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Heimer Aram Build – LoL Runes, Items and Skill – Season 11

Heimer Aram Build - LoL Runes, Items and Skill - Season 11

League of Legends ARAM is a lot of fun, but the champion selection process can be confusing.

We’ve created this list to help players select champions that are not only fun to play, but also fair against other champions.

Heimer Aram Build - LoL Runes, Items and Skill - Season 11
Heimer Aram Build – LoL Runes, Items and Skill – Season 11

If you’re playing an ARAM game then it’s best if everyone on your team picks from Heimer Aram Build – LoL Runes, Items and Skill – Season 11. This will ensure that no one gets left out and all players have a chance at picking their favorite champion without feeling like they are being gimped by their teammates’ choices.

Summoner Spells For Heimerdinger In Aram – Heimer Aram Build


Heimerdinger is great at getting into places and creating walls, but he may not be the fastest champion. His turrets provide him some help when it comes down to escaping from tough situations or chasing enemies around in tight spaces; so this isn’t as big an issue for Heim furiends!
Those who play with Flash can get away faster than ever before-just make sure you have a few other escape tricks up your sleeve too suchs Luxem.

When using Flash to escape from an enemy champion, try and do so near one of your already placed turrets as it will make you more likely damage them. However at the end if all else fails just get away by any means necessary!

Heimerdinger players will not want to use Flash when facing off against enemies as it is the farthest distance they can move with that skill. However, I have seen some success by utilizing Hextech Rocket Swarm (R+W) and dealing massive damage quickly through close range combat while using this technique in skirmishes or teamfights
I’ve found myself at my most vulnerable–but also able forays into enemy territory has actually been quite fruitful due mostly


Ignite is one of the best Summoner Spells players can take on Heimerdinger as it has been proven to help secure kills and takedowns. This spell pairs extremely well with Liandry’s Torment, which gives you lifesteal for your spells or attacks when activated by using an item like that; this also works very nicely alongside H-28G Evolution Turrets (Q).


Heal is a fairly standard Summoner Spell to take into ARAM, especially for players who need some extra help with sustain. The best part about heal? It also provides movement speed! If you’re running around the map trying desperately not die in this mode then I know just what your struggling over – have no fear though because if used correctly (try seals or Insight) healing runes may save us all from ourselves 🙂


Heimerdinger is one of the most Mana hungry champions in League, with his ultimate costing a whopping 8078 mana. That makes him very dependent on Clarity to get through fights without running out and dying before he can destroy any turrets or do enough damage for them to matter at all against enemies that will just trash those expensive-to-upkeep constructs after they’re destroyed once already taking no prisoners when it comes down who gets credit whether Hei’s team winning by suppressing enemy frontlines (especially since casting Shielding Blast takes awhile),or not even making full use possible because there isn’t another support capable enough nor high leveled yet so having two people die while using their ultimates feels wasteful.

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Rune Trees For Heimerdinger In Aram – Heimer Aram Build

Heimerdinger’s two rune trees, the Sorcery/Domination and Domination/Sorcery build have been popular for a long time. The former is considered an engaging damage dealer that can easily rush down opponents with his powerful slingshot ability while using mana as opposed to crystal Katie stockpiling it all up until she used her ultimate – Rocket Grab!

Rune Trees For Heimerdinger In Aram - Heimer Aram Build

Rune Trees For Heimerdinger In Aram – Heimer Aram Build

Damage Heavy/Burst Runes For Heimerdinger (Domination/Sorcery)

Dark Harvest

Damage from damaging champions below 50% is increased by 20-60 (+15%) based on your level. Harvesting souls gives you an additional 2 AP, and the ability to reap extra benefits in battle can be reset with a single kill or through successful takedowns!

Cheap Shot

Cheap Shot is a powerful skill that deals 10-45 bonus true damage to champions who have been slowed or impaired. With an extremely short cooldown of 4 seconds, the ability can be used often if players are able slow down their opponents with Heimerdinger’s gadgets and impairments alike – though it does require some luck on your part in catching those elusive enemies without help from teammates!

Eyeball Collection

Collect 1 Eyeball per champion takedown, up to 10. Each kill will provide players with 2 AP and an extra 10 when you collect 10 of them! Collect this only rune in ARAM from the tier – it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Ultimate Hunter

Reduces the cooldown of your ultimate ability by 5% (+4% per each unique champion killed) up to a maximum of 25%. CDR is very important for any mage, but Heimerdinger players are going want their powerful attack as often and off-cooldown can be.
I personally use his H-28G Evolution Turret (Q+W) or an unlimited range Apex Turret with both abilities which deal great damage in comparison – mainly because they’re just too good not include them!

Manaflow Band

The Manaflow Band is a defensive rune that can be helpful for Heimerdinger, but players should really consider which offensive option suits them best. If you want more damage paired with Liandry’s Torment then go Scorch!


At level 10, players will receive 10% CDR and 2 AP for every 1% gained over the 40%. Although Heimerdinger doesn’t absolutely need cooldown reduction on him in order to be effective, it sure does help that he has access to his abilities as much as possible. Personally I stick around 30-40%, but if you’re against more aggressive champions who require quick stuns then get up there!


Sustain Damage For Heimerdinger (Sorcery/Domination)

Arcane Comet

Damaging enemy champions with an ability causes a black comet to be thrown at their current location. The projectile can deal between 30-100 plus 20% AP, and it will remain for 8 -20 seconds based on player levels before disappearing; unlike dark harvest which has no limit in terms of damage dealt or amount consumed per cast time but is limited by how much inventory space you have available (or lack thereof). Early game this makes buffing your champion pretty useless because they’re only getting hit once every few seconds max while the cooldowns are still high…but as players progress through levels these limitations subside until finally being removed entirely around level 18 when all skillshots now do actual physical consequences instead just feelings like.

Manaflow Band

Hitting enemy champions with an ability will permanently increase your maximum mana by 25 (cooldown 15 seconds), up to a maximum of 250. Although players may receive an increase in their current amount, they won’t be able proc Manaflow Band and thus have no bonus from Proc-Mana wraps or other sources like Warding Totem for this stat either way since it’s not affected directly–and there isn’t any extra beyond what you get naturally without hitting anything at all!
First off: Hitting someone who is already low on health can provide some helpful additional resources if those hitpoints don’t go down immediately after taking damage; however we must take into consideration how much time does pass between each successful engagement against enemies before deciding whether.

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Manaflow Band is a defensive rune for Heimerdinger and doesn’t need to be on him at all times. Though it can really help when you’re extra aggressive with your playstyle!


At level 10, players will receive 2 AP and 10% CDR for every 1% over the 40 percent cap (45 if using Cosmic Insight). Although not absolutely necessary to have cooldown reduction on Heimerdinger himself; I can say that having access to his abilities as often is nothing at all since he always has something up his sleeve!


Every 10 seconds, players can set an enemy champion on fire dealing between 15-35 bonus magic damage after 1 second. While it doesn’t seem like Scorch is all that powerful in comparison to runes like Gathering Storm (which do much more). This skill does have its uses as Heimerdinger would rather keep his foes at bay with low health than high threat so he fires off shots quickly while surrounded by friendly characters who also deal significant amounts of burst damage via their spells or abilities

Cheap Shot

Cheap Shot is an excellent rune for Heimerdinger players who want to slow down or impair enemy champions. It can be difficult, though, without the help of gear pieces like Ryali’s Crystal Sceptor and teammates in order to catch up with enemies that have been slowed by this ability before they run away from you; otherwise if there are no other opponents around when fighting them then take note that Cheap Shoots healing could save your life because it will heal yourself while damaging another target at close range!

Ultimate Hunter

Heimerdinger’s Ultimate charges up faster the more enemies are killed, reducing its cooldown by 5%. If he Scores a kill or assists with any other ability that interacts with his ultimate and has been activated in last 8 seconds then this will give another 3 second timer on how long it takes before Heimer’s controversial “H-Bombs” explode for everyone nearby to take cover from.

Skill Level Up Recommendations Tips On How To Play Heimerdinger In Aram

H-28G Evolution Turret (Q)

The H-28G Evolution Turret is a time-tested device that has been used by various space agencies to combat threats, both alien and earthly. With a cost of 20 mana it can be placed anywhere on the battlefield for 150 Health (+25 per champion level) with an additional 5% AP from levels 1 through 8 which will receive 3%. It also increases your chance at performing critical hits if you’re playing as any Champion who excels in ranged attacks – perfect!

H-28Q Apex Turret (Q + R)

The upgraded H-28G Evolution Turrets will become a single, more powerful and efficient Apex Turret. This new turret fires 70 / 90 / 110 (+35 AP) magic damage with its charged beam for eight seconds before going offline again but can still attack twice in three second intervals as normal while online!

Hextech Micro-Rockets (W)

For 90 a player can unleash 5 rockets that meet up where their cursor is. They either fan out this ability to have more effect, though they only use all five on one enemy champion dealing 50 / 80 / 110 (+45 AP) magic damage per rocket (plus 45 for every point in Attack Damage). If an opponent gets hit by multiple explosions from these attacks he will take 20% less–up until max amount of 306/381(81%) total effective HP!

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Hextech Rocket Swarm (W + R)

The dreaded Rocket Launcher is a high-powered weapon that launches 4 waves of rockets and deals 135 / 180 / 225 (+45% AP) magic damage each, but the user takes reduced damage from multiple rocket hits. This gives them an opportunity for huge burst when going up against single targets or groups without any additional protection+.

Ch-2 Electron Storm Grenade (E)

The grenade explodes after 1.5 seconds, releasing a wave of damaging energy that slows enemies by 35% for 2 seconds and stunning those in its center crinkle zone or undercarriage!
It costs 85 mana every 12th second to launch this powerful attack at the cost effectiveness ratio you can imagine makes it worth considering when fighting multiple foes as well as avoiding single target attacks due their long range ability but also keep an eye out because if hit anywhere else than headshots won’t do any good either so aim carefully!.

Ch-3X Lightning Grenade (E + R)

Throw a grenade that can be enlarged three times, dealing 100 / 200 / 300 (+60% AP) magic damage and slowing enemies by 80%. The larger the blast, the greater your chances of survival!

Gear Build For Heimerdinger – Heimer Aram Build

Luden’S Echo

Luden’s Echo is a lot of fun to use on Heimerdinger as his Recall lets him quickly return to where he was when using the skill, while also gaining increased movement speed. The mana regeneration and damage are both vast improvements over regular Ability Power builds for any champion who wants beefed up utility in their arsenal – which could include Teemo players!

Sorcerer’S Shoes

Sorcerer’s Shoes will provide players with magic penetration and movement speed. The only other shoes I would recommend are the Bfriar Biomechanical Boot which has 10% Cooldown Reduction, as well as reducing the cooldown reduction for Summoner Spells by 5%.

Liandry’S Torment

The Liandry’s Torment stone has been a popular choice forCooldown Reduction in League of Legends because it increases abilities and health, which can make up some ground lost with CDR. The passive component boosts one’s damage by 2% per second if they are fighting against enemy Champions; however this bonus is capped at 10%. Burn effects on enemies also cause them to take 3 seconds worth 1.5% maximum HP each second – but under certain conditions like being affected by slows or immobilizing disablement attacks will increase those numbers even more so beware! On top off all these benefits there isn’t much drawback either: you just need something emote “I want More Cdr!”

Rylai’S Crystal Scepter

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter provides players with 90 Ability Power and 300 Health. The ultimate benefit of the item, however, is its ability to reduce movement speed by 20% for one second when casting Cheap Shot–a skill which can be invaluable in certain situations where it may take more than four seconds just for an enemy target’s health bar to shrink from full size down into red territory!


Morellonomicon is a great choice for Heimerdinger players because of its Ability Power, health and magic penetration. However it’s also worth considering when building your champion selection if you think that the enemy might have some strong engage or disengage abilities in their arsenal.

Rabadon’S Deathcap

Rabadon’s Deathcap is the perfect item for those who want to amplify all that sexy Ability Power. The 120 AP and 40% bonus from Gathering Storm makes it an essential addition if you have any plans at killing Baron Nashor, Void Fragment or Urgot in solo queue!


Heimer Aram Build – LoL Runes, Items and Skill – Season 11 is a great way to get some insight on how you can improve your game by understanding the nuances of what works best for different champions. We hope that this article has provided some valuable insights into optimizing your gameplay!

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