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Anybody who uses social media regularly should be familiar with the humble hashtag. Yet, people haven’t been using the # symbol forever. It is a relatively new addition to our communication. It didn’t even exist in the early days of social media.

You can use hashtags on virtually every social media platform nowadays, but it has more value on some than others. Arguably, the best places to sprinkle your posts with hashtags are Instagram and Twitter. But even there, you will find differences in recommended hashtag usage.

We’ve recently created a tool to help you find the optimal number of hashtags for your posts. This article also takes a close look at how we use hashtags and how you can use them to your social advantage.

Best Number of Hashtags for Each Social Network:

FREE Hashtag Counter Tool

It can be challenging to remember everything you need to create an engaging, dynamic social post, particularly if you run accounts on multiple networks. Writing a tweet is very different from a LinkedIn status, and both are entirely different from something you would pin on Pinterest. You use hashtags with subtle nuances on each of the social networks, and it can be hard to remember how many you should put in each post, never mind choosing the best hashtags to use.

We’ve recently created a handy hashtag counter to make your posting life easier. You can use our hashtag counter to quickly calculate how many hashtags you should include in a post you’re creating. You might not need it when preparing a quick status for Facebook, using only one hashtag or two, but it will undoubtedly help your Instagram posting where you can use up to 30 hashtags.

Remember, hashtags are excellent for assisting people in finding posts that relate to topics that interest them. So don’t let the hassles of keeping track of hashtags put you off using them. Our hashtag counter makes things stress-free.

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