The Dragon Age Origins Best Tank Review – How to Build a Tank and Ward of the Enemies

The Dragon Age Origins Best Tank Review - How to Build a Tank and Ward of the Enemies

The Dragon Age Origins Best Tank Review. Dragon Age Origins is a popular role-playing game that has many different characters that players can choose from to play as their main character. One of the most popular characters to play as is the tank. The tank is a character that is able to take a lot of damage and protect the other members of the party.

dragon age origins shale build
dragon age origins shale build

Dragon Age Origins Best Tank

Dragon Age: Origins is an epic fantasy role-playing game featuring a rich story, personality-driven characters, and tactical, bloody combat. It is considered a spiritual successor to the Baldur”s Gate series.

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Which character is the best tank?

I like using sten most of the time, but should i be using alistar or shale instead? are they better than sten at tanking?


I always use shale. Only recently have i been using alistair, and hes okay. i think shale is stronger, but with alistair you can give him better armour and weapons


Sten + Indomitable + Intimidate (whatever the one is that pulls people away with every attack) + Taunt = rape. You”re fine. HaltIamReptar said: ” Sten + Indomitable + Intimidate (whatever the one is that pulls people away with every attack) + Taunt = rape. You”re fine. “alright, thanks man

I can”t imagine using Sten with a tank unless you”re playing on Easy – Alistair is tough enough to keep alive on Nightmare as a mage PC, and when I played with my PC as a tank, even he with all the extra stats from the tower was squishy early on. Pretty beast by the end-game though, played on Normal.

Either is fine. Shale can be better in the beginning and he has better agro control, but his utility skills require him not to be tanking.Alistair is weaker at first, but later on he is insanely tough more so then Shale and also offers some good buffs and utility while tanking. Sten is a weird choice becouse he already has spent skills in 2h.

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For me I specced Alistair completley on Shields, and making Sten a two handed, hard hitting basterd. However, this meant I saw Alistair acting as a warrior, and not as a Templar since I did not enhance any of his templar skills. Maybe a second playthr…. oh wait, theres Mass Effect 2 waiting already…  bastards!

Alistair was my main tank, Shale oddly enough doesn”t seem to be too reliable from my experience. Going through a playthrough with him as my only party warrior, I”d have to duo-tank with my own warrior character because he couldn”t never seem to last too long trying to take it all on his own.

Shale definitely made tanking easier. Alistair is a good character and can be made into a successful tank, but Shale requires less of an investment…  As a side note, she will not spend a majority of her time hitting on your female rogue awkwardly like Alistair does… >.>

Shale is mindnumbingly good for a tank.  Also I”m using Sten as a dualwielder for fun and.. he can kick some serious ass even with dual blades.

Alistair – Give him all of the shield upgrades, use them properly, toss a regen and a lifeward on him just to be certain in a nasty situation, and he isn”t going anywhere.

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Shale is a good tank until enemies start getting scattershot. Then you definitely want someone with a shield.

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I tried using Sten, and felt he worked better as a melee dps with his 2-handed weapons, while I spec”d Alistair strong in shields and was surprised how well he performed under the pressure. I needed to abandon a lot of his other abilities and go heavy into strength and constitution so that he can use the better armors. I haven”t played a warrior yet, so that might be a way to go on some play through.

lol Shane is only a good tank at the beginning of the game. After like 10-15 hours, never use Shale again. Near the last quarter of the game, Shale is absolutely useless as a tank. Alistair”s armor, and items make him such a good tank. Not to mention he can have a higher constitution than Shale. And he can dodge and block attacks a hell lot better than Shale. Sten is a terrible tank throughout the game. He is a DPS warrior. Not a tank.  Lifegiver ring:  +10 Constitution +3 Combat Health Regeneration (PC) or +6 Combat Health Regeneration (PS3) +10 Exploration Health Regeneration +3 Armor +20 Healing Effects Received   Blood Dragon Armor:   +3 Strength +3 Willpower +4 Armor +50 Health -10% Fatigue Set: +3 Armor Set: +1 Defense Set: +1 Missile Deflection   Ring of Ages:   +20% Fire Resistance +20% Cold Resistance +20% Electricity Resistance +20% Nature Resistance +20% Spirit Resistance   You give those to Alistair. Shale is only a good tank at the beginning.

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Dragon age origins shale build

Dragon Age Origins Shale Build is a character for the dragon age origins game. It is a very strong build, especially for an alt. It is well rounded with good attack power and defense. To use the build well you need to know what your enemy does, their weakness, and how to exploit them (hint: de-buffing).

Dragon age: origins shale quest

The dragon age: origins shale quest is the most extensive part of this role playing game series. The dragon age storyline puts you at the end of a long period of antediluvian history, which you discover in further games and expansions.

This game is geared toward adults with excellent character development and strategy options as well as beautifully rendered graphics for a game of its time period. The game is available for free at the official website.

Next we come to a modern classic, Pokémon Go. This game is not just a simple port of the original games on Gameboy, but has been revamped and expanded in many ways.

While it still has the same basic concept of collecting and battling Pokémon, you also have to travel around to find new ones as well as battling them against other players.

Dragon age origins shale dps build

Having problems with the Dps Shale build for Dragon Age Origins? Then this article is for you.

First, you’ll want to start by increasing your strength and dexterity attribute scores as much as possible, then working on making your physical fitness ability score better. After that, get all of the armor of scaling nature that you can find, such as lesser dragon scale from the courtyard and use it when you go into battle. Enhance headshot healing and stamina while you’re at it, so you don.

Dragon age origins best tactics for leliana

“I’m not a rogue. I do what rogues do, but we are different creatures entirely. ” Leliana is the first partner introduced in Dragon Age: Origins. She is a member of the dangerous, underground Chantry resistance against the militant Templar Order, and seeks to restore freedom to the world by destroying the “abominations” created by magic. Before her return as a companion in DAO: Awakening she takes on the role of a scout and spy, working inside Fereld.

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Dragon age: origins zevran build

It’s funny how people make such a big deal about Video Games nowadays. In my day I could barely finish Super Mario Brothers 3, which just goes to show how far we’ve come as far as gaming is concerned. If you’re the type of person who likes to play games on your smartphone, go right ahead! Chances are you aren’t reading this post anyway. However if you want to take things to the next level, you may be interested in this cool Dragon Age: Origins Zev.

Dragon age origins templar build

Dragon age origins templar build
Dragon age origins templar build

If you’ve just picked up Dragon Age 2 or want to jump into the third game and are looking for ideas of character builds, then this guide is a handy reference. Most importantly if you’re already invested in a single player campaign such as Dragon Age: Origins, where characters often joined your group as party members rather than starting from scratch every game, choosing what class to play next is sometimes a difficult decision given the specific build required for a certain class.

Dragon age origins sten build

Dragon Age Origins is a video game that has many stories but still has enough parts open for freedom of play style. The best way to make an outstanding character in Dragon Age Origins is the character build. With this build, we will share with you how to create an effective and strong Dragon Age Origins playable character.

Dragon age origins archer bard build

Dragon age is one of the most popular role playing game franchise in recent times, selling more than 20 million copies worldwide. Dragon age origins has a very intricate set of character classes to choose from. If you are looking for the most optimal class and race combination, then this guide would be useful for you. The Vanguard is the tank of the party. They have high armor, health and magic resistance, which gives them an edge against melee damage. This class will be at the forefront of any battle so it is a good idea to give him plenty of strength and constitution. This can be done by giving him either warrior, berserker or templar as a class. The ideal race for this build is Qunari, who are giants with high strength, constitution and wisdom.

Dragon Age: Origins Nightmare Guide by David Milward

Dragon Age: Origins Nightmare Guide by David Milward
Dragon Age: Origins Nightmare Guide by David Milward

Talent Selection

Starting Talents at 10th level: Powerful, Threaten, Precise Striking, Taunt, Pulverizing Blows, Slam, Quake, Stoneheart, Bellow, Rock Mastery, Hurl Rock, Stone Arm. I think it is easier to give advice on Shale by not giving a level by level breakdown, but rather an explanation of the fundamentals of how Shale works (and since Shale should be able to acquire all available talents anyway). You will want to pick and choose the talents you see fit for your playstyle, but these are some suggestions. Powerful Talent: This is definitely one of Shale’s best talents. It works especially well in conjunction with the AOE attack talent “Rock Mastery” as well as his Slam attack. Talents such as Quake, Stoneheart and Hurl Rock work particularly well with this ability. Threaten Talent: This is a fantastic defensive talent.

Shale has access to four unique talent trees, the Pulverizing Blows tree, the Stoneheart tree, the Rock Mastery tree, and the Stone Aura tree. The first talent in any of the trees is a sustained talent. The Stone Aura tree has all passive talents as its second, third, and fourth talents. The Pulverizing Blows tree has a passive, an active, and a sustained talent. The Rock Mastery tree has three passive talents, two of which are shared with the Stone Aura tree.

Pulverizing Blows

The Pulverizing Blows tree grants additional damage to Shale’s abilities when his health is low. The first talent here allows Shale to gain a shield when he lands a critical hit while below 50% health.

The other trees have activated talents as their second, third, and fourth talents. When you select one of the four sustained talents, Shale can only use the activated (or passive) talents from the same tree as the sustained talent. This means that Shale has four different modes or styles of play. Each style offers a different playstyle, but each style also has a particular weakness that is introduced by the sustained talent you selected. For example, Shale’s Earthen Shield tree allows Shale to generate additional rage whenever she is attacked or hit by a damaging ability. This tree also has talents that cause Shale to tank for her team, and it has a tanking sustained talent as well.

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Shale always keeps Precise Striking and Stoneheart active to maximize her attack bonus. She’ll activate crowd-control talents when she’s surrounded. She’ll also ‘aggro’ a particularly powerful enemy when it shows itself. Shale can get a decent defense rating with the right crystal, and in conjunction with other party members’ abilities like Rally and Miasma. Skills and Talents Edit.

Shale’s attacks are too slow to use several talents in conjunction with each other, but she is great for keeping single-use abilities active. She can turn a battle when used correctly. Take note that Shale is considered an ally for the purposes of Rally and Miasma, since she has 20% of the party’s armor rating. Her HP and defense will not be counted when calculating damage taken by the party.

Even if her defense rating isn’t the highest imaginable, it is also compensated for by the armor and regeneration bonuses provided by the Stoneheart mode. Like her allies, she can be healed and buffed using Redeploy and her own Super, Bloodlust.

Redeploy gives her allies a healing aura and increases their armor, allowing them to continue fighting while regenerating their health points in the process. Bloodlust causes Bloodstone to regain HP when doing melee attacks against enemies. This allows her to heal herself by simply attacking nearby foes.


These two crystals best complement the Stoneheart mode in my opinion. The Ice crystal provides a hefty +15 bonus to defense, and a bonus to health regeneration that will stack with the +12 health regeneration provided by the Stoneheart mode. The lightning crystal provides bonuses to both attack and dexterity (and thus defense as well). Not to mention, the lightning crystal also has a chance to do some damage to enemies you strike with your weapon. The combination of these two crystals will enhance your defense while allowing you to attack at the same time.

For this role, the Stoneheart mode is best suited for close-range combat. Because of the large defensive boost it provides and it’s slow movement speed, it’s not recommended to fight enemies that require mobility.

Attribute Increases

The first priorities are 38 Strength so she can wear a small brilliant crystal, and 38 Constitution so she can wear a large brilliant crystal. After that I pump up Dexterity, which amounts to a decision to use her as a tank. It is, at least to some degree, justified by wearing the Large Brilliant Ice Crystal. However , as we will see later, sometimes it is more advantageous to use this character as a mage.

A different vision for Shale

Paracelsi has a different perspective on Shale. Here’s an extended direct quote: “Item-wise, there is no one perfect item setup for Shale. That’s not his role. Shale can be a sniper, a hammer tank or an initiator. I’m playing him as a tank in this match because my team has no other proper initiators and we really need that. But I’d say he could also be played as a damage dealer if you’re playing with friends and everyone knows what they’re doing.


In Dragon Age Origins, the best tank is a character that can take a lot of punishment and keep on going. They need to be able to hold their own in combat and be able to protect the other party members.

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