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How to play against Yasuo – Amazing Guideline ( 2021 Updates)

How to play against Yasuo? Yasuo is a completely annoying champion to play with and towards. Our team’s Yasuo usually appears to hit that 0-10 electricity spike quickly, at the same time as the enemy’s Yasuo usually solo includes and takes over the game. In this guide, we’re going to interrupt down a few recommendations and hints to lessen the enemy Yasuo’s convey ability. Regardless of Yasuo’s position, the recommendation we are able to talk on this manual will paintings towards Top, Mid, and ADC Yasuo

How to play against Yasuo

Manage the minion wave

Managing minion waves in League of Legends is an effective approach that is infrequently applied withinside the decrease ranks. With right wave management, you may tone down the potentness of Yasuo withinside the early game.

By retaining the minion wave in the direction of your aspect of the map, Yasuo ought to have much less room to move and much less possibility to chase you down the lane. If you’re overextended and continuously pushing in an aspect lane, you’re a clean goal for an all-in because the lanes are longer in comparison to the mid lane. He also can use the minion wave to shut the space and chase you down or get away from a skirmish.

How to play against Yasuo- Manage the minion wave
How to play against Yasuo- Manage the minion wave

To get the wave to live towards your facet of the map, you want to ensure the enemy has greater minions than you do. If you need the wave near your tower, the enemy desires to have greater than  or three (or greater) complete fitness minions than you do.

Wave control is hard to speak about, however we’ve made an in-intensity wave control manual to help you recognize the fine details of a way to manipulate minion waves to make laning in opposition to Yasuo easier. Here are a few extra pointers:

  • Avoid continuously pushing the minion wave. Otherwise, it’s going to permit him to chase you down.
  • Stay far from the minion wave so he can not E to you with ease.
  • Once he has finished his first item, his all-in stress increases- do now no longer overextend.
  • If you need to push, use your talents to push whilst gambling as many ways as possible.
  • If his Support has robust all-in, keep away from pushing the wave as they are able to all-in you over and over again. This is a favoured tactic through Gragas, Nautilus, Alistar and Leona players.

Be aware of his synergies with his allies

When Yasuo is paired with a tank Support or each person with a knock up or lockdown device inclusive of Gragas, Nautilus or Alistar, their laning segment may be difficult to play towards as they have got quite a few all-in capacity and may a hundred to zero a person very quickly. These champions are picked with Yasuo as they are able to permit him to apply his Ultimate very easily.

How to play against Yasuo- Be aware of his synergies with his allies
How to play against Yasuo- Be aware of his synergies with his allies

When you’re leaning towards bot lane Yasuo, and he has an all-in Support, the duo can also additionally search for all-in possibilities at those times:

  • Level 2 all-in

You can counter this by means of hitting degree 2 at the same time because of the enemy. To hit degree 2, you want to kill the primary minion wave and the subsequent 3 melee minions on the second one minion wave. If you’re now no longer going to hit degree 2 concurrently or earlier than the Yasuo, function safely.

While they probably won’t kill you at degree 2, they are able to nevertheless search for a good exchange and pressure you to burn through your health potions.

  • Level 6 all-in

When Yasuo has got admission to his Ultimate, he can apply it to a goal that is knocked up via the means of both his Tornado or an ally. Post 6, Yasuo’s all-in power could be tons higher: hence his kill stress increases.

Whenever his Ultimate (and his allies Ultimate like Gragas or Nautilus) is up

Yasuo might be gambling round his Ultimate to get kills in lane. Whenever it’s up, admire his all-in ability and keep away from status near one another. This will make it tougher for him to kill each of you in lane.

There are many possibilities for Yasuo and his Support to run you down the lane and kill you. Keep those timers in thoughts and try and mess around them in case you can. For the maximum part, being respectful will reduce his kill pressure.

Avoid fighting in the jungle or around objectives

We briefly touched on it in our preceding tip, however status farfar from your allies is one manner of lowering Yasuo’s capacity to hit a couple of champions together along with his Ultimate.

In crew fights, keep away from grouping too intently collectively so he can not land a five-man or woman Ultimate.

Yasuo’s will simplest deal harm to at least one champion, however he can preserve each knocked-up champion close by airborne that can permit his crew to comply with up, reposition or deal harm to them.

How to play against Yasuo- Avoid fighting in the jungle or around objectives
How to play against Yasuo- Avoid fighting in the jungle or around objectives

Avoid combating round goals and withinside the jungle as groups are generally grouped carefully in those components of the map which will increase his possibilities of hitting each enemy crew member. Additionally, if his allies have an AOE knockup or knockbacks like Nautilus or Gragas, it can set him up for an amazing Ultimate.

Try your hardest to search for fights in an open part of the map in which he can’t hit each member of your group together with his Ultimate. At the very least, do now no longer stack on the pinnacle of 1 another.

Abuse your range advantage

Yasuo is a melee champion who may be abused closely via the means of ranged champions. If you’re capin a position to bother and poke Yasuo, it’ll make it tough for him to search for an early all-in or use his E aggressively.

Getting early poke down at degree 1 and a couple of may even pressure him to burn via his fitness potions to stay withinside the lane, that is a large benefit.

How to play against Yasuo- Abuse your range advantage
How to play against Yasuo- Abuse your range advantage

Every time Yasuo attempts to steady a minion, try and auto-assault him or use a capacity on him. Repeat this as frequently as you can. However, keep in mind that he can use his E to keep away from talent shots.

Avoid auto-attacking him while there may be a huge minion wave because the minions will begin to recognize you. Walk backward after hitting him to drop minion aggro, or run into a close-by bush.

If you stroll ahead and chase him down, you run the hazard of taking immoderate minion harm which can damage paintings in his favor or even out the trade.

Bait out his Wind Wall before committing to an all-in

It is truly apparent, however, to attempt your toughest to bait out Yasuo’s Wind Wall earlier than committing your Ultimate or an all-in. Yasuo’s W will block all projectiles coming his way, which incorporates the likes of Lucian’s Ultimate, Syndra’s Ultimate, and Zoe Q.

If you need to decide to an all-in, keep away from using (excessive cooldown and excessive cost) abilities till his Wind Wall has been used.

There are many methods you could bait out this ability, however it relies upon the champion you’re gambling and your kit.

How to play against Yasuo
How to play against Yasuo

As a marksman, you can search for an competitive auto-assault all-in, bait out the Wind Wall, after which anticipate your cooldowns to be up once more earlier than seeking out spherical two.

Take note that his W has an extremely lengthy cooldown that you have to appear to abuse. At rank 1, it has a 30-second cooldown, which offers lots of time which will search for a follow-up play.

For melee champions without talent pictures like Darius or Renekton, this tip doesn’t simply matter.

However, in case your Jungler desires to land a talent shot for them to CC the enemy like Elise, try and bait out this cap potential earlier than she arrives to boost your probabilities of taking him down. Yasuo might also additionally simply throw out his Wind Wall by means of mistake.

Counter pick him

Yasuo will continually be a cutting-edge choice and gamers like to play him over and over. As such, it is really well worth it to have a Yasuo counter prepared.

Yasuo struggles against these champions


How to play against Yasuo- Renekton
How to play against Yasuo- Renekton

Renekton has a number of bursts and factors and clicks on CC. As quickly as Yasuo makes use of his E close to you, you could blow him up. Renekton is beneficial withinside the mid and pinnacle lane, that’s a delivered benefit.


How to play against Yasuo- Malzahar
How to play against Yasuo- Malzahar

Malzahar has incredible wave clearance, can farm from a distance and is normally a completely secure champion. He can use his Ultimate to CC Yasuo as quickly as he makes use of his E on a close-by minion. Malz additionally has incredible gank set up, in an effort to assist to position Yasuo behind.


How to play against Yasuo- Pantheon
How to play against Yasuo- Pantheon

Similarly to Renekton, Pantheon has a variety of burst harm and factor and click on CC too. He additionally has top wave clean and roaming capability which could assist him effect different elements of the map tremendously quickly.


How to play against Yasuo- Nautilus
How to play against Yasuo- Nautilus

Nautilus Support is an exquisite choice for Yasuo as he can lock him down with CC every time he appears for an all-in. Nautilus has the maximum CC equipment in the sport that could offer his ADC time to break out or change again with the Yasuo.

Avoid choosing squishy motionless mages into Yasuo as he can run them down and avert their abilities. Pick champions who can change again with him while possible.


That’s all about how to play against Yasuo. We hope you can find something useful in this blog post. Please leave a comment if you have any questions for us. Thank you for your reading.

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