Final Fantasy Xiii Best Weapons For Each Character, And Why?

i realize that there isn't a single “best weapon” for each character, but i know that some are more catered to certain roles. i'm definitely going with the lionheart for lightning, but i don't know what to upgrade it with that will make it most effective. my characters specialize in the following roles:

lightning: ravager // hope: medic // vanille: sabateur // sazh: synergist // fang: commando // snow: sentinel

I'm currently on chapter 9

any and all help is much appreciated


Honestly just go with whatever you feel is good. Usually a weapon with quick stagger is useful. Once you beat the main quest and the new game + is when the ultimate weapons come into play. Until then use whatever you want

You don't have to and frankly probably shouldn't even worry about upgrading weapons until you've beaten the game and unlocked the rest of the Crystarium. It's just not worthwhile, and you really can't realistically get the gil or the trapezoids you need for the last tier weapons until post-endgame.

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For Light its her Axis Blade and upgrades, cause of the ATB Charge property. That plus two or three accessories in the Boost tree (Hermes Sandals, Sprint Shoes, Whistlewind Scarf, or Aurora Scarf) and she's so fast it's bonkers.

Hope it's probably his Hawkeye for the highest Magic stats.

Vanille it's her Belladonna Wand no contest.

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Fang it's either the Bladed Lance of the Dragoon Lance if you can do without any form of magic from her.

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Snow and Sazh don't get much use for me end game, although Sazh has some use as a solo 'toise slayer in the early endgame with his Pleiades Hi-Powers.

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As someone who has beaten Orphan and not played since, is the endgame worth playing? It doesn't seem like there's anywhere else to go after unlocking Titan's trials…

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In chapter 9, you can farm the PSICOM enemies for chips, sell those for gil, then buy parts from the store. The Axis Blade is my favorite one of Lightnings to level, ATB charge on hit is amazing with Haste.

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