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Excellent Tips: How To Counter Teemo 2021?

How to counter Teemo? Teemo has been part of League of Legends in view that 2009 and these days stays a champion this is tough to address at many solo queue ranks.

The Swift Scout has turn out to be referred to as an obnoxious champion that maximum gamers hate to play against. This is going for quite an awful lot all lanes withinside the game, which has ended in international memes approximately Teemo being the satan himself.

The cause for that is probable because of Teemo’s capacity to move invisible and vicinity mushrooms that gradual and may deal a ton of damage. Furthermore, Teemo is capable of kite maximum champions round just like the little Yordle he is, all even as blinding his fighters to restriction their very own capacity to attack.

With all of this taken into account, there are a few strong approaches to counter Teemo whilst the enemy crew selections him in solo queue.

Teemo’s Abilities 

How to counter Teemo
How to counter Teemo
  • Passive – Camouflage – If Teemo stands still for 1.5 seconds, he will gain a stealth. Whenever he moves or attacks, he will exit out of the stealth and will gain attack speed depending on his level. If he’s in the bush, he can move around inside of it without losing stealth.
  • Q – Blinding Dart – Teemo shoots a dart that deals magic damage and blinds his opponent.
  • W – Move Quick – Teemo gains a specific burst of movement speed.
  • E – Toxic Shot – Teemo’s basic attacks deal extra magic damage on hit, and he deals poison damage over time.
  • R – Noxious Trap – Teemo spawns a mushroom, which gains stealth. When an enemy champion steps on the mushroom, it explodes, slows them, and deals damage over time.
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What role is Teemo in LoL? 

How to counter Teemo
How to counter Teemo

It’s critical to apprehend which function he’s primarily performed in. As a ranged harm dealer, Teemo may be performed in numerous positions however he’s most suited for the pinnacle lane. Ever considering the fact that his release, Teemo has been a grasp of controlling the pinnacle lane and being a sturdy cut up pusher. The cause for that is that Teemo is ranged and may consequently do properly towards most melee pinnacle laners at early levels.

Later on withinside the game, Teemo gets get admission to to his ultimate, Noxious Trap, which offers him the capacity to area lethal hidden mushrooms all around the map. This device is notable to preserve manage withinside the pinnacle lane and make it difficult for the enemy to gank. With excellent mushroom placements, Teemo can preserve a cut up push going for a long term with out being close down.

Champions That Counter Teemo


How to counter Teemo - Pantheon
How to counter Teemo – Pantheon

Most of your harm doesn’t come from primary attacks, so he can’t prevent your harm together along with his blind. In addition, your passive can block his vehiclemobile attacks. Your harass with spears equals his harass, however you’ve got got extra burst. Get Ignite for this lane, and attempt to snowball. In midgame you could roam at the same time as he’s caught top. Build Maw of Malmortious first.


How to counter Teemo - Rumble
How to counter Teemo – Rumble

Your Q variety is nearly same to his primary assault variety, so if he attempts to vehiclemobile assault you, you may simply alternate with the aid of using the use of your flames on him. You can block his harm together along with your shield, and you may sluggish him. In midgame, you’ll be a long way extra useful. Build Abyssal first.


How to counter Teemo - Olaf
How to counter Teemo – Olaf

You can simply run him down. If you’re true at Olaf, you may in all likelihood cheese him with the 2 axes trick early. There’s paths you may cross. Either max Q first and construct Black Cleaver or max W first and get Ravenous Hydra or Spirit Visage and simply heal up all of the harm he does to you. When you hit 6, cross all in, due to the fact you get a massive energy spike that he doesn’t get. While blinded, simply spend the time casting your Q and E.

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How to Counter Teemo? The Great Tips to Counter Teemo in Season 11:

  1. Don’t fight with Teemo if your main source of damage are basic attacks. His blind will completely disable your damage.
  2. Teemo’s W (Move Quick) has a long cooldown. Take advantage of that because Teemo is very weak in melee fights.
  3. Get Oracle Lens as soon as possible to disable and destroy his mushrooms.
  4. Stay away from the brushes because Teemo will almost always place mushrooms inside of them.
  5. Keep a safe distance from your minions because they can step on his mushrooms.
  6. When you’re chasing Teemo, don’t follow his exact patch because he’s probably baiting you to his mushroom farm.

The Best Items to Counter Teemo in Season 11: 

Since Teemo is predicated at the poison harm of his primary assaults and his motion velocity, you’ll want to get a few gadgets a good way to sluggish him down. The satisfactory object to sluggish down his primary assaults might be Frozen Heart. Frozen Heart is one of the satisfactory gadgets for tank champions as it presents a excessive quantity of armor and capacity haste. Frozen Heart’s passive, Winter’s Caress, cripples the assault velocity of close by enemies with the aid of using a big 20%.

How to counter Teemo
How to counter Teemo

This doesn’t appear much, however it is going to be of vast assist to you while you’re buying and selling with him. The second satisfactory object to counter Teemo might be Frostfire Gauntlet. Frostfire Gauntlet is a Mythic object that offers you 25 Armor and Magic resistance, 20 Ability haste, and 350 Health. Its passive, Snowbind, creates a 250 unit radius frost subject that slows enemies for 1.five seconds.

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Is Teemo good in LoL?

Teemo’s strength in League of Legends varies relying on rank. For the beyond numerous years, Teemo has been a sturdy choose in low-elo games. The motive for that is that Teemo is a easy champion to abuse towards much less skilled gamers. Learning to play Teemo properly may be a excellent desire while mountaineering the decrease ranks in solo queue.

How to counter Teemo
How to counter Teemo

For better elo, Teemo is a good deal tougher to make paintings. While Teemo can nonetheless paintings even on the Challenger rank, that is best feasible for gamers which have truely mastered him. Teemo is regularly punished at better ranks due to the fact gamers understand a way to clean his mushrooms, getting rid of Teemo’s mushrooms thru crimson wards and the Oracle Lens trinket.

In expert play, Teemo is nearly by no means visible. His package definitely does now no longer translate properly to the extent of coordination this is visible on the expert stage in League of Legends.

In Conclusion

As you may see from the guidelines above, Teemo may be without problems countered in case you ward off his Blinding Dart (Q) and keep away from his Mushrooms. He’s extraordinarily robust and competitive withinside the early recreation and normally forces champions to retreat below their tower.

If you’re compelled below your tower, simply attempt to final hit your minions and look forward to your jungler. I understand that junglers have a tendency to keep away from ganking pinnacle lane for a few reason, however simply ask them for assist politely, and I’m positive they’ll come! If you comply with the guidelines from our guide, you’ll flip Teemo’s lifestyles into an absolute dwelling hell, much like he does to his opponents!

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