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Electronic problems of journals and articles to periodicals the library subscribes in. It consists of Full-text and also Bibliographic Databases. Full- text databases contain the whole content of an post such as citation indevelopment, message, illustrations, diagrams and also tables. Bibliographic databases only contain citation information of an article, such as author’s name, journal title, publication date and also web page numbers. An e-database is an arranged collection of information. It supports versatile and also thorough searching of various areas, e.g. journal title, short article title, writer, abstract, year, etc. We deserve to just search for journal title in the Library Catalogues, but not the title or writer of individual posts. Therefore, e-database is incredibly advantageous to find out the short articles on specific topics, e.g. Peer assessment in classroom. A particular journal posts can retrieve from e-database, which might not find the same information using the Library Catalogue.

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Libraries have actually been experimenting quickly to cope up with the troubles of ever enhancing prices of the journals, space needs and also decreasing level of intake as the journals gain older. Nevertheless, libraries are forced to preserve ago the worries of the journals, usually in bound develop. Electronic Journal helps the librarians in addressing these troubles to a good extent without substantially affecting the business levels. Electronic journals can be accessed via inter-net from any kind of internet allowed PC. Depfinishing on the type of subscription, one or even more customers deserve to accessibility the company all at once, either directly from an independent web allowed COMPUTER or in a regional area network via a proxy server (IP addresses based access). Electronic journals also offer advantage of full text looking and downloading of short articles. Many type of publishers of digital journals sell their journals through consortia of libraries at much lower prices. INDEST and also INFLIBNET are 2 such consortia operating in India. Access to posts in electronic journals have the right to additionally be made via aggregator solutions which sell searchable databases of contents of e-journals from a number of publishers, and also links to journal website for complete message. Emerald, OCLC and also J-Gate are some of the example of e-journal aggregator services. The primary disbenefit of electronic journal is that libraries cannot physically posses the journals.

Advanteras of E-Journals:
E-journals are coming to be significantly in demand also both as a method of rapid desktop computer accessibility to existing study products and also as a method to check out past quantities. E-journals market a selection of potential advantages to libraries and also end-users:
  1. Allows remote access.
  2. Can be provided simultaneously by even more than one user.
  3. Provides timely access and also at the rate of 24 X 7 X 365 formula.
  4. Supports different looking capabilities.
  5. Accommodays distinctive features (e.g. Links to connected items, reference linking)
  6. Saves physical storage space.
  7. Supports multimedia indevelopment.

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As an outcome of the above benefits, libraries today buy licenses for an ever-increasing number of Electronic Journals from a variety of various publishers and providers, and also use a varied collection of innovations for indevelopment distribution.

Categories of E-Journals:
 Based on the level of content e-journal deserve to be classified as:

a. Scholarly or research e-journal.

b. Popular or basic public e-journal.

c. Indusattempt or Trade e-journals.

Based on availcapability and also pricing e-journals may be categorized  as followings:

Free virtual e-journal: The journals, which are completely free in online. Such as Fulltext Database/ company.

Free in addition to print subscription e-journal: The journals, which online accessibility are totally free and also likewise administer print subscription. i.e. Cambridge College Press, John Hopkins University Press, Oxford University press.

Priced e-journal: The journals, which are digital and priced marginally less than the published variation. i.e. Blackwell, Blackwell Navigator etc.

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  • Reference Article: Velumani, K. V. (2013). An examination in to the influence of e sources in modern Library and Indevelopment Centers.

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