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Bianca, known on social media as “HeyImBee” or just Bee, is an Australian video game streamer known for her YouTube videos on Minecraft, VRChat and other video games. The Australian star started her page in 2009 and has since built it up to become a popular video game streaming channel for her fans.

Bianca, known on social media as “HeyImBee” or just Bee, was born on September 22, 1993 in Melbourne, Australia. She received her nickname Bee when she was a young girl hanging out with her family. 

As of September 2021, the YouTube star has more than 944,000 followers on the video streaming platform Twitch, 3.09 million subscribers on YouTube, 435,300 followers on Twitter, and 756,000 followers on Instagram. 

Bee started her YouTube channel in 2009. When she first started posting content, Bee posted a lot of Minecraft content to her channel However, when she started getting involved with VRChat, she shifted her focus due to the popularity of VRChat. Bee has become known as a YouTuber gamer who plays VRChat, Minecraft and other games.

Bee is also a member of The Cube, a whitelisted minecraft SMP server. In addition, Bee branched out to do videos on a number of other topics, including The Cube, Omegle, iPhone App games, the computer-based game Akinator, Mail Time with Straub and other content. Bee is a big fan of The Sims and has played every Sims game and posted multiple videos about the topic. Bee will also post vlogs to her channel. 

The YouTuber also co-owners, her official Skyblock server. 

Since starting her channel, Bee has taken three big YouTube breaks: one in 2013, one in 2014 and the last in a different part of 2014.

Bee took three large breaks from YouTube — the first in the second half of 2013, one ending in February 2014 and the other ending in July 2014. She currently promises not to take any more breaks.

Bee does not reveal much about her personal life. However, Bee moved in with a fellow YouTuber who vlogs under the name StrauberryJam.


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