How To Get Youtube Icon On Desktop Instead Of Searching It Up All The

Today we are going to see a quick, but effective tutorial on how to create a YouTube shortcut on a desktop in Windows 10. You will learn how to create a shortcut from Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge in a very simple way and above all in very few steps. This way you can create a shortcut for both YouTube and other websites.

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In addition to creating shortcuts, the Windows 10 operating system also allows you to pin websites to the menu or task bar.

How to create a YouTube desktop shortcut from Chrome

Then we are going to have to open YouTube, in case we want to create a shortcut to a specific channel, open that channel.Then what we have to do is click on the Chrome menu. In the three horizontal points that are in the upper right corner of the screen.Next, we are going to go to ” More tools ” and you will see that a new menu opens. In this menu, we will simply have to click on ” Create shortcut “.Now a window opens saying “ Do you want to create a shortcut? “You must define a name that will be the one that will have the icon on the desktop and then simply press” Create. “

If you look you will see that the YouTube icon appears on the desktop. When we double click on it we will be able to access the web where we were previously.

Thanks to this process, you can create a shortcut of any website you want from Chrome and keep it on the desktop. You can even drag this icon to the taskbar.

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As you can see, it is quite easy to quickly learn how to create YouTube shortcut on desktop in Windows 10 with Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. The three most used browsers currently.

This way you can quickly access YouTube or any website you want. Since with this same method you can do what we mentioned above with any website you want.

You can also add these icons to the bottom bar of Windows. Just drag the shortcut to that bar and you can access YouTube much faster than before.

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Also to use your computer’s desktop more comfortably, if you need it, we suggest that you increase the size of the icons so that you can locate them faster.

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