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I'm a big audiobook fan, but they are so expensive, and I was wandering if maybe there were some on youtube people could recommend.

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Maybe some older ones? the BBC has a great Hobbit one on there.

Thankyou for any recommendations as they would be very helpful.



I've been writing ( and just started narrating it myself and putting it on youtube. If you're interested in tuning into a serialized audiobook you can give it a try. I know amateur stuff can be hit or miss and I might be biased but I thought I did a decent job haha.

You can check out this person on YouTube he has quite a few Dresden files books and a few others |

Thousand Nights and a Night:

If you want to browse the whole catalog, go to and press the Genre/Subject button and look under the several Fantasy Fiction genres.

yeah but i don't know which ones are good. There are LOADS of terrible ones.

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I;m looking for good stories with good narrators.

I haven't noticed that yet. I've only listened to a few from YT but haven't noticed them being cut. Do you know why they do this?

You can find the Dragonlance novels for free on youtube. They were always my favorite books growing up.

I'm listening my way through the Dark Tower series at the moment (although not reading a physical book pains me some). I'm using scribd to listen, which is like 8 or 9 dollars a month I think. It's unlimited1 books, audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, etc. Haven't been using it too long but I have no complaints so far.

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1 ToS says some content may have restrictions. I haven't ran into this yet tho.

The “A court of thorns and roses” series was really good. I am anxiously awaiting the next one. They are all available free on youtube.

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