Dragon Age Origins Best Tank, What Is The Build For A Shield/Weapon Warrior

Dragon Age: Origins is an epic fantasy role-playing game featuring a rich story, personality-driven characters, and tactical, bloody combat. It is considered a spiritual successor to the Baldur”s Gate series.

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which character is the best tank? i like using sten most of the time, but should i be using alistar or shale instead? are they better than sten at tanking?


I always use shale. Only recently have i been using alistair, and hes okay. i think shale is stronger, but with alistair you can give him better armour and weapons


Sten + Indomitable + Intimidate (whatever the one is that pulls people away with every attack) + Taunt = rape. You”re fine.

HaltIamReptar said: ” Sten + Indomitable + Intimidate (whatever the one is that pulls people away with every attack) + Taunt = rape. You”re fine. “alright, thanks man

I can”t imagine using Sten with a tank unless you”re playing on Easy – Alistair is tough enough to keep alive on Nightmare as a mage PC, and when I played with my PC as a tank, even he with all the extra stats from the tower was squishy early on. Pretty beast by the end-game though, played on Normal.

Either is fine. Shale can be better in the beginning and he has better agro control, but his utility skills require him not to be tanking.Alistair is weaker at first, but later on he is insanely tough more so then Shale and also offers some good buffs and utility while tanking. Sten is a weird choice becouse he already has spent skills in 2h.

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For me I specced Alistair completley on Shields, and making Sten a two handed, hard hitting basterd. However, this meant I saw Alistair acting as a warrior, and not as a Templar since I did not enhance any of his templar skills.  Maybe a second playthr…. oh wait, theres Mass Effect 2 waiting already…  bastards!

Alistair was my main tank, Shale oddly enough doesn”t seem to be too reliable from my experience. Going through a playthrough with him as my only party warrior, I”d have to duo-tank with my own warrior character because he couldn”t never seem to last too long trying to take it all on his own.

Shale definitely made tanking easier. Alistair is a good character and can be made into a successful tank, but Shale requires less of an investment…  As a side note, she will not spend a majority of her time hitting on your female rogue awkwardly like Alistair does… >.>

Shale is mindnumbingly good for a tank.  Also I”m using Sten as a dualwielder for fun and.. he can kick some serious ass even with dual blades.

Alistair – Give him all of the shield upgrades, use them properly, toss a regen and a lifeward on him just to be certain in a nasty situation, and he isn”t going anywhere.

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Shale is a good tank until enemies start getting scattershot. Then you definitely want someone with a shield.

I tried using Sten, and felt he worked better as a melee dps with his 2-handed weapons, while I spec”d Alistair strong in shields and was surprised how well he performed under the pressure. I needed to abandon a lot of his other abilities and go heavy into strength and constitution so that he can use the better armors. I haven”t played a warrior yet, so that might be a way to go on some play through. 

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lol Shane is only a good tank at the beginning of the game. After like 10-15 hours, never use Shale again. Near the last quarter of the game, Shale is absolutely useless as a tank. Alistair”s armor, and items make him such a good tank. Not to mention he can have a higher constitution than Shale. And he can dodge and block attacks a hell lot better than Shale. Sten is a terrible tank throughout the game. He is a DPS warrior. Not a tank.  Lifegiver ring:  +10 Constitution +3 Combat Health Regeneration (PC) or +6 Combat Health Regeneration (PS3) +10 Exploration Health Regeneration +3 Armor +20 Healing Effects Received   Blood Dragon Armor:   +3 Strength +3 Willpower +4 Armor +50 Health -10% Fatigue Set: +3 Armor Set: +1 Defense Set: +1 Missile Deflection   Ring of Ages:   +20% Fire Resistance +20% Cold Resistance +20% Electricity Resistance +20% Nature Resistance +20% Spirit Resistance   You give those to Alistair. Shale is only a good tank at the beginning

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