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How to get a lot of Souls in Dark Souls 3? Best Places to Farm Souls

If you’re looking how to get a lot of souls in Dark Souls 3, then this is the guide for you.

Getting a lot of souls in Dark Souls 3 can be tough. You’ll need some good gear and some patience if you want to build up your character’s level and power quickly.

We’ve made a list of all the best places we found that give out tons of souls when killed, so check it out and start farming!

How to get a lot of souls in Dark Souls 3?

How to get a lot of souls in dark souls 3?
How to get a lot of souls in dark souls 3?

Many people who play dark souls 3 are struggling with what to do after leveling up; they don’t know how to make fast souls. So I hope this article can help them to get more souls in dark souls 3.

But before we start, let’s have a brief introduction about the currency system in dark soul 3(the following contents is from my own experience and some summarized from wiki).

In the early part of the game, you will find yourself out matched by enemies left and right as you venture through Lothric. In order for players to level themselves up properly, it is recommended that players visit Irina of Carim at her home located next to the Halfway Fortress bonfire.

You will find a summon sign on a close wall. Interact with it to summon the NPC who will offer to level up your character five times per soul cost. This can be done repeatedly until you are content with your level or feel that you no longer require more souls.

The early part of the game is very tough, getting yourself some decent armor quickly is a must in order to advance in this game. Players should invest their souls into leveling up either Vigor, Endurance or Vitality depending on how they play and what build they are going for.

Personally I think Stamina combined with strong shield such as Eagle shield makes players nearly unkillable when blocking enemy attacks, so investing into Stamina is recommended early on. After reaching about 20-25 level, players should get themselves a decent weapon and a good shield.

The more souls you have means the stronger your character is going to be, that’s why it is important for players to find some ways to get souls in dark souls 3. I will list two simple ways down below: farming enemies, completing quests.

For farming, there are some areas recommended by many gamers such as Farron Keep and Catacombs of Carthus. In these areas, players have an opportunity to face harder monsters on their way which grant higher soul drops than usual or bosses who grant you huge amount of souls when killed successfully. Players can farm here until they feel satisfied with their current level if they don’t want to continue lvling up further at Irina of Carim.

If players want to level up further after reaching 25-30, I would recommend that they find some covenants to get additional help such as Mound Maker or Rat King covenant which can be found at Road of Sacrifices and Irithyll Valley respectively.

Players will need Souls Shards in order to join them and it’s wise for them to invest their souls into upgrading stamina, endurance and attunement early on if they don’t like the idea of joining them because it will cost you a lot of souls.

It is always recommended that you choose the one with higher soul gain rate so that you can earn more souls quickly without wasting other resources such as shards. The bosses in these areas are very easy even when playing solo and they also drop a lot of souls. Players can get many more souls by killing them over and over again, but it will be tedious and boring if you choose to do so.

For completing quests, it is the most ideal way for players to earn more souls because they don’t need to kill monsters or join some covenants while doing so. It’s probably one of the best ways in dark souls 3(in my opinion) and I think people should focus on doing quests as much as possible if they need some help with lvling up early on.

There are more than enough quests that players can complete easily without any problem such as Greirat’s quest line which grants around 5000+ souls when completed(not sure about this number though). Players should visit him after reaching Irythill of the Boreal Valley if they are interested in doing his quest line.

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The only problem with Greirat is that players need to buy the blue titanite shards with souls which cost 10000 souls each and they can’t be farmed which means you will need to find alternative ways for earning them initially.

What is soul farming?

Soul farming refers to the process in which players earn souls by killing enemies, completing quests and leveling up. Generally speaking, killing enemies is a slow way to get souls and it’s very tedious since you need a lot of patience for this method. I would recommend that players don’t fully rely on this unless they have excess souls or if they are playing offline mode with their friends.

Completing quests can be time-consuming at early stages but it becomes faster as your character level up over time and you get familiarized with the game system. It is important for players to focus on doing covenants from earlier on because some of them will become useless later on when your character reaches higher levels.

In order to get maximum amount of souls quickly, players should always choose the one with higher soul gain rate if they don’t want to waste their shards on upgrade. Doing quests is a good way for them as it is recommended by many gamers who have tried the game

The best places to farm a lot of soul items in Dark Souls 3

13. The Dragon Atop The High Wall Of Lothric

The Dragon Atop The High Wall Of Lothric
The Dragon Atop The High Wall Of Lothric

If you’re struggling in the early game, farm souls by running between two bonfires on Lothric’s High Wall. There are many enemies praying here and they’ll be easy pickings for backstabs; furthermore there is no need to engage any foes at all thanks to that boss-dragon up ahead who can kill them easily enough with his fireballs! To increase your yield even more try getting one of these Covetous Silver Serpent Ring which will let players reap plenty without ever having left home – just make sure not give away too much info about yourself otherwise people might start tailing their every move

Souls Dropped Per Enemy

Souls dropped per enemy, from lowest to highest:

  • Hollows 30
  • Hollow Soldier 80-200 depending on how many appear.

12. The Helpful Dark Wraiths In The Keep Ruins

The Helpful Dark Wraiths In The Keep Ruins
The Helpful Dark Wraiths In The Keep Ruins

Should the player decide to grind up souls before attempting to defeat Abyss Watchers, they can farm Ghru outside their fog gate. The two Darkwraiths who charge through courtyard attacking it make this run much more efficient; once you clear three enemies at far right side of map (including one wraith), wait for them until all are dead then return for some extra souls an kill weakened dark brotherhood members if any remain in abyss zone.

Souls Dropped Per Enemy

  • Ghru Grunt: 350
  • Ghru Conjuror: 350
  • Mad Ghru: 600
  • Darkwraith: 2500

11. A Tough Yet Rewarding Soul Farm In The Corvian Settlement

A Tough Yet Rewarding Soul Farm In The Corvian Settlement
A Tough Yet Rewarding Soul Farm In The Corvian Settlement

This location is a little harder to farm than the previous yet still rewarding spot. A small group of Corvians reside in a small settlement at the bottom of the map; one of these fatties carries an Estus Flask Shard (reminds you of your first sip right?), and killing him reaps an easy 5000 souls if you don’t already have it.

Souls Dropped Per Enemy

Corvian: 500

Corvian Storyteller: 500

10. The Farron Followers In The Snowy Mountain Pass

The Farron Followers In The Snowy Mountain Pass
The Farron Followers In The Snowy Mountain Pass

The Farron Followers are an excellent PvE boss that does not respawn after it’s dead. You can farm this area by killing the two Pharros Lockstone contraptions to reset them, then kill off all enemies in sight while locking on to each one for a backstab. After moving the items again you should be able to fight the same enemies which will give about 400 souls per run depending on your level and if the player has any weapons with extra damage against certain foes.

Souls Dropped Per Enemy

Farron Followers: 450-550

Crow Demon: 5000+ *(drops vary)

9. The Church Of Yorshka Loop

The Church Of Yorshka Loop
The Church Of Yorshka Loop

Killing the dark spirit Yorshka is actually a good way to farm souls albeit not as efficient as farming these other bosses. You can loop through this area by killing her and using the bonfire that’s right behind you then teleporting back to the church bonfire. Be sure to choose her as an invasion if you’re looking for additional rewards such as shards/twinkling titanite and gear upgrades .

Souls Dropped Per Enemy

Skeleton: 100

Corvian: 500

Yorshka: 5000+ *(drops vary)

8. The Sewer Centipedes Under Irythill Dungeon

The Sewer Centipedes Under Irythill Dungeon
The Sewer Centipedes Under Irythill Dungeon

For those wishing to farm a lot of souls with little effort, this is a great location. The backstabbing centipede enemies here give about 2000 souls each and respawn infinitely as long as the player doesn’t go too far into any map areas that lead them to other locations. Make sure you have a powerful weapon before engaging them though or simply run past them until you’ve reached the stairs leading down to Lothric Castle where you can kill the Dancer Of The Boreal Valley boss.

Souls Dropped Per Enemy

Sewer Centipede: 2000+ *(drops vary) *(spawns infinite monsters but only if player has not left map yet)

7. The Jailers & Gargoyles At The Profaned Capital

The Jailers & Gargoyles At The Profaned Capital
The Jailers & Gargoyles At The Profaned Capital

After completing the area and speaking with Siegward of Catarina, you can return to this haunting town to farm a very rewarding yet challenging enemy. The two jailers in the square respawn infinitely each time the player rests at one of its bonfires. One of them drops 1 Estus Flask Shard while the other holds an undamaged Chloranthy Ring +2 which increases stamina regeneration by 30%.

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Souls Dropped Per Enemy

Jailer: 2500 *(drops vary)

Winged Knight: 100+ *(drops vary)

6. The Sleeping Giants & Deacons After Pontiff Sulyvahn

The Sleeping Giants & Deacons After Pontiff Sulyvahn
The Sleeping Giants & Deacons After Pontiff Sulyvahn

This battle can be best done by either luring out one enemy at a time or having a source to deal damage from afar. The giants give about 1200 souls each while the Deacons being supporting enemies will give 300 per kill. If the player has a bow and a sufficient supply of arrows, this farming method is easy as pie since both enemies spawn infinitely.

Souls Dropped Per Enemy

Sleeping Giant: 1200 *(drops vary)

Deacon: 300 *(drops vary)

5. The Guardians Of Anor Londo

The Guardians Of Anor Londo
The Guardians Of Anor Londo

Be wary of this area since it’s swarming with high level enemies that respawn infinitely. The two NPCs who act as an escort for the player will give you 100 souls each, while the giants located in all four corners of this area (including the one behind the giant door leading to Great Belfry) will drop about 1000-1200 souls each.

Souls Dropped Per Enemy

Knight: 100 *(drops vary)

Giant: 1000+ *(drops vary)

4. The Knights Of The Ringed City 

The Knights Of The Ringed City 
The Knights Of The Ringed City

This area is one of the most rewarding farming spots in Dark Souls 3. The easiest way to farm here is to simply run past every enemy until you get to the fog leading into the Ringed City where you’ll find 2 Giant Clams inside a building. Each Giant Clam will slowly open up when approached and do about 50 damage with an attack so stay out of the water and you’ll be fine.

Souls Dropped Per Enemy

Slave Knight: 300 *(drops vary)

Giant Clam: 1200+ *(drops vary)

3. Endless Soul Farming Without Using The Bonfire

Endless Soul Farming Without Using The Bonfire
Endless Soul Farming Without Using The Bonfire

There are other ways to get large amounts of souls in Dark Souls 3 without using the bonfire. The first one requires you to be able to access Irithyll Dungeon which is located past Pontiff Sulyvahn’s boss arena (the same area where you fight him).

After reaching the area with the group of Sewer Centipedes, you can take the stairs on your left to reach a bonfire. From there, look for a set of stairs that leads up to what looks like cells with prison bars over them. Behind some of the cells are large rats who drop at least 200 souls per kill.

Souls Dropped Per Enemy

Large Rat: 200+ *(drops vary)

2. A Highly Profitable Soul Farm For Late-Game Magicians

A Highly Profitable Soul Farm For Late-Game Magicians
A Highly Profitable Soul Farm For Late-Game Magicians

This soul farming method is best used by those who summon NPC phantoms. Proceed through the ruined tower and seek out the fog door leading to the Dragonslayer Armour boss battle (the area where you can speak with Hawkwood).

At this point, make sure your Summon Signs are active and ready to be drawn. This next part requires minimum of 10 Soft Humanities and the Praise gesture (which you can find in an old decrepit building located beside a large rock that is near where you fight Vordt of The Boreal Valley).

Head to the fog door and ‘Praise’ until your Summon Sign appears while facing inside of the doorway so it will remain visible for a short time. Keep spamming Praise until your summon is within your world, then let him/her kill the boss for you. You will be able to get from 8000 souls all the way up to 12000 depending on how many times they have been summoned before.

Souls Dropped Per Enemy

Dragonslayer Armour: 6000 *(drops vary)

1. The Winged Knights On the Roof Of The Grand Archives

The Winged Knights On the Roof Of The Grand Archives
The Winged Knights On the Roof Of The Grand Archives

This soul farming spot is best done with a summon partner and regardless of the level you are, so consider this option if you want to farm regardless of what level you are.

Head towards the rooftop where you fight the two Winged Knights and seek out the fog door leading to Lothric’s Sleeping Prince. From there, open up your world menu by pressing Triangle/Y/Triangle on Playstation 4 or by clicking in any direction on PC. Look at your list of Online IDs found under ‘Player’ to see who has their Summon Sign active while remaining in the area without it disappearing.

Note: You can also do this by yourself provided you have enough Adjudicators present since they drop 1000-2000 souls each depending on how many there are. It is more than likely that you will be killed if attempting this solo so use at your own risk!

Souls Dropped Per Enemy

Winged Knight: 1000+ *(drops vary)

Tips and tricks for getting more souls in dark souls 3?

  • When farming for souls, do not go ‘all out’ with your weapon as this will make the enemy harder to kill and is less efficient. Instead, stick to a strong melee weapon that you’re comfortable using and try to ignore any weapons found on the ground once you’ve picked them up.
  • If available, use ranged based Soul items such as . These items allow you to get in more hits than usual by firing projectiles at an enemy which can lead to faster kills plus they give up quite a lot of souls!
  • Farming mobs in different areas is very beneficial since most enemies drop certain types of souls with some dropping more than others so changing things up makes it easier to level up quickly. For example, large amounts of undead in Farron Keep drop Undead souls while Smouldering Lake has a lot of Basilisks which drop Flame souls.
  • There are certain enemies that drop more souls than others with them being found in specific areas. For example, Crystal Lizards have the highest chance to drop precious Twinkling Titanite so it’s best not to kill them for this reason alone.
  • Loot any dead bodies you can find as they can contain useful items such as titanite, estus shards and other potentially rare items!
  • If available, equip spells or miracles known as ‘buffs’ to increase your damage output with each hit which is especially helpful when farming mobs since killing things means getting more souls.
  • Summoning allies is one of the best ways to farm for souls as they help out considerably by killing enemies faster than you can alone which leads to faster farming. Another way to take advantage of this is using items that increase your stats against an enemy which allows them to drop more souls if killed faster.
  • Depending on how many times you’ve died, consider leveling up after you make significant progress with how much xp needed per level (You will know when true because it will stop at green numbers). This means that there’s less chance of dying and losing your souls upon death since you’ll be stronger overall!
  • Only grind during NG+ or beyond until things start getting easier otherwise you’re better off continuing the game normally but only if new content has been added of course since new enemies can be challenging depending on your level.
  • Avoid fighting bosses until you’re a high level as they will make quick work of you. Wait until later to farm their souls or play through the story since it’s easier compared to them.
  • Use Direct Approach for farming souls by going from area to area without looking back and not stopping unless absolutely necessary. This is the best way if you want to get as many souls as possible per hour or two but be careful!
  • You can also use a more controlled approach which means farming certain areas rather than going from point A to point B, killing everything in between then repeating the process again. However, this requires patience and isn’t as reliable for farming at a consistent rate since it depends on how many enemies are in that area.
  • Use Bonfires to reset everything in an attempt to farm souls again but only do this if you’ve reached certain areas which unlock new enemies so the process isn’t wasted.
  • Try not to die at all while you’re farming for souls because it can be very frustrating having to begin again. It’s best to go out of your way and push yourself or avoid fighting large groups of enemies unless absolutely necessary.
  • Make use of your surroundings by luring, kicking down or pulling away mobs when they’re close together then wiping them out one by one instead of fighting multiple mobs at the same time. This is useful for when bosses spawn nearby or lots of mobs appear in various areas.
  • Spawning enemies by dying and using bonfires is a useful way to farm souls and even levels when you’re in need of both especially later in the game when bosses can easily kill you. It’s best to do this during NG+ but be careful because certain mobs tend to cause problems when they invade which might make farming inconvenient or dangerous!
  • Farming with summons or online players is very helpful for grinding since it allows you to focus on killing things yourself while others deal damage, tank hits and distract enemies so they don’t attack you as much.
  • Using consumables such as Undead Hunter Charm (Cures hollowing) also helps out quite a bit compared to not using them and fighting tough enemies especially if you’re low leveled.
  • Using a +10 weapons and armor can also greatly improve your odds of survival when fighting mobs or bosses since they deal additional damage along with already having an advantage over normal mobs.
  • Avoid fighting weak enemies unless you must since all it does is lower the amount of souls you earn from them plus wastes time. Kill only those that pose a challenge to avoid being killed by mistake!
  • If possible, try not to fight large groups at once since it doesn’t take long for them to kill even higher level players even with high defense/hp stats!
  • You should focus on farming as soon as possible because souls actually carry weight in this game and require 30,000+ for basic stat upgrades at the very least which can take a while to build up if you’re grinding later in the game.
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FAQ about How to get a lot of souls in Dark Souls 3?

1. What item gives the most souls ds3?

It’s definitely not a weapon, armor or consumable since those can be purchased and won’t provide as much as selling titanite shards and chunks.

It’s probably best to sell boss souls which you can get from killing them for 17,500 souls each!

2. How many souls can you get in Dark souls 3?

It depends on what you’re doing but it’s probably at least 10 or 20 thousand per hour.

3. How do I get more souls in Dark souls?

Use the Humanity mechanic spread throughout many items, equipment and weapons to get more souls per kill!

If you want to get a lot of souls in Dark Souls 3, then the most important thing is to be careful and pay attention. The next best thing that can help with getting more souls when playing Dark Souls 3 is understanding what makes it possible for them to drop at all. There are some factors which make this happen such as how many enemies there were in an area or whether or not you killed anything while they weren’t looking (among others). By using these tips, hopefully we’ll see your soul counter increasing significantly!

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