How to delete favorites on youtube

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Select "Library" from the side menu. William Antonelli/Company Insider


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On the Library page, scroll dvery own until you watch the area via the "Playlists" header.

4. Click the "View full playlist" attach below the photo of the first video in your playlist.


Click the connect to delete your playlist. Isabella Paoletto/Company Insider

5. Click the 3 horizontal dots situated in the upper-left of the web page.

6. Select "Delete playlist" from the food selection.


Click "Delete playlist" in the three-dot food selection. William Antonelli/Business Insider

8. A pop-up will certainly launch asking you to confirm your wish to delete the playlist. Click "Delete" to delete the playlist.

How to delete a YouTube playlist on your mobile device


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On your phone"s house display screen, situate the YouTube application symbol and also open it.

2. Ensure you"re logged into your YouTube account. Then, tap the "Library" icon on the bottom right-hand also edge of your display screen.

3. Under "Playlists," select the playlist you wish to delete.

Find the playlist you want to delete in your Library. William Antonelli/Business Insider

4. In that playlist"s editing display, tap the delete symbol, which is a little trashhave the right to.

Tap the trashhave the right to symbol to delete your playlist. William Antonelli/Firm Insider

5. A pop-up will launch, asking you to confirm that you desire to delete the playlist. Tap "OK" to delete the playlist.

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