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How to Beat Trundle – Effective Guideline 2021

How to Beat Trundle? Like every other king, Trundle is oppressive. If you’re a tank, he’s going to thieve your stats and use his lifesteal to heal up any harm you could do. If you’re squishy, he can deal heaps of harm. If you’re gradual he’ll run you down like an animal.

If behind, he has exceptional software together along with his ult and his pillar. If you harass him, he’ll heal up from easy farming. If ahead, he can 1v2 or assassinate an ADC in a group fight. Honestly, he’s probable going to be nerfed soon.

Trundle is a quick tanky fighter with great software, great dueling potential, and exact harm.In order to make the most his weaknesses, I’ll be assisting you on this manual to prevent this troll from ever doing his silly dance again. Let’s explain how to beat Trundle with us!

Trundle’s Abilities

How to beat Trundle
How to beat Trundle
  • Passive – King’s Tribute – Whenever an enemy unit dies near him, Trundle heals for a percentage of its maximum Health
  • Q – Chomp – Once activated, Trundle bites his opponent, deals extra damage, steals some of their Attack Damage, and slows them.
  • W – Frozen Domain – Trundle turns the target location into a zone where he gains attack speed, movement speed, and increased healing from all enemies inside the zone.
  • E – Pillar of Ice – Trundle spawns an ice pillar at the target location, slowing all enemies around its location.
  • R – Subjugate – Trundle starts dealing magic damage to the enemy champion, and he heals for the amount of damage dealt. Trundle also steals a percentage of his target’s defensive stats.
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Champion That Counter Trundle

Laning Phase 


How to Beat Trundle - Darius
How to Beat Trundle – Darius

Early recreation you must be capable of outtrade him. Be very cautious of his Chomp stealing your AD. If he chomps a minion, make sure to land some car attacks. If you land a complete Hemorrhage, you must be capable of kill him. Build greater AD than resistances and try and dominate him earlier than he receives level 6.


How to Beat Trundle - Jax
How to Beat Trundle – Jax

You can steer clear of the whole lot of his harm together along with your E. Be cautious approximately the usage of your ult till after he’s used his own. Be certain to accumulate complete stacks of your passive earlier than buying and selling with him. Build Blade of the Ruined King first.

Mid Game


How to Beat Trundle - Kennen
How to Beat Trundle – Kennen

You haven’t any resistances to steal, so he won’t be as tanky from you withinside the midgame. Your stun stops him very effectively. Harass him in lane, however recognize that once some degrees you won’t be capable of harm him very much. Focus on getting farm so that you can kill different lanes together along with your teleport. Never allow him trap you or you’ll immediately die. Build Zhonya’s first.

How to Beat Trundle? Excellent Counter Tips: 

  • Buy healing reduction items to counter Trundle’s healing from his passive and ultimate.
  • Always make sure to move out of his Frozen Domain during a fight because it gives him massive amounts of movement speed, attack speed, and healing.
  • If you’re playing a champion that has dashing abilities, save them to dash over his Pillar.
  • Avoid long fights with Trundle because of his healing. Just do short trades because he’s not able to deal massive amounts of damage in short periods of time.
  • Avoid fighting against him alone if he’s already ahead.
  • Be careful when he hits level 6 because he can bait you with his ultimate when he’s low on HP.
  • Trundle is weak against champions with CC, use them to your advantage.
  • Use champions with high mobility so you can get out of his Frozen Domain faster.
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How to Beat Trundle
How to Beat Trundle

Best Items to Counter Trundle in Season 11

Executioner’s Calling

If you’re gambling an AD champion, you must continually rush Executioner’s Calling as it critically counters Trundle and his restoration abilities. This object counters Trundle’s passive, W (Frozen Domain), and R (Subjugate) and can be of outstanding assist to you whilst you change with him withinside the lane. Executioner’s Calling charges simplest 800 gold, so it’s a completely reasonably-priced object to seize withinside the early game.


If you’re gambling an AP champion, you ought to constantly rush Oblivion Orb (later upgraded to Morellonomicon) as it does the equal process as Executioner’s Calling. This object additionally counters Trundle’s passive, W (Frozen Domain), and R (Subjugate) and can be of excellent assist to you while you change with him withinside the lane. Just like Executioner’s Calling, the price of Oblivion Orb is likewise handiest 800 gold, this means that that you may without difficulty purchase it withinside the early game.

How to Beat Trundle
How to Beat Trundle

Blade of the Ruined King

Blade of the Ruined King is an exceptionally crucial object to seize if you’re gambling squishy champions. BotRK’s passive, Mist’s Edge, offers bonus bodily harm on hit, and it’s different passive, Siphone, empowers your simple assaults with stacks, stacking up to three times.

The 1/3 stack consumes all stacks to deal 40-one hundred fifty bonus magic harm on-hit and additionally slows the enemy goal via way of means of 25% for two seconds whilst additionally granting you 25% motion pace. This greater motion pace will notably assist you towards Trundle, specifically if you’re the usage of a low mobility champion.

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Final thoughts

I understand that beating Trundle in League of Legends looks as if an not possible task, however don’t worry, it’s possible, specially in case you comply with the recommendations from our manual. So there you’ve got got it, our counter Trundle manual in Season 11! We wish you the high-quality of good fortune at the fields of justice. Let’s enjoy our guide about how to beat Trundle. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us by leave a comment.

hampions That Counter Trundl

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