Email is already registered discord

Tright here are times as soon as I am currently logged into Discord (note: I logged in already), via my user name showing at the bottom left of the home window, and then I want to sign up with a certain channel.

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Then it says at the bottom "You should insurance claim and also verify your account" through a "Claim Account" button. So I thought, I am currently logged in via the user name showing, why perform I still must claim my account?

And if I click the "Claim Account" switch, and also kind in my email and password, it"d display an error, "Email already registered" and also refusage to go on... So what is it around and also exactly how to fix it?



you can retrieve the password by:

Open the Discord appGo into your email and also click Foracquired your passwordDiscord then will certainly sfinish you an email via instructionsOpen the email, click Recollection Password, and also follow the instructions offered.

Hit ctrl + transition + i, click "application" on the tabs on the peak, then expand "regional storage" on the left hand side, then click "discordapplication.com". You must watch somepoint that claims "token" on the table that appears. Click on that, hit backspace, then hit Ctrl + R.

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