How To Rotate A Video In Youtube ? Best 5 Methods To Rotate Youtube Video

YouTube is compatible to all devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. However, when the screen is too small, so does the video, which makes the watching experience full of inconvenience.

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Sometimes, you may need to rotate the video left/right 90 degrees or 180 degrees. To rotate the YouTube video when you watching it, you can move your devices in order for you to get the perfect angle and make your watching fun and smooth.

Yet, did you know that you could possibly rotate YouTube videos either downloaded or before uploading, to the angle you are comfortable watching? Here is how.

Method 1: Using YouTube Video Editor to Roate YouTube Videos

Note: After updating in 2017 September, you cannot rotate a video on YouTube Enhancement. If you need to rotate a video, you should rotate the video before uploading it to YouTube.

YouTube has a built-in video editor where you can rotate YouTube video. Here are the ways on how you can successfully rotate a YouTube video online.

Log in to your YouTube account.Click the dropdown located beside your profile”s thumbnail that can be found in your dashboard.Once you have successfully clicked the dropdown menu, you can now search for the video that you want to rotate.When you have already found the video, you can now click the Edit button that can easily be found under the thumbnail of the video.In the Edit section, choose the Enhancements tab.You can find in the lower right part of the video preview the arrows for rotate right and rotate left.

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Then, after choosing, you have successfully rotated the video.

Check this video tutorial to know how to rotate/flip YouTube video with YouTube Video Editor

Cons of YouTube Video Editor

However, using YouTube Video Editor is not the best way to rotate or flip a YouTube video.

Obviously, one of its disadvantages is that the features are very basic. You can”t use more advanced functions for better edition.In addition, since you are doing it online, you need to keep on refreshing the page whenever you are making some changes in your video, which eats a lot of time.Another disadvantage of YouTube Video Editor is that you have to get access to internet, or you can”t edit the videos. But it”s headache when you forget to save your work or the internet crashes.

Method 2: Rotate YouTube Videos with Advanced YouTube Video Editor Alternatives

It is recommended to rotate the video before uploading to YouTube. But when you have downloaded a YouTube video, you can also change the rotation by making use of software made for video editing.

Som of the most popular video editors include , Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas Movie Studio and Adobe Premiere. These softwares are perfect for editing your videos either you want to enhance it or change the rotation.

1. Best Video Editor for Beginners and Semi-Pros video editor is one of the best video editor perfect for YouTube beginners and semi-pros. You can use on both Windows and Mac you would want to rotate or edit videos to make it look interesting.

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It not only allows you to cut, crop, rotate, reverse videos, but also offers your advanced features like PIP, Green Screen, or audio mixing. What”s more, you can find lots of effects for Fashion, gaming, education, tutorial, sports, etc.

How to Rotate YouTube Videos with Video Editor?

Import the video.To rotate the video, double click it on the timeline.The editing panel will appear and you will be able to see the rotation options.There are four buttons. You can rotate the videos in 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees.


Export the video that you have rotated.


2. Windows Movie Maker

For windows users who have Windows Movie Maker already installed on the computer, you can rotate the YouTube video with it with ease for Free. Besides rotating, you can edit the YouTube video with more features in Windows Movie Maker, such as combine several clips into one video, mirror and flip video, and reverse videos. For the detailed information, check our guide of How to Edit YouTube videos in Windows Movie Maker.

The steps of rotating a video in Windows Movie Maker is easy:

Import the video.Click the video then select the rotate button that is found at the toolbar.


Save the video after rotating on the right angle.
3. Sony Vegas Movie Studio

Sony Vegas Movie Studio is video editing software made for PC. Before it is knows as Sonic Foundry VideoFactory and Sony Screenblast Movie Studio.

Click the square box that can be found on the video, which is situated at its end.The pan pop up will appear and you will be able to see the slider bar.At the slider bar, you can see the options rotation, position and key frame inter.Under the rotation section, you can enter the angle that you want to rotate the video then hit enter once you have entered the word angle.
4. Adobe Premiere: Best video editing software for professionals to rotate YouTube videos

Adobe Premier is video editing software that is time-line based and is included in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Launch Adobe Premiere.Start or open a project.Import the video.Drag the video to the timeline.Then, access Effects Control Lab.Find the option for rotation, which is located under the Motion option.Rotate the video to your desired angle.

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For the detailed information, check How to Rotate videos in Premiere?

Have You Known How to Rotate a YouTube Video?

Whether you are watching YouTube videos online or you have downloaded it, you can feasibly rotate the videos on the angle that you want and it will be successful if you know how to do it. If you feel it helpful, share with your friends.

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