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How to be a popular female streamers?

The gaming industry is male dominated. Women are often made to feel unwelcome in the community, and they have a hard time getting noticed by their fans.

The gaming industry is male dominated. Women are often made to feel unwelcome in the community, and they have a hard time getting noticed by their fans.

 Not only that, but female streamers also face some unique challenges that men don’t have to deal with on camera. They’re constantly harassed for being women, which means it can be harder for them to earn money from donations or subscriptions.

 League of Legends popular female streamers are an amazing resource for gamers who want more diversity in their streams and communities! and many girl are asking how to be a popular streamer?

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League of Legends popular female streamers

1. Top 10 popular female streamers

League of Legends is a very successful MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game in which humans control characters and fight against other humans in computer-generated environments. League of Legends has over 5 million people playing every day with 27 million active players per month, 25% of whom are female.

most popular streamer
most popular streamer


There is top 10 female twitch streamer in 2021:

Place Name Hours Watched Followers
#7 CaptainPuffy
#9 39daph
#10 ItsHafu

2. Why are they so popular

One question that League of Legends players may never have thought they would need to ask is ‘how do I be a popular female streamer in League of Legends ?’

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There many answers for the question why they so popular?

Some League players may have noticed an increase in the amount of female streamers, whereas before there were less popular streamers, now there are popular League streamers.

why are League of Legends female players so popular? League has a player base of over 67 million players worldwide, which is more than double that of the second most played game in the world World of Warcraft (which has a player base of around 9 million). League is also the most played PC game in Europe and third most played worldwide.

League was released in 2009 and at this time, League’s player base was mainly male gamers, who were playing League because it offered a wide range of strategic options such as play style (aggressive or passive), choice of champion, role (support or carry) and itemization.

Female League streamers, who has over 500k followers on Twitch, have mastered League and with League’s large player base also attracts the attention of male viewers due to her gender. League players also have the same tastes in League of Legends female streamers as League players tend to look for League of Legends streams that are at a high skill level, attractive and entertaining.

With the increase in popularity of female streamers, there is now increased interest in LoL by male gamers worldwide. However, if League continues to not offer entertaining and informative streams that can compete with popular female streamers.

3. The hardness of female when play league

Many League players are female; nearly half (46%) of League players are women according to an infographic posted by League developer Riot Games. But despite its popularity, many people still believe League is a game that only men play. League has received ongoing criticism for not having enough female characters, and many see it as unfriendly towards women.

4. How do you get started streaming yourself 

Popular female League of Legends streamers are streaming 24/7 to fans who are just as enthralled in not only their League of Legends skills but their streaming abilities as well. League of Legends is a popular multiplayer online battle arena video game where there are two teams with five different roles to play each with their own unique set of abilities. League of Legends is heavily based on skill, teamwork and communication for success among other things. Popular League of Legends streamers are women who not only play League of Legends but get the viewers involved in their lives and get them interested in League of Legends all at the same time.

How do they do it? League of Legends streamers are popular in League of Legends for a few reasons. These reasons include, but are not limited to the League of Legends skill they exhibit, their ability to get involved with their viewers and make them feel like they are apart of League of Legends and their ability to stream themselves 24/7. League of Legends Streamers do this by utilizing websites such as Twitch and Azubu so that League of Legends fans can be constantly updated on their League of Legends Streams.

League of Legends was the first MOBA to ever have its own spectating client. League of Legends was able to utilize this feature by branding League of Legends as a spectator sport instead of just a video game. League of Legends popular League of Legends streamers are constantly streaming League of Legends to their fans, sometimes for up to twelve hours a day with breaks in between. League of Legends streamers also engage with their League of Legends fans by telling them what they are doing and why they think League of Legends is fun in League of Legends

League of Legends League of Legends streamers are popular League of Legends for many reasons all at once. League of Legends streamers are popular League of Legends because they not only have the League of Legends skill but they are able to entertain

5.How to get more fans?

You have to do mang things to get more fan.I will show you some tips to get more fans

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Swimming with the sharks

Twitch is the biggest live streaming platform on the market right now, and that’s both a good and a bad thing. 

On the good side of things, this means that starting your own Twitch channel could be a great way to reach lots of different people and maybe even build a brand that could become your main source of income at some point in the future.

Other streaming platforms just can’t compete with Twitch right now, so when you start building an audience on the platform, the sky is the limit.

 We’ve looked at some of the most popular female streamers on Twitch. These women are making a living playing video games, and their success is proving that you don’t need to be an expert or professional gamer to make it big in this industry. If you want your game streaming career to take off like theirs, then read our article for more details about these awesome ladies!

Busting the myths

Let’s get this started by busting a few myths about being a female streamer on Twitch. 

For one, certain men seem to believe that as long as you’re a female streamer, you’re guaranteed to get a bunch of followers out of some sense of general attraction or novelty. This isn’t true.

Sure, the appearance of any given streamer can play a part in the audience they build, but the content itself is always more important. Plus, as we touched on above, live streaming, like many industries, tends to make it more difficult for women to rise to positions of power.

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Knowing what you want

Ask yourself one very important question right now: Do you know what you want to do with your Twitch channel? Do you already have a detailed plan for your content and how you want to present yourself?

Even if you already have a few ideas, it’s worth taking some time to go through those ideas some more and even add some new ones.

Be honest with your fans

You need to be honest with your fans, whether you have 10 or 10,000. No, you’ll probably never really get to know your fans on a personal level, especially if you have a lot of them, but there’s still a sense of trust between creators and fans that needs to be maintained.

Talk to other female streamers

Whether your Twitch streaming career is going well or not so well, you should never be too afraid to ask for help. 

Thankfully, there is a whole community of female streamers and content creators out there, and this community can be a great resource for fellow female streamers.

Whether big or small, other female creators will most likely be happy to commiserate with you and maybe share some tips that will boost your streaming career.

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