Food Is My Best Friend – When Food Is Your Best Friend

Some people have the self-control to not eat every unhealthy thing in the world. Sadly for me, I LOVE food. And sometimes it”s just hard to say no if someone puts one of your favorite foods in front of you.

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1. Love at first bite


I can”t remember when the relationship between me and food began, all I know is that it was a friend at first sight. We have that great relationship where I get great food and I”m happy. I mean it”s part of human”s life forms, why shouldn”t we enjoy it? I mean it”s something you”ve known your entire life.

2. Comfort foods


Favorite comfort food in one…two…three…go! Macaroni and cheese. There”s no way I can say no to trying out someone”s mac and cheese. Homemade recipes are the best, and honestly, you can”t go too wrong with cheese. Whatever your comfort food of choice is, all that matters is that it makes you happy.

3. Healthy foods


Despite all of the delicious unhealthy foods out there, most times a good, hearty, and healthy meal makes you feel great. Not only are you treating your body right, but it also tastes great. There”s nothing like a piece of grilled chicken, side of broccoli, and fresh fruit salad.

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Now this one you have to be careful with. It”s important to space out extra sugary treats, but I”ve never denied that I have a sweet tooth. Chocolate chip cookies, vanilla cupcakes, and cheesecake are my ultimate weaknesses! Let”s just say, if you buy me any of these, I will love you for life.

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5. Thanksgiving


Last on my list, this family oriented holiday. What”s not to love about spending time with families and eat a lot of food? I mean way more than you should be eating, but it”s two great companies in one day and the endless great foods make slaving over the stove for hours all worth it.

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Food is a good best friend because it never leaves and can even improve your health if you eat right. Sure, we all know we eat bad foods for us, but sometimes you just can”t control the taste buds within. So keep calm and eat whatever you want.

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