How To Get A Youtube Video Into Imovie In 2020, How To Download A Video From Youtube To Imovie

iMovie is a very useful tool for Mac/iOS users to edit, record, watch and share videos. Do you have the need to edit YouTube videos in iMovie? How to import YouTube to iMovie when you finally get the YouTube videos downloaded on Mac? If you ever tried to put YouTube video to iMovie, you may find that iMovie doesn”t support YouTube video.

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Most YouTube videos are normally in FLV format, which are not compatible with iMovie. So back to the question, how to import YouTube FLV to iMovie? Here the following article will show you how to download YouTube videos and import YouTube to iMovie for editing.

How to download YouTube to iMovie

Before you put YouTube to iMovie, you should first save the video to your Mac. In case you don”t know how to download YouTube video, we show you how to download online video from YouTube at the first part. Here we sincerely recommend the professional YouTube to iMovie Downloader to finish the job. You can free download it and have a try.

Video Converter Ultimate For Mac Video Converter Ultimate is professional video streaming downloader.

Download online videos from online sites. Support batch movies downloading up to 10 files at one time. Support sites are YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Vevo, Facebook, etc.
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Step 1 Launch YouTube to iMovie Downloader


Download, install and run this powerful YouTube to iMovie downloading software on your Mac.

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Step 2 Paste YouTube URL


Navigate to YouTube site and locate the YouTube video you want to edit in iMovie, and then copy its video address. Back to the YouTube to iMovie Downloader, click “Download” on the top bar. The video address will be automatically pasted to the URL box.

Step 3 Download YouTube video


Click “Analyze” to analyze YouTube video and then choose your preferred resolutions to download.

Step 4 Choose iMovie format


Click “Profile” and select iMovie supported format from the drop-down list. Then you can click “Convert” button to get the YouTube video saved on Mac. Various features are designed in this YouTube to iMovie Downloader, you can easily edit video, adjust output video effects and enhance video quality.

How to import YouTube to iMovie

Because the YouTube is downloaded in iMovie supported video format, you can directly import YouTube to iMovie. You can take the following guide to put YouTube video to iMovie.

Step 1 Launch iMovie on Mac and click “File” on menu bar.

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Step 2 Select “Import” option from the drop-down list, then choose “Movies…”.

Step 3 Find the YouTube video and then load it to iMovie.

After that, you can save the iMovie video to YouTube directly or your hard drive on Mac easily.


Free convert YouTube to iMovie

If you have already downloaded YouTube video on Mac, you can choose to convert YouTube to iMovie then edit it in iMoive. To do that, you can rely on the Free Video Converter. First, you can free download and install it on your Mac.

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Step 1 After downloading, install and launch this free YouTube to iMovie converter on your Mac.


Step 2 Click “Add File(s)” button to load the YouTube video to iMovie.


Step 3 Select iMovie supported video format from the drop-down list of “Output format”.

Step 4 Click “Convert” button to free convert YouTube to iMovie.

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In this post, we mainly talk about YouTube to iMovie. We show you how to download YouTube to iMovie supported format. Also, we show you how to free convert YouTube to iMovie. Surely, you have already know how to import video to iMovie. Hope you can better edit YouTube video in iMovie after reading this article.

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