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Final Fantasy 8: Best Magic To Junction (And Where To Find Them) Mastering Final Fantasy 8″s Junction System is crucial for beating Square”s JRPG. Which magic are the best to junction and where can they be found?

Final Fantasy VIII (one of the best games in the series) introduced one of the most unique mechanics in the entire franchise. Rather than relying on grids or leveling-up bonuses, character stat development is achieved through the Junction System, which involves collecting and stocking magic and applying them to individual stats. Magic can be obtained from draw points, refining items, or through enemies.

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With 50 different magic spells to junction, players may find themselves experimenting with ineffective configurations, which can hinder their gameplay. As the party”s stats rely on optimizing junctions, knowing the finest magic for junctioning can completely change a character”s effectiveness, thus improving the player”s experience.

10 Meteor

An effective non-elemental offensive spell, Meteor is great for both junction and combat. It deals damage in 10 separate intervals with varying damage outputs and provides the second-highest Strength boost and third-highest HP boost. With Ultima and Full-Life topping both respective stats, Meteor could prove useful for junctioning to Strength to optimize Ultima”s versatility elsewhere.

Ruby Dragons are the easiest way to draw Meteor, as they only need to be level 45+ to qualify. For refining, the two items needed are Meteor Stones and Star Fragments. Star Fragments are easier to obtain through the Iron Giants, an easily locatable enemy, which have a 100% Mug rate and varying item-drop rates for Star Fragments.

9 Full-Life

Final Fantasy 8 Irvine Squall Casting Full-Life On Selphie
As the name suggests, Full-Life is a restorative spell that brings a KO”d character back with full HP. Being one of the better restorative spells, it provides a massive stat boost when junctioned to HP and Vitality (second only to Ultima). Full-Life is best junctioned to HP, since Ultima should be reserved for offensive stats and Vitality can be covered by Meltdown.

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With its high curative powers, naturally, this spell is harder to find. The greatest strategy for banking Full-Life is to wait to battle Tonberry King at level 30+, as it is one of the only enemies Full-Life can be drawn from besides Bahamut and Fujin (second encounter). Siren”s L Magic-RF ability can turn Regen Rings (easily Mugged from Torama in Esther City) and Phoenix Spirits into Full-Life as well.

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8 Triple

Final Fantasy 8 Cerberus Fight Irvine Triple Squall Rinoa
Triple is a spell that allows characters to cast three spells in a turn. It”s the only spell that beats Ultima in two stat boosts: Speed and Hit. Because of the exponential difference between the two spells with the best stat boost when junctioned to Hit (Triple with a 150 bonus vs. Ultima”s 60), the strategic choice would be junctioning Triple to Hit and allowing Haste or Ultima to cover Speed.

While Triple is considered rarer than many, there are ways to work around this. Players can bank Triples by drawing from Odin and Cerberus, or can abuse Double”s simpler acquisition and use Alexander”s High Mag-RF to turn Doubles into Triples. Like many other powerful spells, Triple can be found at draw points located at the Island Closest to Heaven, Island Closest to Hell, and in Ultimecia”s Castle.

7 Reflect

Final Fantasy 8 Rinoa Squall Zell Casting Reflect
Characters with Reflect cast on them are temporarily immune to magic attacks, reflecting any magic cast back at the caster. Of the numerous junction combinations, Reflect is the prime magic to junction to Spirit, ranking as the third-highest after Ultima (which would be wasted junctioned to Spirit) and Apocalypse.

Compared to other spells on this list, Reflect is not as hard to obtain (though it is one of the greatest). It can be drawn from Base Leaders, Gargantua, Iron Giants, Adamantoise, Biobra, Death Claws, SAM08Gs, and Ruby Dragons. Dragon Skins are the items players should seek for refining Reflects, using Leviathan”s Supt Mag-RF. While not able to draw Reflect from, Anacondaurs are the enemies that provide the best chance for obtaining Dragon Skins with their high drop rates.

6 Aura

One of the most vital spells in Final Fantasy VIII is Aura, which increases the chance to trigger a character”s Limit Break without leaving them in critical HP. It boasts an incredible increase to Luck and delivers one of the higher stat boosts to Strength. Ultimately, it would serve best junctioned to Luck as Strength can be covered by numerous other effective spells.

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Aura is perhaps one of the hardest spells to obtain. The only enemy it can be drawn from is Seifer in the Lunatic Pandora, making it a particularly late-game procurement. A painless way to stock Aura (without waiting until Disc 3″s conclusion) is through farming Fury Fragments from Blue Dragons, Grendels, and Ruby Dragons, as the item can be refined into Aura using Leviathan”s Supt Mag-RF. Blue Dragons have a 100% Mug rate for Fury Fragments, making them notable of the three mentioned.

5 Tornado

Tornado is the greatest Wind-elemental magic in the game, able to deal massive damage to multiple enemies. Besides its usefulness when elementally junctioned to deal/absorb Wind damage, it”s a fantastic stat boost to Evasion and Speed. It”s the optimal junction for Evasion since other magic that boast a similarly high boost to this stat are better junctioned on others.

An early way to acquire Tornado is through Quezacotl”s T Mag-RF, which can refine Windmills into 20 Tornados. Significant enemies for drawing include Abyss Worms, Thrustaevis, and Behemoths. Alternatively, Aero can be refined into Tornado using Alexander”s High Mag-RF.

4 Curaga

Among the restorative magic, Curaga is the most powerful. Although it doesn”t top any stat boosts, it”s effective across the board (with particularly beneficial coverage when junctioned to HP, Vitality, and Spirit). Therefore, it works as an excellent placeholder for other magics that the player may want to utilize elsewhere or in battle.

This spell can be acquired early due to Siren”s L Mag-RF, using it to refine Tents into 10 Curaga and Cottages into 20. It can also utilize Alexander”s High Mag-RF to turn Cura (which are easier to obtain) into Curaga. In comparison to other higher-level spells, it can be drawn from more enemies that appear frequently, including Anacondaurs, G-Soldiers, Sphinxaurs, and Esther Soldiers.

3 Meltdown

Featuring the ability to drop a target”s Vitality and Spirit to 0, Meltdown obliterates defenses by rendering targets completely vulnerable to magic and physical attacks. Beyond this devastating ability, it provides one of the top stat boosts to Vitality, making it a perfect junction for it.

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There are three high-level enemies players should look for to draw Meltdown: Bombs (one of the franchise”s most iconic monsters), Elastoids, and Gayla. Of these, Gayla are significant, since they also supply Mysterious Fluids via Mug or dropping. Diablo”s ST Mag-RF turns a single Mystery Fluid into 10 Meltdowns, making Gayla a Meltdown factory.

2 Pain

Aptly named for what it makes you feel when inflicted with it, Pain is an effect spell that induces Darkness, Silence, and Poison. Providing functional support by either inducing its many effects or making a character immune through elemental junctions, Pain acts as a strong magic to junction across numerous stats. It ties with Aura for second-best Luck boost, is within the top 5 for Magic boost, and is notable for both HP and Strength. As such, it does not have a strict junction placement and can provide support anywhere the player needs it.

Enemies to look out for to draw Pain include Elnoyle, Tri-Faces, and Ochus. Tri-Face also impart Curse Spikes, a helpful item for refining Pain through Diablo”s St Mag-RF ability.

1 Ultima

Undoubtedly, Ultima is the best magic spell for both junctioning and combat, as it”s the most powerful non-elemental magic spell (only beaten by Apocalypse, which exclusively is drawn from Ultimecia). It tops the stat boost in almost all junctions, but statistically suits being junctioned to Strength, Magic, or Speed since other magic can fill the other stats.

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Due to its junctioning capabilities, it”s no surprise that Ultima is hard to obtain, and knowing all places it can be found will aid any player. Most notably, it can be continually drawn in Shumi Village for a recurring 5000 gil fee. Alternatively, it can be drawn from Ultima Weapon and Omega Weapon (two optional superbosses), and it has single-use draw points at Fisherman”s Horizon, Lunatic Pandora, Deep Sea Research Center, Ultimecia”s Castle, and the two islands. Bahamut”s Forbid Mag-RF can refine Ultima from Ultima Stones, Energy Crystals, Pulse Ammo, and Dark Matter.

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