How to fix driver unavailable for Epson printer

If you are getting no driver error for Epson printer, it’s time to change your ink cartridge. will show you how to fix driver unavailable for epson printer. There are many ways to do this, and each will vary depending on how old the cartridge is. If you have an older cartridge, we recommend that you take it out of the case and shake it vigorously and spray compressed air into both ends of the ink nozzle until the blockage is clear. You can also use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol to clean dry ink that could clog the nozzle. For newer cartridges, we recommend using needle-nose pliers and gently pull the protective plastic strip at one end, then press down on the same area with your thumb while rotating it back.

Causes of driver unavailable for epson printer

When you try to print, an error window displays on the screen with a message that reads Epson printer driver is unavailable. This problem can be caused by several issues which are listed below: The most common cause of this issue is because your Windows system has not been updated to include the latest printer driver from Epson for this printer. Another reason for this issue is because the printer driver has been removed from Windows as a result of uninstalling it from your system or if you have inadvertently deleted the printer driver.

One possible solution to resolve Epson Printer Driver is Unavailable Error would be to go to Epson website and download the latest version of their printer drivers and then install it on your computer.

Why is it important to keep your computer up-to-date with all software and drivers updates ?

Many of the devices you use on a daily basis require updating drivers to work properly. It is important to update your computer with these updates, otherwise some devices might stop working at all, or will not function optimally. To save yourself from frustration of having non-functioning hardware, read on to find out how you can update all necessary drivers in a simple and fast way.

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Before we start, make sure you have a list of all drivers that need to be installed on your computer. You can check it using the instructions below – if you do not see any missing drivers, just skip this step.

In order to find out which devices are installed on your computer, you can use Device Manager. Here is how to open it:

Press “Windows + R” key combination on your keyboard – this will bring up Run dialog box. Type in devmgmt.msc and hit Enter on the keyboard – Device Manager window will appear. You can also get there by clicking Start button and then typing in “device manager” and hitting Enter.

how to fix driver unavailable for epson printer1

Expand the list of hardware categories by clicking on plus signs next to it – devices connected with your computer will appear under these categories. Find all devices that need updating drivers, unplug them from your computer (if they are connected) and press “Quit” button on the top right side of the window. You can now start updating drivers for your computer

How to fix driver unavailable for Epson printer

Method 1: Install the Pending Windows Updates

One of the fundamental reasons why you might be encountering Epson printer driver error can be that the system is outdated. In such situations, it is recommended you install all the pending Windows updates to resolve the issue.

  • Initially, click on the “Start” icon, locate and select the option titled “Check for Updates”.
  • As soon as you perform this instruction, Windows will search for the available updates.
  • Here, if you notice that the updates are available, then you need to choose the “Install Update” button from the appeared menu.
  • From the confirmation pop-up window, hit the “OK” button twice.

Wait unless the installation process gets completed. Once done, reboot your device to allow the new changes to take effect.

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Method 2: Update the Printer Driver

Using an outdated version of the printer driver can be another potential factor that might be responsible for the “Epson printer driver is unavailable”. But, it can be easily resolved by updating the printer driver to its latest version.

A majority of the users claimed that after updating the printer driver, the Epson printer driver error was resolved. Therefore, follow the instructions that are mentioned below:

  • Go to the Search box on the taskbar and write “Device Manager”.
  • Once you perform this instruction, a list will appear on the screen.
  • From the result-oriented list, choose the “Device Manager” to initiate the window.
  • After you access the Device Manager, expand the category to locate the drivers.
  • Proceed to right tap on the Printer Driver and hit the option named “Search automatically for updated driver software”.
  • From the appeared menu, choose the option titled “Update Driver” and stick to the on-screen instructions to confirm the action.
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how to fix driver unavailable for epson printer4

After the installation process is over, you can reboot the device to apply the new changes.

Method 3: Reinstall the Printer Driver

Even after updating the printer driver, if the “Epson printer driver is unavailable” error message pops up on the screen, then reinstalling the printer driver can be the best option for you.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: 

Press the Windows logo key along with the R key in order to initiate the Run window. On the Run dialogue box, write “Control” and hit the Enter button to execute the command.

Step 2: 

From the appeared menu, choose the “Control Panel” to invoke the window. After accessing the Control Panel, make an attempt to locate the “Programs and Features” menu.

Step 3:

After locating this menu, proceed to click on it. Under the “Programs and Features” section, try to find the Printer Driver.

Step 4: 

On the next screen, proceed to right tap on the Printer Driver and hit the ‘Uninstall” button. Confirm your action by choosing the “OK” button.

Step 5: 

After removing the printer driver, reboot the device. Once the device boots up, the printer driver will automatically get installed on the device.

On the other hand, you can also visit the official website of Epson and look for the latest printer driver. Now, you can follow the instructions to download and install the printer driver for your Epson printer.

We hope, after performing the above methods, you will be able to resolve the problem associated with the Epson printer driver on your own.

Other ways to troubleshoot driver unavailable for epson printer:

1. You can try a different USB cable to avoid this problem. It is possible the new cable will allow the printer to be recognized on your computer.

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2. Also you can try using a powered USB hub between your Mac and printer if it doesn’t work with direct connection. Although this method is not guaranteed to work in every case, but sometimes it helps to solve such problems with printers and computers.

3. Sometimes issues like these may also occur due to outdated or corrupted Epson driver so we recommend you run Epson’s Driver Scanner tool which checks for outdated drivers and download & install latest official updates:

– Click here and follow instruction according to operating system installed on PC and reach “Download” section at our website.

how to fix driver unavailable for epson printer3

4. We highly recommend you to contact Epson’s technical support service, they will assist you in solving this problem:

– Click here and find phone number or email address according to your country/region and follow instruction to call the support center if it is not possible to solve such an issue via online chat.

5. If nothing helps then we recommend trying a different computer where you can install a working printer and check whether it works correctly because these issues usually occur due to computers rather than printers themselves. It may be necessary to update drivers for other devices installed on your PC, remove unused software from PC etc…

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t the Computer Locate the Epson Printer?

The most common reasons why the computer cannot locate the Epson printer are

– Wrong Mac Address
– Incorrect USB cable
– Printer is turned off

How do you update Epson printer drivers on Macintosh?

– Download the latest version of drivers from
– Update your computer’s operating system to the latest version.
– Restart your computer and open the Finder application.
– Locate your printer in the list of devices connected to your Mac, right click it, select “Get Info” and then click on ‘Update Driver Software.’

Finally, if you are looking for a way to fix no driver for epson printer and the above steps don’t help, it might be time to check for updates. Visit our blog post on how to fix no driver error with Epson printers to see what other potential solutions we recommend.

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