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There are, according to online sources, a total of 13 Legacy Boss maps in Dragon Quest IX. The first Legacy Boss map you'll acquire is for the Archfiend Baramos. Here I will be giving you a bare-bones setup that will start you on your way on beating these monsters.


Defining Your Party Roles

Before you go Legacy Boss hunting (or grotto exploring for that matter), you need to clearly define your party roles. There are several roles that your party members must be skilled up to do, and I will list these below.

Support Healer/Damage Dealer

We need this role in our party because there are times your main healer bites the dust, or is too busy using mass healing to throw a Zing out to a dead party member. On the flip side, there are times your tank is too busy taking punishment to do damage. So, this character is built to do both. As you may have suspected by this description, this character will be a Minstrel. In my playthrough, my party's Minstrel is also my main character.

He is currently at level 47, with the following stat and major skill tree allocations:

275 HP126 MP325 Attack277 Defense189 Agility100 Sword Skill100 Shield Skill81 Guts (Gladiator unique skill tree)

Note: Other skill tree allocations have been omitted for the sake of brevity.

Having 100 in your Sword Skill gives you +60 Attack while using a Sword, as well as Gigaslash, which admittedly isn't that good against single targets like these bosses. It also gives you the ability to use Swords with any class.

Having 100 in your Shield Skill gives you +6% chance to block using a Shield, and allows any class to equip a shield, as well as giving you the Magic Mirror ability once you have at least 40 points invested in this tree.

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Off-Tank/Damage Dealer

This character is set up to be able to take punishment in case the main tank isn't in a position to do so. If the main tank is doing his/her thing, then this character will be contributing to your damage output instead. I chose a Warrior for this role, as they can equip heavy armor and tend to have good defense and attack parameters.

His stats and major skill tree allocations are as follows:

Level 48 Warrior337 HP43 MP402 Attack372 Defense69 Agility100 Sword skill100 Shield skill

This role will also have enough points in the Courage (Warrior-unique) skill tree to use Whipping Boy, which is integral to this character's role of off-tanking. When your healer is near death, you can have this character use Whipping Boy and shield him/her while he/she can get to healing.


Ah, the tank. This pretty much HAS to be a Paladin. Paladins get ridiculous bonuses to their Resilience and HP thanks to their unique skill tree, Virtue, as well as getting a lot of Resilience and HP on level-up. He/she is set up to take the punishment for the rest of the party with Forbearance if needed, and otherwise to act as a support damage dealer. I recommend you equip him/her with a Life Bracer or Sacred Armor (if you equip the Life Bracer, equip Mirror/Catroptic Armor instead, as the 25 HP Regen doesn't stack; unfortunately.)

Her (it's a she in my case) stat and major skill allocations are as follows:

Level 44 Paladin322 Attack409 Defense64 Agility100 Spear skill100 Shield skill100 Virtue (Paladin unique skill tree)

Having 100 Spear skill, besides giving you the +60 Attack while using a Spear and the ability to use a Spear with any vocation, gives you a nice way to deal damage to single targets in the form of Multithrust. Multithrust connects three times, with a chance to hit a fourth time, dealing roughly half the damage of a regular attack (so Multithrust does from 1.5x to double the regular damage each time you use it, for the cost of 4 MP). I also invested 22 points into the Enlightenment skill tree so she could use Right as Rain, which grants HP regen to all of your party members for about 5-7 turns. It's a nice thing to use so your healer doesn't have to and when you have a reprieve and don't have to tank that turn.


This is the last role I'm going to mention in this article, and probably the most important one. You won't survive many battles if you don't have a good healer. It doesn't matter if your tank has 999 HP if he/she can't heal the punishment off. Your healer should be a Priest or a Sage, and I recommend a Sage, as they happen to be the only class that can learn Kazing. Also, if I had to choose a tree to invest 100 skill points in, it's definitely Enlightenment. Make sure that he/she has 100 skill points in the Wand skill tree; the amount of bonus MP you get from equipping a Wand is priceless.

My healer has the following stat and skill tree setup:

Level 43 Sage252 HP401 MP173 Attack190 Defense131 Agility100 Wand skill100 Shield Skill (noticing a trend here?)100 Enlightenment

Having 100 Wand skill grants that character Auto MP Regen while he/she has a wand equipped (recover 1-4 MP at the end of each turn) as well as giving a slew of +MP bonuses, as I mentioned at the start of this section. 100 Enlightenment, what doesn't it do? Starting from the end of the skill tree, the 100 point skill reduces MP cost by 25%, which is probably one of the best bonuses any skill tree has, period. You also get a bunch of magical mending and magical might stat boosters along the way, and that's without mentioning Caster Sugar, which is an ability that costs 8 MP and increases magical might and magical mending during combat.

Now, Beat Those Legacy Bosses!

Well, there you have it, folks.

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Now you have a good set up that will carry through most, if not all, of the Legacy Boss fights. Feel free to post your own tips related to party set up in the comments section.

Until next time, take care and have fun!


abolx101 on February 11, 2012:

myprty is 2priests ,1 warrior and 1 clas i not sre abut ths s my mai he level 29 rangr,lel 35 glad ,level 21 sage and lvl22 arm which voction shud i use for pst gam?

Darrin Perez (author) from Puerto Rico on December 23, 2011:

Anonymous Girl: Well, hello there!

You have a solid party setup there, in my opinion. You should be able to beat Baramos easily. Your Gladiator has an impressive amount of HP as well, if I may say so myself. 🙂

Anonymous Girl on December 23, 2011:

Hello! I'm trying to get a couple Legacy Boss maps… but for now, can you tell me if my team is good enough for any of the bosses?

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