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How many darkin are there update to 2021?

There are over a hundred champions in League of Legends, and it can be hard to keep track of all the different abilities.

There are over a hundred champions in League of Legends, and it can be hard to keep track of all the different abilities. What you ever want to know how many darkin there are?

 You might have played for a while now, but do you know the difference between an assassin and a mage? How about what kind of support is best for your team composition? Do you know which champion counters another one? 

We created this guide because we wanted to help players like us learn more about LoL so that we could improve our gameplay. Our articles cover every type of champion from tanks to supports, assassins to mages. If you want to up your game then check out our guides!

1. There are two darkin

League of Legends is a popular video game in which entities known as ‘Champions’ fight against each other.

League of Legends: The 4th Darkin will be female, most likely the Mid-Road assassin? - Not A Gamer
There are two darkin

A matter of interest I wish to discuss is the League’s darkin. In my opinion, there are two types of darkin: those that were once human and became darkin due to perhaps being consumed by the League of legends or because they’ve been given the League’s darkin artifacts as a gift. 

The League has created darkin since its creation but perhaps not always as powerful as those that become consumed by it. This would be them becoming an ‘Ascended’, or something similar to this, and gaining power beyond human comprehension; such as Kayn recently did with his League’s artifact.

The League has created darkin for many reasons such as: to be used as a weapon or otherwise, perhaps because they thought that the League would be better off with it due to not needing their presence and taking over and also maybe to populate and control Runeterra (the League’s world) but this is just speculation.

Another League of Legends matter I wish to discuss is whether darkin are sentient beings or not–are they intelligent like Champions such as Ryze and Teemo who can control their power or do they simply go for the kill?

The League’s darkin may have been created by the League to populate and control Runeterra but this isn’t the case for all League of Legends darkin. The League has created many champions in order to fight in the League’s battles too but perhaps mortals have caught the League’s eye at some point in Runeterra’s history and they’ve sent out their darkin to gain power or else, consume them.

The League has possibly created powerful darkin to be used in League of Legends rather than being consumed by the League.

2. The first darkin is called the Darkin of Chaos 

The League of Legends is plagued with a great number of darkin.

Darkin are powerful beings that once existed in the spirit world where they served a God of Darkness. Using their strength, they destroyed parts of reality and held complete power over them until they were stopped by the League who imprisoned them into weapons known as relics.

In preparation for the League’s new League-wide crisis, the League of Legends has been investigating reports of darkin sightings. The League found no clear explanation for these sightings; however, they did discover that the Darkin were fragments of a dark god whose power was threatened by two siblings who also lived in the spirit world.

The first darkin


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The League believes now that the Darkin are now coming into League of Legends to attack the League for imprisoning them.

This theory also explains why the Darkin have been seen in random places around the League, not just during League-wide crisis’s. They are looking for their lost fellow darkin brethren.

To make matters worse, there are only four known relics containing darkin. If the League of Legends does not find a way to stop them, they will merge together and become a darkin of chaos, who is powerful enough to destroy all of reality.

3.The second darkin is called the Darkin 

Darkin of Order

The League of Legends is home to many champions, but only a select few are known as Darkin. Darkin are immortal demigods that manifest themselves into living weapons created by the League with dark magic. When it comes to League lore, League historians still argue about the existence of these mysterious beings.

The first Darkin was Aatrox, the Darkin of War. League scholars say that Aatrox was created in a pact between His most loyal followers and powerful mages to fight the Void when it threatened Runeterra during prehistoric times. League historians know very little about him, but they do know that war is his entire reason for existing, and he has only become more bloodthirsty as time has passed.

The second Darkin is called the Darkin of Order, which was created by the Goddess of Light to stop her brother from destroying everything. League scholars know very little about this Darkin either except that it is now locked away somewhere deep in Shurima, presumably forever.

After Aatrox came Rhaast , the Darkin of Chaos, who is now known as Shadows League assassin. League scholars know very little about him too except that he was imprisoned by League mages to stop him from destroying everyone .

4. Some other related to darkin

  • Azir was previously the ruler of above all Ascended some of which later became Darkin. Kayn wields Rhasst
  • Kai and Valmar are part of the body known as  Varus.
  • Myisha, a predecessor Aspect of Twilight to  Zoe, gave the Runeterrans the knowledge to seal away the Darkin during The Great Darkin War.
  • Nasus fought alongside Ascended that later became the Darkin, before Shurima’s fall.
  •   Pantheon fought against the Darkin during The Great Darkin War.
  •  Renekton fought alongside Ascended that later became the Darkin, before Shurima’s fall.
  •  Tryndamere is the sole survivor of   Aatrox’s massacre in  Freljod
  •  Vladimir learns blood magic from a Darkin. He is also the leader of Crimson Circle, a cult of hemomancers, all learn blood magic from the Darkin.
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