How Pokemon Go Works? Tips and Tricks Guiding The Player

How Pokemon Go works?

Most people know that Pokémon GO is a wildly popular mobile game, but how exactly does it work? And why have so many people been flocking to this augmented reality experience in droves? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about the world-conquering app.

In short, Pokémon Go works by overlaying virtual creatures over real-world locations using your phone’s camera and GPS sensors.

So when you’re out on your morning jog or walking home from school with friends, if there are any Pokéstops nearby (marked as blue cubes on your map), they’ll appear right before your eyes! You can then get items like pokeballs, potions and eggs for catching new pokémon simply by spinning the cube.

How Pokemon Go works

How pokemon go works
How pokemon go works

The idea of the game is very simple, you just walk around in real life and go to places which are “gyms” or “pokestops.”(my personal favorite) when you get to either of these locations, you will be able to battle for control over them.

To do this, you must send out your pokemon to battle the pokemon in front of you, when your pokemon is defeated you must either return it to its pokeball or switch out for a new pokemon.

There is an opportunity cost for this in that if you send your best pokemon into battle and lose, then come back with a weaker one without realizing it will be much easier to defeat.

If you win the battle, you gain control over that location and earn some in game currency. (Something of note: You must be at least level five to participate in gym battles.)

You may also receive a random assortment of items such as eggs or potions. When you choose to leave one of these locations, you will be able to find pokemon in the real world.

If you are close enough to one, your phone will vibrate and show you what it is, if you touch the pokemon on your phone, it will bring up a menu that allows you to either try to capture the pokemon or run away from it.

Explained: What is Pokémon Go?

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Pokémon Go app craze.

Pokémon Go is a new  augmented reality smartphone game from Niantic Labs. The developer behind Ingress, an earlier GPS-based location game with a cult following,  Niantic has teamed up with Nintendo and the Pokémon Company to build an all-new experience for millions of users.

Gameplay consists of using your smartphone’s GPS and camera to find elusive pocket monsters, then engage them in battle. You can also seek out items at real world locations (so the game encourages you to get off your butt). The official trailer promises that Pokémon Go will be “available soon” in the App Store and Google Play.

Pokémon Go  is based on Ingress, an augmented reality game that asks players to move around their neighborhoods in order to capture “portals” at local landmarks. Those portals would then produce resources for your faction, so everyone in the area was competing against one another in a big way.

How to sign up?

Pokémon Go beta. As it turns out, you can actually sign up for the Pokémon Go beta right now. It’s not surprising to see so much pent-up demand, given the popularity of the series and Niantic’s past augmented reality successes. Here’s how you can get an invitation:

1) Follow this link to sign up.

3) Keep checking your email, because invitations are rolling out fast.

Why is Pokemon Go popular?

Why is Pokemon Go popular?
Why is Pokemon Go popular?

Pokémon Go is already one of the most talked-about games in recent memory, but there’s more to it than just nostalgia. Nintendo has established a trusted brand with gamers around the world, and developer Niantic has shown that it knows how to handle location-based augmented reality better than anyone else.

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Put the two together, and you have an addictive mobile game that finally fulfills the promise of Pokémon on smartphones.

Why it’s popular among children? First of all, this game is not just popular among children but also adults are getting addicted to this game. There are many reasons kids love playing this game. Here are few reason why kids are so nuts about this game.

It helps to relieve stress. By using the stepping feature of the phone, kids have to move around in order to find new characters and battle them or find items for their journey. This makes them walk a lot rather than just sitting in front of computers all day long and not moving an inch which is bad for their health.

It gets them out of the house. Kids, in this generation do not want to go outside the house and play with other kids because they are busy playing video games at home or doing some other stuff on laptops or phones.

Multi-player mode

There is no multi-player mode in Pokemon Go. In Ingress, players were competing with each other for portals, but the only thing that matters in Pokémon Go is claiming gyms.

This might change from now until release day, but right now it’s a solitary experience in which you and your phone are all that matter. And besides, you don’t need friends to get the most out of Pokémon Go.

Does Pokemon Go cost anything?

Pokémon Go will be free to play when it finally arrives, though users will have to pay for some extras like in-game items. Nintendo has also announced that it’s working on a wearable Bluetooth accessory that lets players catch Pokémon without looking at their screens.

Nintendo’s chief executive officer, Tatsumi Kimishima said the accessory will enable players to enjoy the game without staring at their smartphones. It was not talked about how it would work or if it would be worn on the wrist or as a pin that can be clipped to clothing for example.

The guide for Pokémon Go


In Pokémon Go, your trainer’s stats level up as they gain experience points. This is a bit different from earlier games in the series because of how it applies to battle moves and items for combat situations that arise during gameplay . You can also purchase PokéCoins with real money if you want an advantage over other players!

As your level increases, you will be able to catch more and stronger Pokémon. For example the Razz Berry which makes it easier for trainers who are at lower levels than what their opponent is in this game of chance can unlock by reaching certain milestones withing an ongoing battle or through leveling up!

Handy items get unlocked when there’s enough room in our backpack inventory so that we don’t have any less space left over- meaning these handy gadgets come only after 8th grade has passed since starting out as freshmen all fresh faced looking forward towards college life together… right?

Lucky Eggs

There are many ways to get more experience in Pokemon Go. One of the most popular methods is using a Lucky Egg, which sets off an additional 30 minutes for you and doubles all rewards given throughout that time period!

You can use this by consulting our table above – some high-XP tasks benefit greatly from finishing while taking advantage of double points; setting it with several Pokémon evolutions or alongside lure (which sends lots) could be helpful too.

So make sure not miss out on any opportunities available only because they were timed incorrectly before hand.

Tips for Catching Pokémon

The easiest way to get a Pikachu is by catching the original three starting pokemon. You just need patience and you will eventually be rewarded with one after four tries, which can take some time if they don’t immediately catch on that it’s not worth their energy (and sometimes even then).

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Mentioning how long this process takes may discourage people from trying at all- so I won’t! Just remember: If your heart tells ya too much do something different than what makes sense in society or an outside opinion says.

When you’re feeling like exploring and catching more Pokémon, look no further than your nearest town. The nearby Pokémon menu will show all the ones that are close by in a radius around where they can be found so it’s easy for anyone to find something on their journey of discovery!

The best way to catch Pokémon in Go is by throwing Pokéballs. They are just like the ones you used when playing original game, but now they work differently because there’s no battle against wild creatures anymore.

Instead all that’s needed for catching them at any time of day or night (and not having an enemy attack) would be a quick flick on your phone screen with perfect timing!

The rings around each creature change colors depending how easy it will be try capturing their signature types- green means beginner level difficulty while red stands out as higher levels get more difficult than before.

Curve balls are not just stylish, they also increase a player’s experience points if the technique results in catching. To initiate curveballs move your finger on screen while touching and then tosses it.

It is still unclear if curveballs actually increases chances for capturing Pokémon but does give you an XP bonus so hopefully these tips will help!

Supercharged Pokéballs: Once players surpass level 11 they start collecting Great Balls & Ultra Balls at PokéStops which are more effective at capturing wild Pokémon particularly rare ones like Rarest of them All nicknamed NOBLE Geodude found only near power plants ULTRA.

Turning off AR helps some players to capture Pokémon more successfully. With the camera turned off, these creatures are shown in-game as if they were standing right there on your screen!

To lure out a hidden creature, use items like incense and Lure Module modules which will make them appear from hiding at various locations around town or near PokéStops with an attached module for you time period of attachment.

This makes it easier than ever before so that people can find rare species while exploring new areas together without fear of running into any roadblocks along their journey through…

When you catch a Pokémon, the game gives away both Stardust and Candy. You can use them respectively to power up or evolve your favorite creatures in this new augmented reality world!

How to Training Pokémon

If you are a new player of Pokémon Go, currently there is only the one way to train your Pokémon by visiting an existing gym. The first time you do this, you’ll be asked to choose a team.

After that moment, everytime you interact with the same gym, it will be belonging to your chosen team. Upon entering this gym, you can see your team player icon. If it’s grey, you simply not strong enough to challenge current gym leader and must train your Pokémon outside the gym first.

Collecting items at Pokeshop

You can do that by visiting PokéStops and collecting more Poké Balls. In each PokéStop, you will find some items such as potions, revives and eggs. The items will be refreshed every 5 or 10 minutes maximum if not collected by others players.

After you have prepared enough to beat the gym leader and his Pokémon team, go to the gym and start a battle. In Pokémon Go, you can only fight one Pokémon at a time unless your team already have some gyms under its control, then you can choose to switch the positions for different players.


As you enter a gym, it might ask for your allegiance to one team. However there are only three teams in the game: yellow (instinct), blue mystic and red valor; so don’t worry about choosing the best team at this point!

The gyms change hands quite often since population density makes these control spots hotly contested by all 3 colors which means players should prepare themselves accordingly if they plan on training here or anywhere else within populated areas.


Take your time to defeat the gym leader and his Pokémon. If you’ve chosen a team, try to aim for the same one as the other players in that same gym. When it’s defeated, you will be given some rewards which consist of PokéCoin and stardust depending on how many rounds you have fought with your enemy.

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You can use Pokécoins to purchase items at PokéStops, eggs at the PokémonGoCPokemon Eggstravaganza event and lures. Lures are used for attracting more wild pokemons to visit your nearby gym or PokéStop.

Pokécoin is the only way to purchase Premier Balls which allows you to capture specific rare pokemons in the wild. So, you should save them for catching such rare creatures.

Tips on how not to get banned from playing this popular mobile app

Tips on how not to get banned from playing this popular mobile app
Tips on how not to get banned from playing this popular mobile app

Don’t drive and play. Yes, you can run around the neighborhood catching Pokémon while your phone’s screen is off. But don’t try to catch ’em all from behind the wheel. Police departments across the country have already warned drivers not to play Pokémon Go, and if they see anyone doing it, they’ll pull them over.

Don’t trespass. You can catch Pokémon from your home, or other public locations that are OK to enter.

If you try to go into a private residence or business — even if your phone’s screen is off — without getting permission from an authorized representative, you could get slapped with trespassing charges thanks to the landmark law Oliver v. United States.

Don’t play at cemeteries. And if you do, don’t try to catch “zombie” Pokémon on the loose. Police departments in several states have warned players not to wander into graveyards or memorials while they’re out searching for pocket monsters. (Yes, there are reports of people doing this.)


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