How to manifest love from a specific person

Love is something that most people want, but only some are able to find. However, with the right attitude and by following these steps on how to manifest love from a specific person you can ensure your relationship becomes stronger than ever before.
How do you know if it’s time for love in your life? What should you be looking for? How often should you date someone new? The answers to these questions depend largely on what type of relationship they’re looking for. If they’re not sure whether or not this is the right time, then there are many ways they can figure out if it’s time for them – like through meditation!

How to Manifest Love in Five Simple Steps, According to an Expert

How to manifest love from a specific person

Today, I’m going to teach you how to manifest love from a specific person in your life. This is an excellent method for those who are looking for the perfect relationship or marriage. You can use this technique in conjunction with other manifestation methods if you so choose. Just follow these 7 steps and watch the magic happen!

1) Determine whether it’s someone you know personally or just someone that was on your mind lately 2) Imagine yourself being in a happy relationship with that person 3) Visualize them coming into your life 4) Create an affirmation about what kind of relationship you want 5) Repeat this affirmation over and over again 6) Fill up a jar with water, put some rose petals inside, and say “I love you” while imagining the object of your affection 7) Visualize yourself opening the jar and pouring it on to yourself, imagine that you’re bathing in their love, and let it soak into every part of your body

Visualize yourself with the person you want to be in love with

Picture yourself with the person you want to fall in love with a specific person in the specific way that you want to.

Imagine them smiling at you in a specific situation. The next day, they walk past your desk and say “hello.” They look different somehow—you notice their eyes are brighter than usual. Imagine them showing up to meet you with flowers or chocolate, because it’s appropriate for the both of you and they’re putting in the effort. They post a status on Facebook, and you see it because it’s something that’s personally relevant to you both—they’re not just spamming your feed with random information. Imagine yourself spending time together in the way you’d like to spend time with them.

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how to manifest love from a specific person

Now imagine someone else who makes your heart race. You see them in the hallway and your palms are clammy, the hallways feels hotter than usual, you’re out of breath. Everything about them is overwhelming to you—the way they smile at you makes your heart beat faster. They only say “hello” but it’s enough to make you blush madly because their voice is so pleasing to your sense of hearing. The thought of them makes you feel dizzy and lightheaded. Imagine yourself spending time together in the way that you’d like to spend time with them, no matter how unrealistic it seems or how rushed it is because your mind can barely handle all these new feelings.

Think about how it feels to have a specific lover by your side

Now imagine spending time with both of them

Think about how it feels to have a specific lover by your side. Think about how it feels to be in love with them, and the specific way you’d like to feel loved by them. How do they look at you? How does their voice sound when they tell you “I love you?”

Think about what competing for your attention is like for both of these people—how much time can you give them with how busy your schedule is? What do they think of you when you’re with the other person? Do they feel secure? Do they have a right to feel insecure?

Think about all these things and then answer the following questions:

When it comes down to a choice between them, which would you pick? Why? Which one feels more secure to you? Insecure? Why? Which one makes your heart beat faster? Which one gives you butterflies in your stomach and a warm sensation in the deepest part of yourself that’s difficult to describe with words?

Which do you feel more drawn towards—the person who makes the conscious effort or the person who catches your attention despite trying not to?

Who makes you feel the most loved? And who do you think has a right to your love?

Which relationship is more fulfilling, and which one feels more intense?

Think about how it makes you feel to have both of these people vying for your attention. Which person gives off mixed signals by competing with the other for your attention? Who has more power in the relationship, and why?

Who do you feel most comfortable spending time with? Which relationship feels more secure to you?

Think about how it makes you feel when both of these people are around. Think about whether your heart is being pulled by one person or if there’s a tug-of-war taking place with two different people.

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Picture yourself with both of these people. Imagine them competing for your attention, imagine what it feels like when you interact with them in a private setting, and imagine how they make you feel about yourself whenever they’re around. Think about all the things that you can see from this perspective—the two relationships side-by-side.

Which relationship do you want to continue? Which one feels more fulfilling, secure, and intense? Who’s the person you love more, and who do you trust more? Why?

Imagine yourself breaking up with one of them. Think about how it makes you feel when someone breaks up with you. Now imagine being the person doing the breaking up. Think about how you would feel in this person’s shoes, in their position being broken up with.

Write a letter to this person, telling them everything you wish for them and what they mean to you

Dear Lover,

I want to take the time out of my busy schedule to tell you how much I really appreciate you. You’ve become such a huge part in my life over these past few years and I just can’t get enough of it. It’s truly amazing that we’re able to go through so much together while still having so much fun. It seems like everyday is a new adventure with you and I can’t get enough of adventures.

I know the past few weeks have been pretty difficult but honestly, it wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding if we didn’t go through some crap together in order to make our relationship stronger. I’m truly blessed to be in this kind of relationship with you because I can tell that we truly care for each other more than anything. We always put the other person first and there’s no greater feeling in the world than knowing that someone cares about you just as much as you do them.

I really appreciate you constantly reminding me of how amazing I am, even when I don’t believe it myself. It’s truly special to have someone in your life that values your well-being and doesn’t mind putting you first above everything else, all the time. You really mean a lot to me and I can’t tell you enough good things about you because there are so many amazing things to say about the love of my life.

I love you more than anything and nothing makes me happier every day than seeing your face in the morning when I wake up. It brings a smile to my face knowing how much we care about each other and it’s truly amazing!

I love you dearly, sweetheart!

Imagine that the particular lover’s reaction is positive and that they are thinking about you too

Imagine that the particular lover’s reaction is positive and that they are thinking about you too. You both don’t know each other and you want to get familiar and practice flirting together.

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Let’s try flirting together, one by one. Also read: How To Attract A Woman With Body Language

1)        Keep your body language open and lean forward a little bit while talking to each other. When people feel that they are connected and that a bond is being created, it’s unconscious reflex that the body will lean towards the person they feel connected with. If you both do this simultaneously, subconsciously your bodies will be telling both of you to come closer.

2)    Make eye contact as often as possible while flirting with each other for short durations. If you both are able to do this, your eyes will tell each other that there is attraction and interest between the two of you.

3)    Take turns while talking about yourselves. While one listens to what the other has to say, they should focus on the words being said by nodding their head in agreement every now and then. Not only will this make you both feel like equals, but also subconsciously we humans value and appreciate people who agree with us and acknowledge what we say.

4)    Compliment each other. People like to feel appreciated and noticed. After all it’s not everyday that someone complements your clothes or hair, so when you both compliment each other you will feel that you both are in some sort of a mutual admiration club.

5)    Have fun together, teasing each other in good humor will help build intimacy quickly by creating an opportunity for playful behavior. Teasing means mock fighting like jokingly pinching or poking at each other which is one of the most enjoyable activities two people can do and creates a sense of comfort and playfulness between them.

Do these 5 simple flirting techniques and you will find yourself enjoying each other’s company and there might even be a kiss in the offing!

Meditate on the feeling of being loved by this person every day until it becomes real

Meditate on the feeling of being loved by this person every day until it becomes rea llly easy to generate the feeling.

If you are truly in love with someone who is not well wisher of yours, I know it hurts but try to breakup your relationship with them because if they were really in love with you then why would they want to destroy your life?

how to manifest love from a specific person

The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool that can be used to attract anything you want into your life. It’s important to always stay positive and believe in yourself when making these changes, as it will lead to better results. By following the steps outlined here, you should have no problem attracting love from your desired person within six months or less!

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