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YouTube has made a significant stamp on teenage society. This platform has turned average individuals into international stars that affect millions. These individuals act as entertainers, teachers, influencers and most of all, friends. These YouTube personalities are relatable and authentic; they portray passion and drive. They embed their videos with comedy and euphoria that are compelling to a teenage crowd. YouTube makes people feel a part of something bigger. It is a platform that allows people to fully express their inner creative genius on a broad scale. This is a place where people can be themselves and find their true ardor. YouTube is a place for everyone and everything and it is the new voice of our generation.

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A group of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle vloggers are hitting the road and traveling east to west to meet their fans. Fullscreen’s “Girls Night In” put forth a tour that is heading to 20 locations focused on entertainment and interaction. This tour consists of five YouTube personalities, Eva Gutowski, Meredith Foster, Mia Stammer, Alisha Marie, Sierra Furtado and special performer Andie Case.

“Girls Night In” came to Los Angeles on Wednesday at Club Nokia. The show allowed subscribers to leave their computer screens and interact with their favorite YouTubers. The vloggers took on outlandish skits, amusing challenges, delicate questions, dance parties and amazing performances. Rather than the fans relating to these girls through a viral video, they got to connect with them on a genuine and personal level. The subscribers asked them questions ranging from favorite bands to editing techniques. These young entertainers are not only creating these videos for leisure, but rather to inspire and encourage young girls to fully be themselves.

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Eva Gutowski, commonly known as MyLifeAsEva, is a YouTube sensation who posts videos about beauty and fashion. She uses comedy and rapture in her videos as a source of expression and amusement. Her quirky personality is magnetic and gives her a following of over four million.

Alisha Marie, also known as Macbby11, is a beauty vlogger that specializes in routines and DIYS. She has accumulated over two million subscribers with her joyful and youthful videos.

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Meredith Foster is a lifestyle vlogger and blogger who talks about the basics of beauty and fashion. She gained a considerable following through her routine videos and makeup tutorials. She carries a sweet and happy persona throughout each and every video, making her a likable figure in teen society.

Mia Stammer, or MamaMiaMakeup, is a fashion influencer and vlogger. She produces videos with mystique and creativity while also sharing tips and tricks. She has achieved a large fan base through her admired hair coloring videos. She now has over one million subscribers that watch her videos.

Sierra Furtado is a fashion personality that also creates routines, tutorials and makeup videos. She has a true zeal that is illustrated within every video. She has gained a following of over one million and her channel continues to prosper.

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YouTube has given a voice to all of these innovative and creative individuals. Giving them a place in which they can express and truly connect with those around them. The immensity of this platform is groundbreaking and it flourishes everyday because of these YouTube stars. They are no longer just creators or entertainers, but rather influencers for our new generation.

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