Eu4 Best Custom Nation Ideas Eu4, Eu4 Best National Ideas Custom Nation

Take the largest -x discounts, if you can stack them together with ideas, policies etc.

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Take defensive ideas, getting the first two, 2 shock, 2mil trad, 75 morale, all before anyone else is over 2 morale.

With a 6 in mil on the leader and a focus swapped to mil, you can hit mil tech 4 up to a decade before anyone else, thus you have 2.51.6 or 4 morale while other nations only have 2.

Getting 2 colonists as your national ideas may cost almost 400 points, but boy is it worth it.


Ruler and heir were like 444 each, and I have all of Italian peninsula except Roma, because you still get the occupying Rome modifier even if you have it from the start.

I am currently in the process of making an album of my own custom nation ideas, and would like to hear other ideas and AARs involving custom nations.

Another one is being a Crusade State nation in Indonesia with raid coasts.

Are you playing on babby mode Backstory: A nation created out of Trebizond during the Crusade of Varna, with a high ranking female general from Morea marrying the current despot to secure an alliance between Trebizond and Byzantium.

If you have any ideas post it down in the comments Goals: Stop the Ottomans, Crush Islam, Guard Christianity, Hellenise and Christianise the Middle East, unite Christianity, Government: Ottoman Government ruled by the Il-Wangi Dynasty, Ideas: Heir Chance 100, Institution Spread 40, Colonists 1, Colonial Range 40, Can Raid Coasts, Province Trade Power 20, Ship Durability 20, Fort Defense 20, Auto discover adjacent provinces, Land Maintenance -20.

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No province may be more than 200 distance from home provinces, these being defined as provinces with a land connection to the capital.

For now. It doesnt even matter what – imagine -100 transport cost, you could defeat everyone with 10000-transport warfleets.

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Controls: Zabid, Taiz, Mukha, Adam, Mukala, Shihr, Assab, Tajura, Zeila, Hargeisa, Berbera, Sanaag, Las Khorey, Bosaso, Hafun, Suqutra, Maldives, Goa, Bharuch, Halar, Bela.

Ill start off with my nation based on a greek reform.

Basically, what if William Wallace was born in 1426, came to power in 1444 and decided to secede from Scotland with his highlander supporters So, 4.25 morale vs 2 with probably a 6 shock general, mil trad bonuses, probably some prestige morale bonuses.

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The ideas are basically a mix of Venetian and Dutch ideas, with the ability to raid costs thrown in so I can have enough sailors to man my large fleets.

What are your best custom nations You want to be eastern tech, orthodox, with manchu culture(for the banners) in an area with stepps so you get the corsacks bonuses.

They caught the Ottomans off by guard whilst the war was heating up in the balkans, and managed to snag a large chunk of anatolia with their elite Amazon warrior class.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

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