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Ethan Dolan is an American YouTube star best known as one-half of the sketch comedy duo The Dolan Twins. The Dolan Twins are most popular on YouTube, where they post comedy videos and vlogs for their millions of followers. The pair first skyrocketed to fame on the now-defunct video sharing app Vine.

Ethan Dolan was born on December 16, 1992 in New Jersey, United States. Ethan has a twin brother, Grayson, and together the pair make up the Dolan Twins on social media. Ethan and Grayson grew up in the Long Valley region of Washington Township, Morris County, New Jersey. Prior to social media, Ethan was a wrestler. 

As of September 2021, Ethan Dolan has more than 8.1 million followers on Instagram, 8.2 million followers on Twitter, and 2.4 million followers on TikTok. Ethan and his twin brother run their own YouTube account together, titled The Dolan Twins. The YouTube channel has more than 10.9 million subscribers.

Ethan and his brother first rose to prominence on the video-sharing app Vine. In 2013, the Dolan Twins joined Vine and quickly became a beloved comedic duo on the app. By the time Vine was shut down and became defunct, the Dolan Twins had more than 6.4 million followers. 

In 2014, the Dolan Twins started their YouTube channel of the same name. The twins began posting funny content to their channel and now have millions of lifetime views on their content, as well as millions of followers. 

The twins became so popular on social media by 2016 that they embarked on their world tour titled “4OU.” To add to their popularity, the Dolan twins also worked on a Twitter ad campaign for their new stickers feature. 

In March 2018, the Dolan twins took a temporary break from their YouTube channel when they posted a video tired “Bye For Now.” The break, which lasted just a few months, was intended to let the twins focus on their lives outside YouTube and re-evaluate how they wanted to create content. They returned to YouTube in May of the same year. 

Just a month later, the Dolan twins formed The Sister Squad with fellow YouTube stars Emma Chamberlain and James Charles, two big names on the platform. Under this partnership, the group uploaded simultaneous videos across their YouTube channels and collaborated together.

Ethan and his brother have done some work outside of social media as well. The Dolan Twins were added to MTV’s Total Request Live as correspondents and on-air hosts. In 2018, the twins worked together on directing a music video for the Australian group Cub Sport, which does alternative pop music. 

The Dolan Twins launched their own podcast in 2020 titled “Deeper with the Dolan Twins.” The podcast is produced by Cadence13. 

Both twins are signed to AwesomenessTV. 

In 2016, the Dolan Twins won the Teen Choice Awards’ Choice Web Star award for Male and Choice YouTuber.  The Sister Squad was later recognized with a nomination for the 2019 YouTube Ensemble Shorty Award. 

The Dolan Twins have been somewhat open about their personal life. In January 2019, Ethan and Grayson’s father, Sean, died of cancer tragically at just 50 years old. Later that year, the twins responded by posting a 60-minute video to their channel titled “It’s Time to Move On…” In the video, the twins open up about the stress and grief of their father’s death. The pair said they plan to change the content of their platform to allow for a more flexible schedule. 

In addition, Ethan is dating girlfriend Kristina, from Australia. 

Ethan is the founder of Wakeheart fragrances, and you can purchase them online through their website. 

The Dolan twins sell their own official merchandise on their website.

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