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How To Counter Illaoi? The Best Guide For Beginner 2021

Illaoi, “The Kraken Priestess”, has been one of the most effective top lane champions during Season eleven of League of Legends. Even aleven though she lacks mobility, her full-size harm ability makes you forget approximately it. Illaoi has a brilliant 1v2/3/4/five ability and might easily solo deliver her games.

She quite an awful lot counters maximum tanks withinside the game, and those on social media have named her the “Tank Destroyer”. Even aleven though she could be very effective, she does have quite a few weaknesses. Illaoi lacks any feasible CC, and in case you manipulate to close her down withinside the early game, she can be able to have a tough time getting returned withinside the game.

How to counter Illaoi
How to counter Illaoi

Illaoi is a mana-hungry champion, so in case you abuse her withinside the early game, she’ll don’t have any different choice than to retreat beneathneath her tower. She additionally doesn’t do thoroughly in opposition to ranged or high-mobility champions due to the fact they are able to effortlessly avoid her E and kill her tentacles from a secure distance.

When you’re laning in opposition to Illaoi, the maximum crucial aspect you’ll want to do is to manipulate the minion waves. Now that we’ve protected a few fundamental recommendations on a way to counter Illaoi, let’s have a examine her abilties to offer you a guide about how to counter Illaoi.


How to counter Illaoi - Abilities
How to counter Illaoi – Abilities
  • P: Illaoi spawns tentacle every 20 seconds around her. These tentacles do only have 2 health pars, priorities killing them to defeat Illaoi. Never fight Illaoi if she has more than 1 tentacle around her.
  • Q: Illaoi does a tentacle punch in front of her, damages enemies and heals Illaoi. This ability has a long cast time and is very predictable. Try to dodge it and punish Illaoi once she decides to use it.
  • W: Illaoi´s next auto-attacks leeps a short distance and slams the target. All surrounding tentacles will perform a tentacle punch towards the target. Illaoi W is completely useless without her tentacles.
  • E: Illaoi grabs your soul through a linear skillshot that hits the first target. Avoid this ability by staying behind minions, this ability is never dangerous aslong as she does not have tentacles. Try to kill of all tentacles and dodge this ability with any movement/dash ability. After you have dodges this ability Illaoi is easily punished. Do not try to fight Illaoi if she hits her E and has surrounding tentacles.
  • R: Illaoi slams into the ground and spawns’ tentacles per enemy champion near her. This ability also increases the tentacle punch speed. If you successfully dodge Illaoi E and kill off her surrounding tentacles Illaoi R is should be nothing to worry about.
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How to Lane Against Illaoi?

Illaoi may be very susceptible withinside the early game, so that you need to constantly abuse Illaoi earlier than she receives to stage three. Once she receives to stage three, all you need to do is to hold killing her Tentacles and hold dodging her E. I comprehend it sounds easy, however accept as true with me after I let you know this, on occasion it’s genuinely not.

If you don’t realize a way to play any of the three largest Illaoi counters we’ve referred to earlier than withinside the article (Mordekaiser, Heimerdinger, and Urgort), strive gambling a few ranged champions. Ranged champions can poke her out and get the gain thru tower plates.

How to counter Illaoi - How to Lane Against Illaoi?
How to counter Illaoi – How to Lane Against Illaoi?

Healing discount gadgets can in reality harm Illaoi. So, if you’re gambling a tank, make certain to hurry Bramble West, and if you’re gambling a fighter or an murderer champion, make certain to hurry Executioner’s Calling (for AD champions) or Oblivion Orb (for AP champions).

Since her E is her maximum crucial ability, make sure to constantly bait it out because the first play. If she manages to land her E, she can be able to maximum possibly kill you and your jungler.

How to Counter Illaoi? Amazing Tips:

  • Always try to dodge her E. If she manages to land it, make sure to get out of its zone as soon as possible (this will stop her AoE from hitting you multiple times).
  • Illaoi has a lack of mobility, so when you’re laning against her, make sure to pick champions with high movement speed or mobility.
  • Make sure to avoid standing close to her tentacles because she can always hurt you really bad with it once she uses her W (plus, she will also receive a slight heal if her tentacles damage you)
  • Be careful when you’re recalling when you’re cursed (her E) because there’s a high chance that her tentacles will find you and will kill you. Make sure to kill 3 tentacles in order to remove the curse.
  • Do your best to bait her E, and if you manage to dodge it, you should go in and try to fight her.
  • Do not group up around Illaoi, especially in team fights, just poke her down and kite her.
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Champions That Counter Illaoi


As Heimerdinger you could shove Illaoi into his turret. Hide at the back of a turret to keep away from Illaoi E, whilst killing tentacles. Play out the lane slowly: Do now no longer overextended, poke and deny Illaoi CS for the primary five mins. Keep your lane warded! After five mins as soon as turret plates are up, shove the lane and get beforehand via way of means of getting the ones plates.

You can simplest play for a kill if Illaoi finally ends up overextending and stepping up. Illaoi have to be pressured to remaining hit together along with her Q.

How to counter Illaoi - Champions That Counter Illaoi
How to counter Illaoi – Champions That Counter Illaoi


Illaoi vs Riven is a completely exciting fit up. Riven can use her fairly cell package to evade Illaoi´s E. Try to bait out Illaoi E, after dodged, take a change and chew Illaoi out. If you crew up together along with your jungler, it’ll be smooth to seize Illaoi out. In degrees 1-three take trades agressivly to advantage dominance. Try to freeze the wave toward your turret after you’ve got got compelled Illaoi to handiest Cs with Q. Illaoi will effortlessly be chased down at this point.


This rediculus silly champion can isolate Illaoi from her tentacles together along with his R. Mordekaiser wins trades if E is come across Illaoi or if Illaoi E is dodged. Do now no longer play too agressivly pre lvl 6. After degree 6, as quickly as Illaoi is shoved up, you may absolutely forget about his tentacles, via way of means of the use of your R.

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Even aleven though she isn’t always a completely famous champion, Illaoi has usually been a completely robust select out ever for the reason that she become released. If you observe the pointers we’ve informed you on this guide, there’s a excessive risk that you’ll demolish Illaoi maximum of the time. Just recall to play it secure and use the benefit of her susceptible early game. We hope you can find something helpful in the guide about how to counter Illaoi.

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