How to get rid of hoverflies

Hoverflies are a common annoyance for most people, but they can be easily dealt with. This blog post will detail the best way to get rid of hoverflies in your home or yard.
The first step is to identify the source of their attraction and eliminate it as much as possible. For example, if you have flowers blooming nearby then use insecticide so that there is no food source for them and they will leave on their own accord. If this doesn’t work, then you should take more drastic measures such as using flypaper or sticky traps near where they gather. These techniques should help you keep those pesky hoverflies away from your property!

Should You Harm Hoverflies?

Hoverflies are a part of the Fly family which is generally not known for being particularly nice. There are some species within the fly family that will bite in order to defend themselves when under attack, but it’s safe to say that their natural defence mechanisms do not include stinging people or animals. I’m sure most people have had unpleasant experiences with flies buzzing around their face at some point in their lives, but again these are generally harmless insects which could never be mistaken for bees!

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How do you get rid of hoverflies?

Use natural remedies to get rid of them

Use natural remedies to get rid of flies at your house. Flies are annoying, they can spread diseases and are just plain annoying! This is a quick remedy for getting rid of them…all you need is one orange!

how to get rid of hoverflies

Dice up the orange peel until it’s all chopped up. Put the peels in a jar or container with some water. Let the mixture sit for 24 hours to infuse, then pour it into a spray bottle or mister bottle (the kind that has fertilizer in it). Spray around where you see flies. They will be attracted to the sweet smell, but won’t like the bitter taste, so they’ll leave your house alone! Keep refreshing the water/orange peel mix as needed (I believe every 2-3 days).

Note: You can also try putting a whole orange peel in your garden. It will release the natural scents that flies don’t like, thus keeping them away!

Eliminate their food source by getting rid of fruit and vegetables that are rotting

Eliminate flies’ food sources by removing rotting fruits and vegetable froms your house. Don’t forget to clean up the compost pile, too!

how to get rid of hoverflies

Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink or on the counter overnight. Flies will flock to them, and they’ll lay eggs in the leftover food that you didn’t eat!

Invest in some screens for your windows and doors; it’s easy and inexpensive to do yourself (or hire someone if you don’t feel like doing it yourself). If flies can’t get inside your house, they won’t be able to reproduce and make a home there.

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Keep garbage cans covered tightly at all times; otherwise flies will find their way into it. Wash out garbage cans frequently; once a week is usually sufficient enough time between dumpings of kitchen waste.

Keep food covered tightly at all times. Flies can get into anything, so make sure that you bring something in from the car quickly and close the door before a fly gets inside with you!

Keep your counters clean…as stated above, flies love dirty dishes and leftover food.

Use a fan when cooking to keep flies away from the food while it’s being prepared. Be careful not to let them blow onto the food or have an open flame near them!

Wipe down your counters after cooking as well as washing dishes. Wiping surfaces will help remove any scents that might attract those pesky flies.

Eliminate standing water from areas around your house to prevent maggots from growing in those places (maggots are fly larvae that feed on organic matter such as garbage and decaying food).

Be sure to keep your grass trimmed and remove any weeds from around the perimeter of your house. These places can attract flies during mating season (which is now)!

Make your own fly trap using sugar, water and yeast (add a little dish soap)

Make your own fly trap using sugar, water and yeast (add a little dish soap as) well to pep it up a bit). Just mix the ingredients until they form a thin paste, then put them in a jar and seal it. Put some tape on one side of the lid so you can open and close the jar without spilling anything. The flies will be attracted to the scent of sugar, yeast and water; once they fly inside, they’ll get stuck in the paste! This only works because flies are not attracted to thick liquids like honey or motor oil (which is what other homemade traps use)–flies see them as “death traps” (so gross) where there’s no escape for them.

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Use these tips at your own risk–you may end up catching more than fruit flies! They’re harmless anyway…just annoying. The best thing to do is take care of the problem at its source (clean up your kitchen, etc.) and make sure you clean out your drains every so often (I use baking soda/vinegar). Good luck!

how to get rid of hoverflies

The best way to get rid of hoverflies is by using fly traps that are made with sticky surfaces. They can be found at most hardware stores and online for reasonable prices, so there’s no excuse not to try them out! Give one a shot today and see if it works for you.

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