How advertising agencies get clients? 23 Unexpected Ways

How advertising agencies get clients?

There are thousands of advertising agencies in the world, but only a small percentage of them have good relationships with their clients. The rest are struggling to win new business because they don’t understand what it takes to be successful.

We’ve spent years studying how the best ad agencies grow and we know exactly what you need to do if you want your agency to become more profitable than ever before.

How advertising agencies get clients? – Unexpected Ways

Promote Yourself

If you want more clients, then you need to promote yourself. You don’t have to become the stereotypical sleazy salesman who only cares about closing deals. However, if no one knows who you are, then it’s next to impossible for people to hire you. You have to get out there and start promoting your services.

I’ve read about numerous agencies hiring PR companies or other types of firms to help them with their online marketing, but if you can’t do it yourself, then why pay someone else? Use your money to hire an intern; the ROI is usually much greater than any other type of expenditure.

Partner Up – Even with the Competition

Partnering with other companies and organizations is a great way to expand your marketing reach. As an advertising agency, you can team up on projects that are complementary in nature while still maintaining diversity among each partner’s target audience for added effectiveness.

How to get clients for advertising agencies -
How to get clients for advertising agencies –

Partnering offers many benefits including increased exposure through referrals or joint ventures; greater opportunities due to shared expertise across various departments like graphic design/development teams who might know how best work together given their different skillsets;

Better management control since both parties understand each others’ processes well enough where they could directly oversee one another’s output without supervision (for example: overseeing social media content).

Build More than Campaigns – Build a Product

Engineering as Marketing is a term coined by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares in their book Traction. It involves building an app or website that helps your potential customers, generating leads for you with it! Neil Patel of Quicksprout has been doing this very thing – offering tools on his site to analyze traffic patterns so he can pinpoint bugs/issues while also giving users advice they need at no cost whatsoever (Win-Win).

Don’t Wait for Referrals – Actively Ask for Them

Networking isn’t just a word, it’s an integral part of any business. Ask yourself how many times have you asked for referrals in the last year? More importantly- did those individuals respond positively or negatively when given your request?

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The answer may surprise as there was some concern about asking people who help with marketing on behalf businesses if they would be willing to pass along positive reviews from satisfied customers/clients which can lead potential new clients their way!

Don’t Give Lost Clients the Cold Shoulder

Asking for referrals is a certainly nothing new. But when was the last time you did so? People are four times more likely to buy from someone they know, according to a study by Nielsen and it may help if your incentive isn’t too generic or doesn’t feel like an obligation!

A creative approach can go miles in convincing them that this decision will be worth their while – after all nobody wants something simply because “it’s free.”

Revive PR to Build Inbound Links and Brand Awareness

Looking for a way to get your content and story out into the world? Get in touch with bloggers who could use some great material!

You can find them on sites like, HARO (the Hunter Accouting Resouces Organization), or even major publications such as The New York Times’s T Magazine blogging platform where James Clear writes about how he helped one client earn over $100K by contributing his best articles 3 times per month during one year without asking anything other than submitting an email.

Warm up to Cold Sales

How to Get More Clients for Your Marketing Agency
How to Get More Clients for Your Marketing Agency

If you’re not doing cold selling, consider it. makes building clientele easier and can be a lifesaver when reaching out to prospective customers locally because they want someone in their community who has expertise with what you offer!

Diversify Spend with Offline Ads

Direct marketing and offline advertising can be a successful strategy for your business. It’s cheaper than you might expect, which will allow the agency to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. Why not separate yourself from all of those other companies with one small Billboard or Radio Ad?

The internet may have made us too dependent on digital campaigns but this doesn’t mean that traditional forms such as billboards aren’t still relevant! Track results before investing any more funding so we know where best spend our money: online vs off-line mediums like print ads vs TV commercials.

Uncover Opportunity with Twitter Search

Twitter has some amazing search features that will help you find people in need. You can use Warble to automate your searches and create alerts, which are delivered straight into your inbox every day!

Tap into Social Capital

The best way to get your message out there is by identifying people with reach and influence using tools like BuzzSumo, Brandwatch or even just a search engine.

Connecting through platforms such as Twitter can help you build that relationship before pitching them on something they might be interested in instead of trying too hard for an immediate response (which may not happen).

Flex Your Creativity with a Publicity Stunt

Richard Branson has built a billion dollar empire on the back of his publicity stunts. Who says you can’t do it? Stirring up some controversy or launching an hilarious campaign could get your business more exposure and boost!

A couple years ago, Viceroy Creative launched one such controversial marketing strategy for their company which had them featured in many major media outlets – just like what they did with this new ad campaign .

Consider an Unconference

There are many events and meetups to find in your area! Consider starting a new one with the help of someone who has experience. In fact, London SEO agency LinkLove was founded by just such an individual – they now host some great opportunities for all levels within this industry as well as provide valuable resources that will grow your business too.

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How to Find Clients for Digital Marketing Agency: The Most Effective Ways

Treat Yourself Like Your Own Client

The best thing to do when looking for clients is probably treat yourself like your own client. That way you know what you’re looking for and how the process should go.

You need to be able to sift through prospects and identify potential customers, agents, distributors or whatever type of connection would work in your case. Treating yourself as a customer will guarantee that you can provide solutions to any problems they may have instead of just treating them as another number on the contact list

Get Out from Behind the Desk

Take Advantage of Online Directories

The first step for a digital marketing agency is to create a standard profile on the most common business directories including Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Facebook.

These platforms are free and allow you to establish your presence as an expert in the industry. Additionally, online directories help potential clients find you even though they may not be aware that your company exists. You can include complete information about your services and how long you’ve been in business.

Review other profiles before creating yours to ensure that you’re following all of their best practices.

Prioritize Your Portfolio

It’s fairly easy to find clients, as long as you target those who would benefit most from your service. They may be those with a limited budget, or those looking for research and analytics, or those that need consulting services like privacy rules and media planning.

But if you want to make it easier on yourself and attract the best clients possible, prioritize your portfolio and choose accounts with bigger budgets. They can afford more of your products and services — including branding — which is what you’re all about after all.

Blog About Marketing

You are a marketing agency looking for clients, but you’re struggling to get the results you want. Maybe your efforts aren’t working, or you’re not sure what steps to take. The good news is that there are proven ways to find new customers, and it all starts with writing about your passion.

A successful marketing agency knows how to create compelling content that their target market wants to read. Your ability to publish engaging blog posts will attract potential leads who are already searching specifically for digital marketing solutions providers like yours. By blogging regularly, you can develop lasting connections with influencers in your industry while increasing organic traffic through search engine optimization (SEO).

Build a Following with Your Email Newsletters

Get your name in front of your prospects by using your email newsletter to reinforce what you have said on social media. If they follow you on social media, send them an email message offering more information on a product or service. It can be something simple like the infographic that was mentioned earlier.

Showcase your creativity

The best way to make money is by teaching. Imagine your customers coming back again and again, not just for the product you sell them but also because they feel like its their own personal coach who has helped shape them into successful individuals.

Unexpected Ways to Get More Agency Clients This Year
Unexpected Ways to Get More Agency Clients This Year

A seminar can be an excellent platform on which this transformation takes place; it’s no wonder why so many entrepreneurs are looking towards creating these types of events as sources for generating fresh revenue streams or positioning themselves within industries where expertise lies behind closed doors

Go longtail

The best way to bid on certain types of marketing is by tailoring your request. For example, instead of bidding for “small business marketing” you might narrow it down and specify that only dental offices in particular cities will be targeted like San Antonio or Los Angeles (or whichever city applies). This ensures not just more qualified prospects but ones who are actually likely to need what you offer too – so less wasted money!

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Be picky

When you’re smaller, the client-agency relationship is more personalized. You have to be picky because only a few will come through your doors at once and that means exclusivity for both parties involved in business together as well as feeling like partners rather than just numbers.

People love personalization when it comes from an email or landing page tailored specifically towards them instead of being treated equally with everyone else who signs up under “The Agency.”

Keep your site simple

Keep your site simple and make sure your contact information is easy to find. And don’t forget to post a phone number where you can be reached.

Use social media to get referrals from other agencies. They’re always looking for new partners, and your company may be recommended if the people who are plugged into your network know you do good work.


How do ad agencies get clients?

One would think that the answer to this question is self-evident and obvious: Ad agencies create ads and place them in print media, on the radio, on TV and online. But if we take a closer look at how ad agencies actually earned their money – instead of what they do – we might come up with a slightly different answer.

When it comes down to it, clients hire advertising agencies as consultants. In fact, this is why most advertising agency specialties have been established in recent years: As individual work processes have been automated or have become obsolete over time, these now serve as backbones for many departments within an ad agency.

What do clients want from advertising agencies?

Clients want advertising agencies to develop advertisements that will persuade the public to purchase their products. Advertising agencies are in the business of selling ideas to clients, and ideas that will sell their products.
Clients come to advertising agencies with a product they want marketed in some way.

Advertising agencies are in the business of selling large quantities of goods for companies with only one product or only a few products. They must convince their clients’ boards of directors to invest in marketing campaigns when no sales are happening on their own.

This is difficult because it often necessitates convincing the board that there is something they don’t already know about how consumers think, which puts them in an uncomfortable place where they feel out-of-touch with what their customers want right now.

This gap between what clients believe their target market wants and what that market actually wants is the reason advertising agencies exist.

How many clients do ad agencies have?

Ad agencies have a lot of clients. In some cases, they may have hundreds or more at any given time. They may have a large number of clients that come and go, depending on how long they have been doing business with each of them. Some agencies specialize in a certain type of client, while others accept all types.


If you want to learn more about how advertising agencies work, we hope this blog post has been helpful. Advertising agencies are experts at marketing and creative design. They can help you from start to finish with your advertising needs, but they need the right information from you first. That’s where we come in! If you’ve been considering hiring an advertising agency to help with your marketing strategy, now is the time.

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