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Hi there, so since the advanced controller settings hsve come out i've been messing around with them to get it right, sadly i cannot find a setting that feels right to me, im wanting more of the classic Halo settings. So, what would you say are the best settings?

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I was having this trouble for a while too everything I tried felt off, finally settled on putting the aim acceleration at 5 and my sensitivity also at 5 and it all finally started to click, of course this is all just personal preference.

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Button layout: Bumper Jumper Sensitivity: 10 Acceleration: 3 Inner Deadzone: 10% Outer Deadzone: 8% Vibration: ON Toggle Crouch: OFF Auto Stabalize: OFF Assassinations: OFFThat's my layout.
Yeah, this is one of those preference things for sure. Usually I always play Default everything on every Halo game I play, but Halo 5's movement is so fast especially with thruster that I decided to bump my sensitivity up to 4. I also dropped my inner dead zone to 0 because why not. I'm not even really sure if it makes that much of a difference to be honest.
If you want really classic settings then 5 acceleration since H1 didn't have that slowed-down look acceleration like the rest.For H2-4 feeling, acceleration 3. For H5 post-beta, 2 acceleration.IMO H1 felt the best, H5 (default at launch) felt the worst and look acceleration is a stupid idea to begin with.Aim acceleration would have been an ok idea but instead we got pretty much the reverse of that. Still, having a setting is at least an improvement on H2-4+Reach so that's nice that they opened it up for customization.
Button layout: Custom w/ Elite controller Sensitivity: 3 Acceleration: 5 Inner Deadzone: 0% Outer Deadzone: 0% Vibration: OFF Maintain Sprint: OFF Toggle Crouch: ON Auto Stabalize: OFF Elite Stick Profile: Default
Best controller setting = whatever you feel comfortable on.I will say this though, the majority of pro players play with a sensitivity between 3 and 6.I suggest Bumper Jumper unless you claw or have a Scuff controller.And I say other settings you should want are:Maintain Sprint = offToggle Crouch = offAuto Stablize = off.Hope this helps. 🙂
Personally a fan of Fishstick, it also is a pretty common control layout for most games. Not just every shooter but even GTA V uses a similar set up.

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I use Bumper Jumper because I can keep my finger on the looking stick whilst jumping, and my sensitivity is at 5.

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