How advertising makes us buy? 10+ Impressive Tips

You want to roll out ads on multiple platforms, including Facebook, but you don’t know how to make your ads more engaging. This article is about how advertising makes us buy.

Currently, most of you say that you want to advertise the fundamental advertising ideas, but you don’t have it right. If so, then here are 1001 breakthrough ideas in advertising that you can refer to and apply to your advertising strategies.

How advertising makes us buy?

Identify customers

How advertising makes us buy?
How advertising makes us buy?

You must analyze and understand the audience of your advertising campaigns to determine the right message. Draw a picture of your potential customer, think about their most essential needs, who they feel for, how they think…

Firmly grasp the answer: “What benefits does your product or service bring that customers need?” “What are the advantages and disadvantages of your product or service compared to similar products?…

According to many studies, 80% of people who read newspapers often do not read the details but scroll quickly and see what stands out. In addition, customers only want to know one thing: what they get when using your product or service. Therefore, you need to make the title short, but make sure to let customers see what they need, help them realize a specific benefit, and that benefit can be achieved easily.

Use a catchy subject line

Marketing campaigns, especially email marketing, need a subject line that grabs attention and convinces the reader to open the email or connect with the ad. Up to 1/3 of readers will stop after reading the first 50 words. The following 25% will stop after reading the 200th word, so you don’t need to write long.

It is better to declare something new or ask a curious question for the reader. The ad “lose 10kg in 10 days!” can attract many people to continue watching (even if they don’t believe it). The phrase “easily lose 10kg in 10 days!” will be more attractive (because people still like the easy). Combine with a statement, such as “there was a way to lose 10kg in 10 days!” will make people most eager to read.

Have a specific purchase offer

How advertising makes us buy?
How advertising makes us buy?

Either directly or indirectly, you must appeal to your ad viewers’ buying behaviour because that’s the first and most common goal of your ad. Sales are the most accurate measure of an ad’s effectiveness. Communicate your buying message to both existing and new customers.

Write many different titles to choose from

Ad headlines should impact people’s feelings and emotions. A clear and strong interest will spark emotions. Should bring the benefits that they will enjoy, not describe the characteristics of your product or company. Face people’s wants and needs and fulfil them.

Concise sentences, clear paragraphs

Write short sentences and divide them into several paragraphs. Each paragraph should have only 4 to 5 sentences and focus on the main idea to help readers read, understand, and absorb.

Provide convincing evidence 

How advertising makes us buy?
How advertising makes us buy?

Psychologically, customers are often influenced by the opinions of others, especially those of famous people, leading experts. Their voices will be evidence to convince customers to trust the product more. Awards, certificates of merit, certification or standards such as ISO … are also considered persuasive “proofs”. Know how to use this tool skillfully, efficiently and honestly.

A good buyer’s comment about your product or service in your ad will convince new customers better than anything fancy you’ve come up with yourself. A brief and persuasive quote can add credibility to your advertising campaign, but the customer information you cite must be transparent and authentic.

Website Introduction

Include links to your website at each ad in the press to bring people to your website – where you can convey more information about your products or services.

Use graphics to grab the viewer’s attention

Readers often pay more attention to the image than the ad. Vertical photos are much more attractive than horizontal ones. Studies also show that the size of the ad is also important. When you double the size of an image, you also double its readership and impact.

Impressive photo

How advertising makes us buy?
How advertising makes us buy?

Readers always like beautiful, impressive and unique ads. So some big pictures are much more effective than small ones.

The photo must match the words

If there were no similarities between them, no one would understand it. Images in addition to quality must be meaningful and must always be captioned below. People often read image captions more than paragraphs in articles.

Advertising category

There is a misconception that louder, louder, and more engaging ads are more successful. In any magazine or newspaper, you’ll find that it’s the ads that follow after the big ones that grab the reader’s attention.

You need to know what your readers are looking for. When a person needs to buy a product, they will find information, including advertising pages. Typically, they will pass all the advertisements no matter how eye-catching they are.

Create compelling offers

How advertising makes us buy?
How advertising makes us buy?

A compelling offer contributes 25% to the success of a sales letter. Imagine you are selling a specific product with lots of attractive gifts for customers. How to make your offer more impressive and interesting? Amplify the value of the accompanying promotional gifts. You can also use this trick: try to make the customer feel that the value of the gifts is greater than the value of the product being offered. There are indeed people who buy products just for gifts. It is not uncommon for a homemaker to buy 6 packs of seasoning powder to get 6 clear glass bowls.

Always test ads

Create at least 2 ads, as different as possible. Use a group of target customers to test, compare and select the best model. This is an excellent way to make sure your ads are effective. Always choose until you find the one you like best

Thoroughly check the information provided

When you have a copy of your ad in hand, you need to carefully check the phone number, website address, and other information such as brand, product name, etc., to make sure that what the reader sees is correct. What you want to convey. You need to check carefully to eliminate minor errors promptly.

Invest in writing advertising content

Content will be an essential part for businesses to attract attention with customers from advertising. Customers will only stop and learn more information about the product if they are attracted by the advertising content they see on the newsfeed.

About the content will be the inclusion of text, images and videos. Your business will need to spend more time, effort and money to have quality content for advertising. At this time, the enthusiasm of the content maker will be appreciated more than ever.

Thorough product & market research

Before starting with any online advertising campaign, the product is the basic foundation for businesses to plan specific marketing campaigns, and Facebook Ads is no exception. Elements of products and services will include:

  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Potential customers

Businesses will need to rely on these 4 factors to start generating basic advertising ideas, continue to develop more in planning, and start advertising.

Looking for good advertising ideas from competitors

How advertising makes us buy?
How advertising makes us buy?

Same product, same marketing on Facebook, but there are successful businesses. Some businesses have to accept failures. The difference here lies in the creative advertising ideas and the ability to attract customers’ attention. potential customers

If it is a business that has failed in its advertising campaign compared to its competitors, there is no reason for companies not to consult and learn the advertising ideas of these competitors, thereby learning, applying and more improvement in implementation

That is one of the secrets to getting success from their competitors that many businesses are doing when marketing on Facebook.

Research customer experience with advertising

How advertising makes us buy?
How advertising makes us buy?

Customers will be the ones who create practical benefits for businesses. And there is a feature that if the products provided by the enterprise to customers are good, of good quality, of value, it is evident that customers often buy and use the enterprise’s products.

And the same thing will happen again when businesses lose customers when their products and services are not enough to meet customers’ needs. To know if a company can retain customers, companies will need to pay attention to their reviews

Negative and positive reviews will appear, and businesses will have to study customers’ negative thoughts more closely, thereby improving the quality of their products and advertising ideas.


If the idea is not good, not unique and not creative, you are almost creating a duplicate with your competitors. For that, you can refer to the secrets of building excellent and unique advertising ideas in this article “How advertising makes us buy? “, use that as a foundation to create many other advertising ideas.

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