How To Play Playlist On Youtube Iphone, Create & Manage Playlists

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You can create a YouTube playlist to curate a selection of videos that you want to watch or share together.

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Once you create a YouTube playlist, you can add videos, remove them, or change their order any time. You can set playlists to be public and available to anyone, private and accessible only to certain users, or unlisted, so people can”t find it.
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YouTube playlists are a great way to create curated content you can enjoy or share with others.

You can create playlists of your favorite music videos, of great news blooper reels, of clips featuring you and your friends, or of any of the millions upon millions of videos on this massive global media platform.

And once created, it”s remarkably easy to add to, remove from, or edit a YouTube playlist.

You can drag and drop videos to change their order, change the public or private (or unlisted) status any time, and rename the playlist endless times.

But first, of course, you need to create a YouTube playlist. Here”s how:

How to create a YouTube playlist


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Begin watching the first video you wish to add to the playlist.

2. Under the video, click the word “SAVE.”

3. On the popup window, click “Create new playlist.”


Select “Create new playlist.” Steven John/Business Insider

4. Name the playlist, and select its public or private status, then hit “CREATE.”


Name your playlist and choose its privacy settings. Steven John/Business Insider

5. To add a video, go to the next video you want added and again hit “SAVE.”

6. Check the box beside the playlist to which you wish to save the video, and it will be added to the list; note that you can add a video to more than one playlist at a time.

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Add other videos to your playlist. Steven John/Business Insider

Once a YouTube playlist is created, it can be found on the left-hand column of the YouTube homepage or pulled up by clicking on the three parallel bars at the top left of the screen.

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