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Before being named CEO, Smith was senior vice president and general manager of's Small Business Division, which included the portfolio of QuickBooks, Quicken and Payroll products. Previously he led the company's Consumer Tax Group, which produces TurboTax, the nation's leading consumer tax preparation software. He began his career leading the Accountant Central community, cultivating relationships and delivering services for accounting professionals.

Smith earned his master's degree in management from Aquinas College in Michigan and a bachelor's degree in business administration from Marshall University in West Virginia. Smith is on the board of directors at SurveyMonkey and serves as chairman of the Nordstrom board of directors.”,”showContact”:null,”showLink”:”true”,”avatar”:{“normal”:””,”small”:””,”alt”:”Brad Smith”},”contact”:{“mail”:{“mail”:null,”waLink”:null,”ariaLabel”:null,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”},”twitter”:{“twitter”:null,”waLink”:null,”ariaLabel”:null,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”}},”cta”:{“ctaLabel”:null,”url”:””,”ariaLabel”:”Brad Smith”,”cssClass”:null,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-bradsmith”,”target”:”_self”},”executive”:null}”>


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Before founding, Scott managed consulting assignments in banking, foodservice, and technology for Bain & Company, a corporate strategy consulting firm. Prior to that, he spent four years with household products giant Procter & Gamble.

Scott is a member of the board of directors of Procter & Gamble; sits on the advisory board of the Center for Brand and Product Management at the University of Wisconsin; and is president of the Scholarship Foundation.

He holds an MBA from Harvard University and a bachelor's degree in economics and mathematics from the University of Southern California.”,”showContact”:null,”showLink”:null,”avatar”:{“normal”:””,”small”:””,”alt”:”Scott Cook”},”contact”:{“mail”:{“mail”:null,”waLink”:null,”ariaLabel”:null,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”},”twitter”:{“twitter”:null,”waLink”:null,”ariaLabel”:null,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”}},”cta”:{“ctaLabel”:null,”url”:null,”ariaLabel”:”Scott Cook”,”cssClass”:null,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-scottcook”,”target”:”_self”},”executive”:null}”>


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Lara has a proven track record of building world-class businesses and brands including Amazon, Visa and Nike. As Vice President, Worldwide Prime and Amazon North America Consumer Marketing, Lara was responsible for driving growth of the Prime membership program globally as well as the North America consumer business. Before Amazon, she held a variety of roles at Visa including Senior Vice President, Visa North America Marketing where she was responsible for all aspects of marketing for Visau2019s largest revenue-driving region. In 2019, Lara was named as one of Forbesu2019 2019 Worldu2019s Most Influential CMOs and in 2020, she was recognized with AdWeeku2019s CMO Vanguard Award. Lara has a BA in pre-law from the University of Washington, from which she graduated magna cum laude with Phi Beta Kappa distinction. She has an MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Business at Northwestern University.”,”showContact”:”true”,”showLink”:null,”avatar”:{“normal”:””,”small”:””,”alt”:”Lara Balazs”},”contact”:{“mail”:{“mail”:”lara_balazs”,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-larabalazs-em”,”ariaLabel”:”Email Lara Balazs”,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”},”twitter”:{“twitter”:null,”waLink”:null,”ariaLabel”:null,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”}},”cta”:{“ctaLabel”:null,”url”:null,”ariaLabel”:”Lara Balazs”,”cssClass”:null,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-larabalazs”,”target”:”_self”},”executive”:null}”>

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Lara Balazs Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, and General Manager of Strategic Partner Group
QuickBooks Self-Employed helps hundreds of thousands of self-employed individuals manage their expenses and tax obligations, the partner platform allows independent developers to create and deploy products that work in conjunction with QuickBooks, while the app store enables small businesses to discover and consume hundreds of apps that integrate with QuickBooks. Heu2019s also led lisbdnet.comu2019s QuickBooks Financing business, providing lower rates, an easier application and faster delivery of capital to millions of small businesses. Prior to, he was a successful entrepreneur, founding two companies, including CollegeWeb, an online community for college students that was sold in 1999. Alex holds a B.A. in Economics from Tufts University.”,”showContact”:”true”,”showLink”:null,”avatar”:{“normal”:””,”small”:””,”alt”:”Alex Chriss”},”contact”:{“mail”:{“mail”:”Alex_Chriss”,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-alexchriss-em”,”ariaLabel”:”Email Alex Chriss”,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”},”twitter”:{“twitter”:null,”waLink”:null,”ariaLabel”:null,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”}},”cta”:{“ctaLabel”:null,”url”:null,”ariaLabel”:”Alex Chriss”,”cssClass”:null,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-alexchriss”,”target”:”_self”},”executive”:null}”>


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Michelle has been with since 2003 and has held various senior financial management positions across the business. She previously was Senior Vice President for lisbdnet.comu2019s Consumer Tax Group and Small Business Group, and Vice President of Finance for the Accounting Professionals Division and Healthcare.

Prior to, Michelle held various financial management roles at General Electric. Before that, she was a financial litigation consultant at The Barrington Consulting Group.

Michelle holds a bacheloru2019s degree in commerce with a concentration in Finance from the University of Virginia.”,”showContact”:”true”,”showLink”:null,”avatar”:{“normal”:””,”small”:””,”alt”:”Michelle Clatterbuck”},”contact”:{“mail”:{“mail”:”Michelle_Clatterbuck

Xem thêm: Dark Souls 2 Best Boss Weapons, Top 12 Best Weapons In Dark Souls 2”,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-michelleclatterbuck-em”,”ariaLabel”:”Email Michelle Clatterbuck”,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”},”twitter”:{“twitter”:null,”waLink”:null,”ariaLabel”:null,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”}},”cta”:{“ctaLabel”:null,”url”:null,”ariaLabel”:”Michelle Clatterbuck”,”cssClass”:null,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-michelleclatterbuck”,”target”:”_self”},”executive”:null}”>
With a widely-recognized track record of exceptional leadership, Laura served as lisbdnet.comu2019s General Counsel for 14 years. She started her career with the company leading the legal organization and later expanded her role to include the stewardship of many other teams critical to lisbdnet.comu2019s growth, including security, compliance, data science and engineering and government relations.

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Laura is a board member of the San Jose Children's Discovery Museum and also serves as the president of the Foundation board of directors, guiding the companyu2019s philanthropic initiatives to power prosperity for those who need it most.

Prior to joining, Laura was vice president of corporate legal resources and acting general counsel for Sun Microsystems. Laura has a law degree from Santa Clara University and a bachelor's degree in business administration from California State University, Chico.”,”showContact”:”true”,”showLink”:null,”avatar”:{“normal”:””,”small”:””,”alt”:”Laura Fennell”},”contact”:{“mail”:{“mail”:”Laura_Fennell”,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-laurafennell-em”,”ariaLabel”:”Email Laura Fennell”,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”},”twitter”:{“twitter”:null,”waLink”:null,”ariaLabel”:null,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”}},”cta”:{“ctaLabel”:null,”url”:null,”ariaLabel”:”Laura Fennell”,”cssClass”:null,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-laurafennell”,”target”:”_self”},”executive”:null}”>
Before returning to, Anton was the head of corporate development at Square. He also served as the financing lead for Square Capital, where he secured investments for Square's small business loan offering.

Antonu2019s first position at was vice president of corporate development. It was a great fit, where he built on his experience in venture capital, corporate development, and strategy. From 2011-2014, he redesigned the companyu2019s acquisition playbook, and drove acquisition activity to a total value of over $2 billion.

Anton holds an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. His bacheloru2019s degree is in marketing and finance, from Washington University in St. Louis.”,”showContact”:”true”,”showLink”:null,”avatar”:{“normal”:””,”small”:””,”alt”:”Anton Hanebrink”},”contact”:{“mail”:{“mail”:”anton_hanebrink”,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-antonhanebrink-em”,”ariaLabel”:”Email Anton Hanebrink”,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”},”twitter”:{“twitter”:null,”waLink”:null,”ariaLabel”:null,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”}},”cta”:{“ctaLabel”:null,”url”:null,”ariaLabel”:”Anton Hanebrink”,”cssClass”:null,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-antonhanebrink”,”target”:”_self”},”executive”:null}”>
Greg joined in 2012 as senior vice president of marketing for the Consumer Tax Group. In 2014, Greg was awarded the CEO Leadership Award, which recognizes employees who deliver trajectory-changing outcomes while role modeling and teaching the company's values.

An executive and marketing professional with more than 20 yearsu2019 experience, Gregu2019s expertise spans consumer packaged goods, retail, and international and emerging markets. Prior to joining, he worked for world-class organizations, including Kraft Foods, SC Johnson, Kodak, Gillette, Best Buy, and the United States Air Force. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Research from the United States Air Force Academy. Greg is also a member of the board of directors at Qualcomm.”,”showContact”:”true”,”showLink”:null,”avatar”:{“normal”:””,”small”:””,”alt”:”Greg Johnson”},”contact”:{“mail”:{“mail”:”greg_johnson2”,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-gregjohnson-em”,”ariaLabel”:”Email Greg Johnson”,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”},”twitter”:{“twitter”:null,”waLink”:null,”ariaLabel”:null,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”}},”cta”:{“ctaLabel”:null,”url”:null,”ariaLabel”:”Greg Johnson”,”cssClass”:null,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-gregjohnson”,”target”:”_self”},”executive”:null}”>
Kerry joined in 2006, most recently serving as Deputy General Counsel. Prior to joining, Ms. McLean spent over six years at Wind River Systems, Inc., most recently as the Director of Legal. She also worked as an associate at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin PC (now Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP). Ms. McLean holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from University of California, Davis and a Juris Doctor from University of California, Hastings College of Law.”,”showContact”:”true”,”showLink”:null,”avatar”:{“normal”:””,”small”:””,”alt”:”Kerry McLean”},”contact”:{“mail”:{“mail”:”kerry_mclean”,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-kerrymcclean-em”,”ariaLabel”:”Email Kerry Mcclean”,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”},”twitter”:{“twitter”:null,”waLink”:null,”ariaLabel”:null,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”}},”cta”:{“ctaLabel”:null,”url”:null,”ariaLabel”:”Kerry Mcclean”,”cssClass”:null,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-kerrymcclean”,”target”:”_self”},”executive”:null}”>
Mark Notarainni is responsible for ensuring the success of customers across all their interactions with the ecosystem. Previously, he spent over eight years as vice president of Customer Care and Services for lisbdnet.comu2019s Consumer Tax Group, transforming customer care through a world-class team providing the highest quality service to millions of taxpayers every year. Mark joined in 2009 as a director of contact centers.”,”showContact”:”true”,”showLink”:null,”avatar”:{“normal”:””,”small”:””,”alt”:”Mark Notarainni”},”contact”:{“mail”:{“mail”:”Mark_Notarainni”,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-marknotarainni-em”,”ariaLabel”:”Email Mark Notarainni”,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”},”twitter”:{“twitter”:null,”waLink”:null,”ariaLabel”:null,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”}},”cta”:{“ctaLabel”:null,”url”:null,”ariaLabel”:”Mark Notarainni”,”cssClass”:null,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-marknotarainni”,”target”:”_self”},”executive”:null}”>
With more than twenty-five years of experience, Marianna joined in 2017 to lead product development for the Small Business and Self-Employed Group, responsible for lisbdnet.comu2019s QuickBooks product family. Previously, she served as executive vice president of Strategic Development at Docker, developing strategic partnerships and expanding its product portfolio and open source platform. Prior to Docker, she held engineering leadership roles at VMware, Ariba, and General Magic, working at the forefront of significant technology transformations, including virtualization, cloud, and DevOps.

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At the beginning of her career, Marianna served as Captain for Computer Center R&D in the Israeli Army. She earned a B.S. in computer science from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and has coursework toward an M.S. in computer science and brain research from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.”,”showContact”:”true”,”showLink”:null,”avatar”:{“normal”:””,”small”:””,”alt”:”Marianna Tessel”},”contact”:{“mail”:{“mail”:”Marianna_Tessel

Xem thêm: Which Ohio Lottery Scratch Off Is Best To Play, Ohio Lottery”,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-mariannatessel-em”,”ariaLabel”:”Email Marianna Tessel”,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”},”twitter”:{“twitter”:null,”waLink”:null,”ariaLabel”:null,”cssClass”:null,”target”:”_self”}},”cta”:{“ctaLabel”:null,”url”:null,”ariaLabel”:”Marianna Tessel”,”cssClass”:null,”waLink”:”icom-company-executives-mariannatessel”,”target”:”_self”},”executive”:null}”>

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