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Ask your grown-ups what you should do if a fire breaks out. You could make a plan together and practice how to escape.Don’t try to tackle a fire yourself: you’ll need a grown-up firefighter like Fireman Sam! Stay safe and call for help.Keeping your room tidy will make it easier for you to escape if you need to leave in a hurry. Try to make sure there’s always a clear route to your door!
Remember that water can be dangerous, so even if you’re playing in the bath or a paddling pool, it’s important to have a grown-up with you.Check how deep the water is and stay where you feel safe.Don’t get too close to drains or buckets, just in case you slip!
Don’t climb on furniture; it could topple over or you could fall and hurt yourself.Don’t play with long cords, curtains, or light pulls – you could get in a serious tangle!Don’t climb on window sills, and ask a grown-up to open or close the windows for you – you don’t want to squash your fingers or topple out!
Always hold hands with your grown-up when you’re near a road.Always remember to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN.Stay safe. Just because someone else is crossing, it doesn’t mean you should.

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Remember, animals have feelings, too, so it’s important to treat them carefully.Play gently and quietly, so they know you’re friendly and they don’t get scared.Never push or pull your pet, and don’t shout at them, as this can be frightening.
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Hero at Home
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Who's Hiding?
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Puppet Power
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Spot the Difference
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Lost in the Woods

About Sam

Fireman Sam, the ultimate hero next door, has been racing to the rescue for over 30 years. Whether stuck on a high cliff-face or caught in an underground cave, the children of Pontypandy village know help is always close at hand— thanks to the brave and resourceful Fireman Sam. The television series continues to be top-rated globally, airing in more than 35 languages with in 155 countries.

Fireman Sam

Fireman Sam is brave, modest and dependable. He selflessly puts his life on the line to help others and everyone in Pontypandy knows that nothing is too much trouble for Fireman Sam. Sam drives Jupiter the fire engine, the pride of the Pontypandy Fire Service.

Sam”s brother Charlie is a local fisherman and Sam is a kind and attentive uncle to Charlie”s children, Sarah and James.

Sam is renowned for keeping a cool head in a hot spot. It”s only when he”s really surprised he exclaims, “Great Fires of London!”

Elvis Cridlington

Fireman Elvis Cridlington is the fire station cook. He has a heart of gold and is absolutely dedicated to fighting fires.

Whilst Elvis is a perfectly competent fire-fighter, he is still learning the finer points of the job as Sam’s apprentice. Elvis is very much in awe of his mentor, Fireman Sam.

Elvis is an avid fan of rock’n’roll and plays the guitar. He is in a band with Mike Flood. Elvis and Mike put themselves forward to play at every opportunity and Elvis is regularly trying to come up with new song ideas, often about whatever happens to be going on in the station.

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Station Officer Steele

Station Officer Steele is the senior fire officer at Pontypandy Station. He loves to follow the rules. However, his bark is worse than his bite and he has a lovable pomposity.

Station Officer Steele is not above calling meetings at the fire station just to give himself something to do. He tends to go on a bit, given half the chance, and everyone is very grateful if they are saved by the fire bell.

Penny Morris

Penny Morris is the only female fire officer in Pontypandy.

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Terrific back-up in any crisis, Penny drives Venus. She is also a trained coastguard officer and pilots Neptune, the Pontypandy lifeboat, when needed.

Penny is a keep-fit fanatic who’s always ready to try a new and extreme sport. She is great friends with Tom Thomas, the rescue-helicopter pilot. Their idea of a relaxing day is a ten-mile hike followed by rock climbing and rappelling.

Tom Thomas

Tom Thomas mans the Mountain Rescue Station on the slopes of Pontypandy Mountain. He pilots the Mountain Rescue Helicopter and drives the Mountain Rescue 4×4.

Tom is originally from Australia and he frequently says “This isn’t how we used to do things in Wallaby Springs.” Tom relies heavily on Sam”s local knowledge of Pontypandy and rescue experience. Sam and Tom are great friends and Sam often visits Tom at the Mountain Rescue Center for a catch-up and a cup of tea.


Mandy Flood

Mandy is the daughter of Mike and Helen Flood. She likes to accompany her mum on her visits as a nurse.

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Mandy is a rough and tumble tomboy and is always testing the parameters of the world. When she grows up she will probably be a round-the-world yachtswoman or movie stunt coordinator.

Sarah & James Jones

Sarah and James are twins. They are also niece and nephew to Fireman Sam, and like to spend as much time with their uncle as possible.

Their father Charlie is a fisherman and their mother, Bronwyn, runs the Wholefish Café down at the harbor. The quayside also provides Sarah and James with a good place for adventures. Although they generally get on well with one another, they inevitably squabble as children and have a well-developed competitive streak.

Norman Price

Norman Price lives above the supermarket with his mom, Dilys.

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Norman is always getting up to mischief and his nickname is “Naughty Norman”. He is an intelligent little boy with a lot of imagination.

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