Elementary The Best Way Out Is Always Through (Tv Episode 2015)

Elementary Season 3 Episode 22 Review: The Best Way Out is Always Through


This episode we got to see a glimpse of Detective Bell”s private life. He was dating a fellow detective, Seana Scott. They were still keeping it quiet, but Joan quickly figured out they were more than colleagues. 

Sadly, his happiness with Detective Scott was short-lived. Sherlock told Joan that Scott was IA. She was torn about whether to tell Bell. To my surprise, Sherlock wasn”t sure she should.

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This didn”t seem like my Sherlock who can be honest to the point of rudeness, but we later understood why he was hesitant.

Bell didn”t take kindly to news that Scott was IA and they broke-up. When working together, Sherlock apologized to him. After I picked myself up from the floor from Sherlock apologizing, I fell back on the floor when he explained why. 

Sherlock: I have what some might call a strong personality.Bell: Nah.

He was worried that his tendency to isolate himself was rubbing off on others. Joan wasn”t as social as she used to be. Captain Gregson was no longer married and now Bell was alone again. 

It takes a certain amount of ego to think one could have that much influence on others, but Sherlock wasn”t being egotistical. The fact he cared that his influence could negatively affect others showed such tremendous growth in his character.

You think you broke us up with the power of your mind?


Bell disagreed strongly. He broke up with Detective Scott because she was IA. In the grand scheme of life, Sherlock didn”t think that was so bad.

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The great love of my life is a homicidal maniac. No one”s perfect.


When you put it like that – being a part of the rat squad probably wasn”t that big of a deal.

I also found it interesting that he still considered Moriarty/Irene Adler to be the love of his life and not his greatest nemesis. Of course, the real answer is she might be both.

But I digress, Sherlock”s concerns actually went deeper than worrying about Bell isolating himself. He felt Bell was lonelier than he was. After all, he had Joan. 

I prefer Sherlock and Joan to remain partners and BFFs, but I admit that the shipper in me swooned a bit. But I still don”t want them to become romantically involved. I am, however, glad that they have one another. 

Sherlock is right. Bell does deserve someone too.

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The case tonight involved a murdered judge who appeared to have been stabbed by an escaped prisoner, Nikki Moreno. This particularly intrigued Sherlock because I imagine one of his hobbies is probably planning prison escapes. Unfortunately for him, figuring out her escape route was proving tougher than he expected.

It kills you that an unremarkable prisoner could figure out how to escape from prison when you can”t.


Joan definitely hit the truth there. Nikki Moreno was an unremarkable prisoner. Nothing about her indicated she was someone who could plan a prison escape and she didn”t.

She, in fact, never left the prison but was murdered and meant to be a patsy for Judge Vaughn”s murder, which was actually quite brilliant. Everyone would assume the escaped prisoner was guilty and not look hard at anyone else or for any other motive besides revenge. It”s too bad the real killer didn”t know that Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson would be asked to consult.

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It all boiled down to greed, which murder so often does. The bad guy went to prison, which was ironic since he ran a prison. It should hold no surprises for him.

Bell took Sherlock”s words to heart and tried to mend fences with Detective Scott. But she also took his words to heart too and decided to work with IAB full-time, out of the shadows. It”s a tough position to police other police officers. Who knows if we”ll see Detective Scott again, but I hope Bell keeps looking for someone.

Bell sought comfort from Sherlock, which was a bit of surprise. He would generally not be the person I would turn to for comfort. Then again, he may not be a teddy bear, but he does have a heart and is the short-term, proud owner of the Stanley Cup.

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I don”t know what”s weirder … that I”m spending my Friday night with you or the Stanley freaking Cup.


My vote is both. Followed by Sherlock offering to introduce him to one of his “friends” who might be desirous of a relationship, because a matchmaking Sherlock Holmes is scary to imagine.

What did you think of tonight”s episode? Do you agree or disagree with Sherlock”s assessment that Bell is lonelier than he is? Do you think Sherlock”s isolationistic tendencies have influenced Watson and the others? Don”t forget you can watch Elementary online via TV Fanatic at your convenience. 

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