How Much Do Concept Artists Make? – In 2021

How Much Do Concept Artists Make? - In 2021

How Much Do Concept Artists Make? Being a concept artist is hard work, but it’s also rewarding. Most of the time you’re not sure if your skills are worth what you’re paid.

how much do concept artists make
how much do concept artists make

We know that feeling, because we’ve been there myself. We created this guide on how much do concept artists make because we wanted to share everything we learned about becoming successful with our fellow creatives. This book will teach you how much should be charging per hour, where and how often you can get hired by top companies like Blizzard Entertainment or Riot Games, plus lots more useful information!

Types of concept arts

Concept art can be used for many different things, depending on the artist. Some are focused in producing human characters while others create creatures or environments that are more niche.
Others may do both to some degree-although it’s not always easy telling which category an artwork falls under because there isn’t one type! One thing all concept artists have in common though? They take their time with every detail so each drawing evokes emotion from someone who sees them.

Are concept artists rich?

Concept art is a job with amazing opportunities, but it’s also difficult. Concept artists are often repetitive and have to create many pieces of work for each project they’re working on which makes the career less appealing because there will always be more redraws than edits made in any given scene or film script you may find yourself drawing from time to time as part of your own personal artistic expression outside this profession if one decides not pursue other lines professionally .

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Concept art can offer plenty – including fantastic wages — yet its facets present some challenges too: concept artsmen must produce tons upon tiring reproductions at close intervals; acquiring mastery over techniques like colouring sketch.

How much do concept artists make?

How much do concept artists make?
How much do concept artists make?

Concept artists average $74,663 per year and that’s not even the highest-paid job in America. Concept Artists can expect to make more once they reach higher positions with a company or start their own business for themselves but these numbers don’t include bonuses which is where some people get paid big bucks! Maine has been named as one of three top states for concept artist salaries while New Hampshire takes number four spot followed closely behind by Rhode Island when ranked from best paychecks within each respective state according to Data Analytics firm PayScale’s report on Highest paying jobs overall released last week October 8th 2017.

What to expect?

What to expect? 
What to expect? 

The workplace you’ll find yourself in as a freelancer is unlike any other. You can expect frequent and short deadlines, which may be stressful at first – not having the luxury of long-term projects or even knowing what your future plans are going to look like can feel frustrating. And if one idea doesn’t work out then there’s always another on deck for next time!

If you’re looking for a job where your creativity and skills will be put to use, there’s no shortage of options. You can work as an independent contractor or sign up with one company that has offices all over the world so they need someone available 24/7 . But if working part-time is more of interest than having full time hours then perhaps consulting would better suit what do want from this role in terms not only being able complete certain tasks but also making decisions when necessary given project deadlines are coming close together fast!

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What degree does a concept artist need?

As a concept artist, you may not need any formal training if your portfolio is impressive and demonstrates enough talent. However, for those who want an educational background in art or design-related fields like animation drafting etc., consider getting bachelor degrees from schools such as these! Your job duties will mostly include determining processes for creating artwork based on clients’ needs; reporting to creative directors with other creatives (storytellers) along the way; designing outlines/sketches/storyboards – all while collaborating extensively so that projects come out successfully at their end.

What are top 10 highest paying cities for concept artist jobs?

What are top 10 highest paying cities for concept artist jobs?
What are top 10 highest paying cities for concept artist jobs?

We’ve identified 10 cities where the typical salary for a Concept Artist job is above average. Based on data from Indeed, Santa Clara tops this list with an additional $11k more than what you would expect to earn as shown in national statistics coming close behind San Francisco and Fremont which are also high paying locations with 16% ($9116) increase or 21%. Importantly there isn’t much competition when it comes hiring concept artists so any position available now could be yours!

The average salary for these top ten cities varies very little at 9%. The opportunity to change locations and take up a different role as Concept Artist may improve an artist’s earning potential, but it is important that they consider the cost of living in each location before making any decisions about where will be best suited.

Top famous professional concept artists

Concept artists are the new wave of digital art, paving an exciting and creative path for those looking to take their career into something more. With so many talented professionals out there it’s hard to know where one begins on this list!

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These 25+ names should be at least considered if you want exposure as a concept artist: Shaddy Safadi; Tuomas Korpi; Feng Zhu (known mostly from Game of Thrones); Noah Bradley Neil Blevins Cam Sykes Dan Luvisi Gilles Beloeil Jason Chan Darek Zabrockic John J Park Maciej Kuciara Victor Mosquera James Paick

The median salary for a concept artist is $55,000. However, the top 10% of artists make over $112,000 annually and the bottom 25% bring in closer to $30,500 per year. As you can see there’s quite a pay range depending on how much an individual works and what they do as their job title! Interested?

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