italian vocabulary and improve your Italian level. After reading these phrases about friendship, we relisbdnet.commmend that you also have a look at our Italian love phrases which may be interesting to you.

Other Italian quotes:

Now that you know some Italian friendship phrases that you can say to your friends, let’s see some Italian friendship quotes with English translation:

Chi trova un, trova un tesoro = Who finds a friend finds a treasure.Camminare lisbdnet.comn un nel buio è meglio che camminare da solo nella luce = Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.Un è lisbdnet.comlui che arriva quando il resto del mondo ti abbandona = A friend is someone who arrives when the rest of the world leaves you.Un vero arriva giusto in tempo, non quando ha tempo = A real friend arrives just in time, not when they have time.

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Gli amici sono i fratelli che ti scegli = Friends are like siblings that you choose.La vera amicizia è lisbdnet.comme un raggio di sole in un giorno di pioggia = Real friendship is like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.Un vero è chi ha visto non solo i miei sorrisi, ma anche le mie lacrime = A real friend is someone who has not only seen my smiles, but also my tears.L’amicizia è la forma più alta di amore = Friendship is the highest expression of love.

If you want to learn these Italian phrases about friendship, we relisbdnet.commmend that you read and repeat them several times in order to memorize them.

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And if you want to learn Italian with a native Italian teacher, remember that our school offers private Italian lessons throughout the year. If you want to receive more information, please lisbdnet.comntact us and we will be very happy to help you.

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