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I've already made a smeltery, at least one computer cause my friend was so amazed by Open Computers. I'm planning on making an AE Computer in the future but I gotta find the best power source. But I'm just beginning the mod pack sort of, I habe a bit of yellorium so should i start with Big Reactors?

EDIT: I'm really new to modpacks and the last modpack I've played is FTB Ultimate and I just screwed around in creative in that modpack so you could say this is my first legitimate modpack

Thanks for all your help guys! Currently I'm using 3 steam dynamos and a tree harvester as a power generator for the moment and the power is directed to a hardened energy cell!


My Method:

Use cheap generators from extra utils to power a few machines to process ores.

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make a small 3x3x5 reactor or 3x3x3 (internal)

progress from there.

This may not be the most efficient or the best. its cheap, it works, it does not require massive amounts of effort; it only requires mining and some crafting. “minecraft” hmm – zero effort.

Simply asking for “Best Power Source” is like asking what is the best car to buy. You will need to be a little more specific otherwise all you are going to get is a long list of most of the potential ways to generate energy.

E.g. Botania flower power using a Mana Fluxfield.

I'm really new to FTB Modpacks and this is the first modpack I've played since FTB Ultimate, and I forgot everything since then

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Either Stirling engine from Ender io or Furnace generator (after survival). Both of those I make after a tree farm for charcoal.

EnderIO Stirling is always my early game Goto. You can power them with a fluid tank filled with lava if you provide one with a bucket and set both touching sides to push/pull.

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So I'm guessing this modpack has a harvester, so if i were to pipe out the wood from the harvester into a survivalist generator, would it work or the survivalist generator would only work if you use charcoal?

Steam Dynamo from Thermal Expansion is a great early source of coal/charcoal power. Slightly more complex than the equivalent Extra Utilities or Ender IO generators, since it requires water, but it's both powerful and efficient for a starter generator.

Of course, jumping straight to a 3×3 Big Reactor is also quite viable, if that interests you.

With my knowledge, do you think it's best to jump straight to Big Reactor or start off small then jump to big reactors cause i heard that you need some specific cooling or something for big reactor

Survivalist generators are very efficient on coal, so make a great starting generator when you don't have too much coal. My next favorite early game generator is the steam dynamo. There are many ways to feed it water from extra utils nodes, to enderio conduit, to aqueous accumulator, or just bucket it in.

Usually by the time I need a big boost in power I have ender tanks going and I hook up an ender tank to a enderthermic pump in the nether, and then make a ton of magmatic dynamos.

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Wheat, Culinary Generator, SAG Mill, Hardened Redstone Furnace with Trivection Chamber. 8 toast per wheat at 56 RF/t, and each lasts for a while.

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