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Ezreal URF Build Guide, Runes, Counters – Season 11

Ezreal URF Build Guide, Runes, Counters - Season 11

Ezreal is a champion in League of Legends. He’s one of the best AD Carries in the game, but he needs to be built differently for URF mode.

A lot of players are having trouble building Ezreal correctly during URF mode because they’re used to playing him as an AP carry instead. This guide will help you with that!

Ezreal URF Build Guide, Runes, Counters - Season 11
Ezreal URF Build Guide, Runes, Counters – Season 11

I’ve written this comprehensive guide how to ezreal urf build properly so that your team can win more games and climb higher up the ranked ladder during URF season 11! It includes everything from runes, masteries, skill order and item builds all the way through match-ups against other champions like Kai’Sa or Jinx. I hope it helps you out!

Best items for URF Ezreal – Ezreal URF Build Guide – Season 11

Best items for URF Ezreal - Ezreal URF Build Guide - Season 11
Best items for URF Ezreal – Ezreal URF Build Guide – Season 11

Dark Harvest

For every enemy champion who dies near you, their soul will be sent to a temporary holding cell. Once its duration ends or if the player collects enough souls from dead champions (depending on how many they have), Dark Harvest’s cooldown is disabled so these harvested spirits can be unleashed for devastating one-time attacks early in URF! The key here should really just focus on fighting and gathering up those nearby lost wills before releasing them upon your foes – because once we unlock this rune’s potential it becomes very hard not do deal some serious damage against those opponents that dare stand in front us again after being hit by such as thing…

Sudden Impact

In URF, Ezreal’s E – Arcane Shift is one of the best abilities overall! It’s on a 5.6 seconds cooldown at the start of game but since you’re maxing it second (and often), Sudden Impact will give your jump magic damage and lethality along with some additional penetration buffs that he can take advantage without even trying hard enough in this new mode all about quickness over power or anything like that because hey–can’t have everything right? Well anyway now there are more ways than ever before for him to get those kills while still providing utility throughout every other encounter thanks so much goodness AT THE BEACH SUFFICES.

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Eyeball Collection

Eyeball Collection is the only viable choice in the third row of Domination tree. The other two choices are tied with warding, which has no point for URF gameplay because there’s nothing to protect from enemies barrage attacks and it takes up slots you could use elsewhere on your build! Eyeballs collection provides an excellent passive damage buff that will passively stack every time one enemy dies near me or through my skill-attacks; these stats combined make this item worthwhile if played right into any combat situation where protection against many foes may become necessary (such as Strike Force missions).

Ravenous Hunter

Ravenous Hunter is a key rune for Ezreal in URF. It synergizes beautifully with the hybrid build, as you will be needing both your abilities and auto attacks to do most amount of damage on an AP or AD mage like him. The spell can provide you tons healing while using it during combat which makes this runearu even better!


In URF, the Precision tree provides a secondary rune set that can be purchased with Triumph. This is due to Ezreal’s high amount of playtime and need for back-up recovery when he gets outplayed by his opponents.

Coup de Grace

Coup de Grace boosts your damage to champions under 40% HP by 8%. This is a great rune for securing flashy kills, but it also has other uses. If you use Coup De Grace with Dark Harvest – which increases critical strike chance against targets below 20% health – then enemies will die from 1 combo or go boom after using their ultimate only!

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Coup-de-grace can be handy at times: when facing off an enemy champ whose low hit points might make him run away before we even get close enough to land our attacks; Or if my allies need someone taken care of quickly without much risk involved on behalf their own safety.”


For a great game of URF, you will need to equip yourself with two Adaptive Forces and some armor.

Summoner’s Spells – Ezreal URF Build Guide – Season 11

Summoner’s Spells - Ezreal URF Build Guide - Season 11
Summoner’s Spells – Ezreal URF Build Guide – Season 11

Horizon Focus

If you want to kill as many people with one shot, then the 100AP Horizon Focus is an item that can help. When it hits your opponents right in their face and absorbs all of Ezreal’s energy from him (it has 10000 AP), he gains 50% more attack speed for 5 seconds- which means when this ultimate ability comes out at full force there will be no stopping its power!

Trinity Force

With the Trinity Force, Ezreal will be equipped for any situation! The item’s bonuses provide him with more power and speed. With its two unique components which can each have a different active effect depending on who uses it – this is one of those items you don’t want to miss out on if we’re being honest here because once obtained by anyone else in-game they’ll become unstoppable too!

Sorcerer’s Shoes

The Sorcerer’s Shoes are the best boots for Ezreal in URF, as his abilities will be much more often used than auto-attacks. The extra magic penetration is key to making him an effective fighter there!

Blade of the Ruined Kings

Blade of the Ruined Kings is a must-have item for any Ezreal player. The lifestyle and attack speed will help you in tense fights when poking isn’t an option, as well as giving your passive skills more power to secure kills or make them detonate early so that they miss their target entirely!
The active ability can be either another slow effect which would allow these abilities time to hit their mark before getting away safely -or it could create even larger obstacles by creating cracks across walls at random intervals around Draenei players’ realms; this might cause some serious confusion among enemy forces preparing against war…

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Death’s Dance

Death’s Dance is the only defensive item that you’ll buy in URF. 30 armor doesn’t sound like much, but it can be so beneficial when fighting enemies who don’t have any (or even just some). You might bypass this item and go for Bloodthirster instead if your team needs more flat lifesteal or attack damage protection from CC-heavy teams such as Warrior Tank compositions with execute abilities like Leapslam/Charge.

Rabadon’s Deathcap

Rabadon’s Deathcap is the best item to finish a game with. When you have all your cooldown reductions and can practically spam combo after combo, AP scaling on Rabadons’Deathcaps will make any ezreal deadlier than ever before! This also makes trueshot barrage more valuable against beefed up opponents in late game matches so be sure not miss out on this powerful gear sooner than anybody else because there are only few spots available for those who know how much they need it or love getting slaughtered by empowered enemies.

Summoner’s Spells

URF is a great map for flash and barrier. You will always want to have these two on hand in case of emergency, but also if your team needs either an escape route or just some time to heal from all their wounds before they can continue fighting another round!
I would recommend using Cleanse as well when facing teams who predominantly use stuns against you- though don’t feel guilty about putting up that Barrier anymore because those spells tend not work so well here most times around anyways.

So there you have it, a complete Ezreal URF Build Guide, Runes, Counters – Season 11 from runes to build and counters. Have fun playing this year’s newest champion!

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