Ffxiv Callback Campaign No Email, The Callback Campaign Has Returned!

So, this is most likely already well known. However this is what happened. I have been inactive for over 90 days, a FC member of mine invited me back to play through the Callback “Campaign” function. Well, it”s been over the estimated time for an email being sent, and I have not received any. I have already checked my spam folder.So naturally I take to the SE customer support chat to try and get the problem resolved. Long story short they can”t help and the email is not guaranteed, which is already stated on the “Campaign” web-page. I already knew all that. What I did not know however, is that the system that sends out the emails is basically a lottery. They draw numbers and if yours is drawn then you get an email. If not, tough sh*t.Below is a picture to the SE support agent confirming that it is a lottery system.

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What I can”t understand is how this system is so freaking janked. They have such sh*tty servers that they need to rely on a lottery system to deal with the number of emails for the “Campaign”? I find that hard to believe considering that literally EVERY TIME I have made a Mog-Station purchase I have gotten the email within minutes.TLDR: The Campaign email system is lottery based.EDIT: Wow, I was not expecting this post to get so much attention. In all honesty it was just a way for me to vent my frustrations over the situation. With that said I finally received my email and have returned to FFXIV. I would like to thank everyone for their advice and thoughts on the situation. SE_Kahuna got word from a North American support member saying that it is not a lottery system. Thanks for clearing up the confusion.

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Hey everyone,I wanted to share a message from the North American support team in regards to the post above with everyone:Greetings,Firstly, we”d like to confirm that the Callback Campaign is not a “lottery” based system. Users who meet the campaign requirements will be sent the campaign e-mail from our mail system each day. The notice in question (“Furthermore, we cannot guarantee recipients will receive invitation e-mails.”) simply refers to circumstances outside our control, such as e-mails that hit spam filters or those that aren”t delivered due to outdated e-mail addresses.We”d also like to apologize for the confusion caused by the support representative. We”ll be working with the team to ensure that the correct information regarding this is provided going forward.

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