Hexanon warframe and How to get it? Update 2021

What is Hexanon warframe

If you’re looking for a new Warframe to try, we recommend hexanon. Hexanons are great because they can use their special ability as often as needed, and have an impressive range of abilities that make them difficult to kill in combat. 

That’s why the best weapons against these high-value targets is usually shields or armor with lots of health.

But how to farm Hexanon, the article will guide you the farming locations and how to get it effectively.

Hexanon warframe: Description

Hexanon warframe
Hexanon warframe

Basically, hexanon is an extendable warframe’s arm that can be used to grab objects or enemies. 

Hexanon is one of those powerful warframes that can be used for close combat or long-range attacks depending on which weapon mod you use. He has high shields but low health making him perfect for tanking damage while another teammate picks off enemies at long range with his sniper rifle!

To use hexanon, you should be at least level 9.

There are also two types of hexanon: Tethra and Arbiter. Tethra hexanon has more power while Arbiter hexanon has more range. To use Tethra hexanon, you must reach rank 1 with Operator so that your Operator can use it. To use Arbiter hexanon, you must reach rank 2 with Operator so that your Operator can use it.

How To Farm Hexenon warframe?

How To Farm Hexenon warframe?
How To Farm Hexenon warframe?

Hexenon can be found on dig sites, which spawn in endless missions. 

It can be obtained from any enemies or loot caches on Jupiter, as well as Extractor drones, or as a potential reward from Disruption.

It can also be found from Corpus ground enemies in Corpus Ship segments of Empyrean missions on rare occasions.

Where To Farm Hexenon warframe?

Hexenon is a Corpus resource that can be effectively farmed from the Cameria or Sinai nodes on Jupiter. 

Players can farm Hexenon on Amalgam enemies (7.2 percent drop chance), which spawn on a regular basis during Disruption missions and occasionally in the defense mission.

Another passive way to obtain Hexenon is through extractors (at least in small amounts). Because Hexenon is a rare resource, that is produced as a byproduct of Jupiter’s refineries’ gas extraction process. Using a Distilling Extractor gives you a 38% chance of getting 60-80 Hexenon. This can be repeated every eight hours.

How To Farm Hexenon warframe?
Where To Farm Hexenon warframe?

Hexenon warframe: Farming Locations

Hexenon can be acquired faster in Dark Sector Defense missions. There are currently only 3 mission types of which you can farm Hexenon.

Cameria (Jupiter) – Dark Sector Survival

Dark Sector Survival missions on Cameria have a chance of spawning a small number of Corrupted troopers. These Corrupted enemies drop the Hexenon  (20% drop rate) which you need for your clan’s research!   It is thought to be the best place to farm Hexenon.

Cameria can be easily and quickly accessed from Poisson. Roaming with a Nekros can be an easy Hexenon grind, but you can also camp with other farming Warframes.

Most players will choose Cameria because they can farm all of the Hexenon they need for all of the blueprints that require it.

The Survival missions themselves can be quite challenging, but they also have a higher than average chance of dropping the reward you’re looking for.

Elara (Jupiter) – Survival

Elara is another survival mission on Jupiter, and this time you’ll be up against Corpus enemies. Those who prefer to face the Corpus can farm Hexenon in the Elara mission instead of Cameria.

Corpus enemies in this mission are easy to kill due to their moderate level and the fact that Corpus enemies are typically quite weak due to a lack of armor and are usually buffed up by their shields.

Sinai (Jupiter) – Dark Sector: Defense

Sinai, a Dark Sector defense mission, is a more rotation-based mission.  This allows you to farm Hexenon by spawning waves of enemies. You should do this mission with a squad to have more enemies spawn, resulting in a higher chance of getting a load of Hexenon ( a 20% drop rate).

Having a Nekros in the squad as well as a farming Warframe will greatly increase the efficiency of farming Hexenon.


What is Hexanon used for?

The Jovian Concord update added new weapons to Warframe, and Hexenon is a key crafting component. Even though Hexenon’s main event is over, you can still use the resource for the weapons and Tenno frame mentioned earlier. Hexenon is a frequently dropped or lootable item on Jupiter.

How do you get Hexanon fast?

Hexenon is a frequently dropped or lootable item on Jupiter. Killing enemies, opening loot containers, and destroying extractor drones will lead the player to Hexenon on Jupiter. It can also be obtained by participating in the Disruption game mode. 

Tips for farm Hexenon

The following general farming tips apply:

Bring a loot frame, such as Nekros (ideally with Despoil augment), or Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm, or Khora with Pilfering Strangledome, or a squad of these.

Bring a squad to kill more enemies and increase the enemy spawn budget.

Use the Charm mod to summon a smeeta kavat.

Steel Path (will most likely necessitate a taxi/carry).

Resource Booster. Resource Drop Chance Booster. Resource Drop Chance Blessing (hang out in a relay while idling or LFG).


Hexenon is a special resource needed for all sorts of projects in Warframe. But also Hexenon is an uncommon drop from the Eidolon Teralyst. For more information on farming them, you can let a comment on my article on How to Farm Hexenon

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