Fire Emblem Awakening Best Robin Build, Robin (M) Builds And Best Ivs

Hey, so what is everyone's favorite Male!MU Asset/Flaw + Skill build? Can be OP or interesting, or whatever. Anything you guys think is a fun build.

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Edit: Did not actually expect this much, but all interesting builds. I did +Speed/-Luck and am going Hero. Thanks for all the advice everyone!


Well I always play as F!MU so I'll be doing that. Hope you don't mind!

I usually play +speed and -luck because playing with a Seth-tier Robin is always fun! As for the class, I go Peg. Knight as soon as she reaches level ten and then promote to Dark Flier for galeforce. The rest of the skills don't matter as much to me, I'll just make her go into random classes and pick the best of what she gets.

Because I am secretly a jellyfish in disguise I like to make her go Bride for the end/postgame, as ludicrous as that sounds. I once had an entire spot pass army of brides, which I am still incredibly proud of 🙂

I actually really like having HP as my asset, there's something really satisfying about having a beastly amount of HP. Also 110% growth.

I deliberate pick Skill as my flaw so whatever procs I pick up with reclassing (usually just Astra and Ignis) happen less often. It's incredibly not satisfying to proc skills every fucking battle. And roflstomp entire armies.

Not sure if I have a favourite yet.

Out of what I've done probably. +Def/-Lck M!MU Sorcerer. Tomefaire,Vantage,Ignis,LB,Armsthrift

This is currently what I'm running for my first Apotheosis team. Assests are mainly due to this also being my first Lunatic file. I'd probably do +Mag/-Lck though instead.

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I do want to try out a Berserker MU though for my new Apotheosis team. Still planning that one out (Trying to make different pairing, but not totally crap)

I usually do +Def/-Lck Galeforce/Sol/Armsthrift/Ignis/Limit Breaker. When playing on lunatic/lunatic+ I always end the game in Sorcerer or Grandmaster, but on hard I usually end in Dark Flier because I like having access to tomes and getting to ride a pegasus.

Magic/Luck + Vantage/Galeforce/Armsthrift/Luna/Limit Breaker Sorceror with forged Aversa's Night

For Male!MU

-Skill +Mag

Final class: Grandmaster

Skills: Ignis, Vengeance (belive in me, it activates very often), Lifetaker, ,

In class skills, it depands how much time I acctually want to grind my MU, and MU child.

I run +Strength -Magic with Hero as my final class. This is based on my main file, Lunatic+ Classic.

For skills it really depends on what I'm doing atm. For my streetpass team my guy has Limit Breaker, Aggressor, Tome Breaker,(To cover my less than optimal RES) Luna(Heroes using luna with swords is too cool), and Renewal.

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For normal use, just replace Tome Breaker with Armsthrift

I try to do something different every game. The ones I've found most fun were:

My first Robin, F!Robin Griffon Rider with +Skill/-Mag and married to Gaius. GR sucks but fuck it I like griffons and it was fun.

A Bride with +Def/-Res married to Gangrel because I have shit taste indeed :3

So I guess both my fave Robins were ladies.

Im probably in the minority, but favorite Male!MU is having Skill as my asset and Luck as my flaw; it maximizes activation of Ignis with a little increase in Defense but a lower Magic cap to compensate which Im ok with. My skills are Ignis, Lifetaker, Aggressor, Lucky Seven/Anathema, and Limit Breaker as a Grandmaster

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I might be the odd one out here. I usually play F!MU but I always figure out who I will marry for the given playthrough and set the asset/flaw accordingly so that my morgan has the best possible stats from the pairing. As for skill build, I always run galeforce, armsthrift, Ignis, and limit breaker. The last slot is whatever works with my current class or the healing skills like lifetaker or renewal.

Favorite class to use is either bride, Dark Flier, Swordmaster, Hero (only because the armor set looks cool).

As a side thing, I once made a F!MU with the mature body type and managed to make her resemble Fairy Tail's Lucy Heartfilia. Pretty funny.

+Mag -Luck, head through merc > myrm > swordmaster > grandmaster. End up with vantage/astra/ignis/armsthrift by the time I land on Valm, no grind. +Mag is more helpful than +spd for me since it lets me use Levin Swords more effectively while in the swordlocked classes, plus 30 levels in those gives you a massive surplus of speed anyway. I can basically just stay like that and clean up the rest of the game, but eventually I'd switch astra for wrath and tack on LB as the final skill for postgame stuff.

RIP my team on Wellspring of Truth.

I don't play Awakening much anymore, but I usually did +Str -Mag, and reclassed into either a Myrmidon or Mercenary

I don't have a definitive skill list, so I'll just list his current skills (I never finished grinding; ones not in use are in parentheses): Veteran, Armsthrift, Limit Breaker, Sol, Luna, (Patience), (Solidarity), (Rally Spectrum), (Axebreaker), (Astra), (Ignis)

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I use MaMU usually, and I go with +Spd -Lck. I like going with most magic-based classes as well as the Myrm line.

I adored using Celica's Gale because it reminds me of my favorite Pokemon move, Petal Dance. The best build around it involved:

FeMU + Chrom (with dual support skills); +Mag/(-HP or -LUK/RES) Dark Flier. I used Galeforce/Armsthrift/Limit Breaker/Tomefaire/attack skill of choice (Ignis or Luna usually); I swapped Tomefaire and the flex slot with Vantage/Vengeance on Lunatic mode.

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Chrobin ended up as a machine gun that fired a million pink petals and spear/sword/arrows strikes between dual attack proc-ing after each doubled Celica's Gale strike. Especially with the Vantage+Vengeance set, the only way to improve the build was to run the same build with Lucina/Morgan. However, I found that it's kind of a waste to tie up Lucina/Morgan together for a negligible increase in effectiveness when Chrobin did just as good, while also making great use of Chrom as MU's best pair up partner (since he tends to be good-but-lackluster otherwise).

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