Gift Library Of Caroline Stanbury, The Ladies Of London Star Ran A Swanky Company

Caroline Stanbury is planning her move to Dubai on this season of Ladies of London, as her husband got a job offer that they could simply not refuse. While her husband decided to move to Dubai to start his job, Caroline has been staying behind in London to wrap up her life in the big city and close some previous business dealings.

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When the show was on a hiatus, Stanbury had to deal with the closing of the Gift Library, which was the business she had to close last year. She learned that her investors were not willing to continue with the funding, and she had to quickly close down her business. On Ladies of London, some of her co-stars brought up rumors that Stanbury was leaving London for Dubai to escape legal problems from closing the business.

According to a new Bravo report, Caroline Stanbury is now revealing that she has something up her sleeve. The same week that Ladies of London revealed that Caroline may be leaving London to escape some financial issues is that same week that she”s announcing a brand new business. Even though she”s only been in Dubai since August, she”s been working hard on launching a brand new business. Even though the Gift Library didn”t work out, she”s willing to give it another shot.

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ecmylife #ecmylife so excited to share this with you all ❤

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— Caroline Stanbury (
C_Stanbury) January 5, 2017

Stanbury recently revealed that she”s launching her very own furniture line. She already teased about this venture back in August, but it sounds like things are finally coming together. Now, fans can see a sneak peek of her new collection on Twitter and Instagram. The new line looks expensive, classy, girly, and chic. For example, her dining chairs for the formal dining room are suede. Stanbury has created the furniture line with ECmyLIFE, and their website still has a “coming soon” sign, but it sounds like her new business venture may succeed.

If Caroline does have some legal issues, it sounds like they are far from her mind as she”s gearing up for this new launch. And one can imagine that she wouldn”t have the funds to launch a new business if she still owed money to investors. At this time, the rumors about her supposed legal problems have only been addressed on Ladies of London. There haven”t been any reports about her owing money or being sued for the failed business. And according to Bravo, Marissa Hermer revealed that she had nothing to do with spreading the rumors.

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“I don”t care. It”s uninteresting to me,” Marissa revealed about the rumors regarding Caroline Stanbury”s supposed financial problems, adding, “Frankly, there are so many rumors about Caroline Stanbury in London that if I was going to spread one, her changing her zip code is pretty low on the list of salacious rumors about her.”

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Hope you like my new #furniture line follow my Instagram
C_Stanbury) January 5, 2017

“I think she made up in her head that I started these rumors because she hadn”t heard from me in a while. Basically, I was on bed rest, and I wasn”t communicating with her as much. She decided or made up that I had started these rumors,” Hermer continued to Bravo, adding, “She was so paranoid about why any of these rumors were there. Who knows? I don”t care.”

And it sounds like Hermer is done with Caroline as a friend, as she doesn”t appreciate being accused of spreading rumors about her Ladies of London co-star.

“I”ve been through enough this year, and I”ve prioritized who I want to spend time with and who”s going to give me things, and if someone”s going to be screaming at me, I”m like, “See you later,”” Hermer revealed to Bravo, adding, “I lose time for people like that very quickly.”

What do you think of Caroline Stanbury”s new business venture?

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